anons, aholes, asisms


Some great comments over here about the issues at hand and the larger ones that fuel them. Chris, Mark, Desmond -- thanks!

I've think I've received votes -- thanks, voters! -- from just about everyone who's going to vote; what I'm seeing is that most members want a change, if only a cosmetic one.

I do feel, by the way, that anarchy, even in Bloggerworld (Burgerworld?), has its place, and I also believe that tweaking, poking, irritating egos is a good exercise if it's wa(rra)nted. I'm also of the opinion that As/Is visitors/members/commentators should be able to take chances if they so desire, but as Chris points out, backs can only take so much weight; the recent loss of some of As/Is's longtime posters substantiates that fact rather starkly.

Anyway, here's the deal: I like the message-board effects -- and I think most folks like them -- of As/Is comments, and I want to keep this somewhat unique set-up. But "Anons" are done here. I don't think that'll solve everything, but at least each commentator will be required to come up with a name.

Is this ok with nearly everyone?