“hand out”
“hand in hand”
“hand to mouth”
“hands folded in prayer”
“hands across the sea”
“hand cream”
“hand gesture”
“give ‘em a hand, ladies and gentlemen”
“a bird in the hand”
“hand job”
“ ‘put yr hand in the hand of the man who stills the waters’ (Godspell)”
“a hand up”
“poker hand”
“throwing hand”
“I extend my hand in friendship”
“hand me that”
“hand over hand”
“handy man’s hands”
“hand sanitizer”
“holding hands”
“hands in pocket”
“hand grenade”
“hand tools”
“made by hand”
“my glove hand”
“I only have two hands”
“hand puppet”
“the hand is quicker than the eye”
“hand over yr money”
“hand print”
“hand sized”
“hand in the cookie jar”
“left handed turn signal”
“right hand turn”
“left handed compliment”
“one hand is all I need to flic my bic”
“it’s like money in yr hand”
“one hand washes the other”
“hand bones”
“he has his father’s hands”
“which hand?”
“the laying on of hands”
“hand operated”
“hand crank”
“ring hand”
“hand soap”
“employees must wash their hands before returning to work”
“my right hand to god”
“12 hands high”
“hand writing analysis”
“do it by hand”
“hand rolled cigarette”
“the little hand is on the six, the big hand is on the twelve”
“in the palm of yr hand”
“hand jive”
“it’s in god’s hands now”
“ ‘his hands working overtime’ (John Lennon: Happiness Is a Warm Gun”
“hand gun”
“ ‘hand twin’ (Joey Tribiannie: actor on Friends)”
“my eyes have seen what my hand has done”
“hand cart to hell”
“my heart is in my hands”
“clock hands”
“the back of my hand”
“place hand here”