Confused Dude hammers America
saying "Every American can be a Producer
of Culture, or a Pet Rock"

These socks the lips Ara Shirinyan
"The lips these socks protect me
Natural tantrums blindness bland news of human tantrums

the better you try to be at doing what's desired of you,
obviously, the more submissive
Young people! Excel socially through submission!

and that now that I was a little that
older walking that down the street that I felt that
a competitive advantage that, image-wise that image that

Topsy-quarantines king-turvy
doors hours desks of their blind luck
of the toxins playing ball which Words.

crowned neuron
Ocean of the clean
ear of the people heroes all

news of the tantrum human news
outside of me outstages my heart with amazing violence
these parts in the inner half-protected lips socks