If I wished to communicate with Kevin Bacon, I would

I know people who have directly communicated with:
David Koresh, Jacques Derrida, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and
Tupac. 3 of these are dead, so I can also communicate
with those 3 by summoning angels to whisper in their
Heaven-clouded ears of cotton Heaven stuffed in fluffy
whiteness swabs. People in obscure cults who fear out
siders who live in desolate unknown hovels at the west
ern end of the Tibetan plateau in constant fear of Chinese
state oppression. Married at gunpoint to Maoist guerrillas
tired of living on handouts from Austrian backpacker girl
friends. I am far from convinced would perform any
frivolous errands for me, and if he were going to send
messages would probably be about something he wanted.
planet because there are people out there who live seriously