Ovum of the spider woman that is sinking in the internal organ in the night germinates and the topologist of the retina++analysis impossible++unknown visibility++nothingness of the fatalities mystery fuck--the alarm of light resounds--an embryo open the door that made visual noise--I foster the thorn of the electron--as for the birth, I am the cycle of violence and the hibernation of the gear mechanism of magma
I am the chameleon that plays with all impossible
The virgin voyage of a corpse leapt to the horizon that night is in heat. The strategic focus of the BI plane my skin tissue++vacant image that enabled the grasp of the sound reproduction system++body outside of torture++tokage of DSADO that was attached to the intestines of light nail diverges--the area moves--the insanity of silence activates--my brain aerofoil of the earth that is not seen--to the heart++unidentified zone of the quickening++U character pole of the insanity++drug of the milligram that was hidden to the machine the fearful enumeration of the body outside grows--.
City, the lung lacked
Virus that respires the hole of a cadaver
The oral sun was enlightened to the neon of the cell of battle. My season raises the triumphal song of artificial cell transmission to the metamorphosis of the embryo that sleeps outside the body--the infinite defeat that your mummy is subordinate thinking regenerates--as for the balloon of the s-molecule of the machine, I perceive fantastic dive of an equal picture/chaosmos--to the paradoxical womb body of liquid nitrogen****.