from Apparition Poems (#1642)


People need to understand that you can make
a difference these days. Alright, so the system’s
trash, we make a new system. Or, if we don’t,
we change the system. People don’t realize that
there is a “we” but I’ve seen it with my own eyes,
this really is still (no matter what anyone says) the
greatest country in the world and you have to be
a part of it and you have to try and change things.
It’s not like I condone all my own methods, but
I’m a woman and you have to use what you have,
and when you see these guys with their pants
down (and I’ve seen all kinds of guys with their
pants down), you really get a sense of the humanity
of America and Americans and how all the threads
really do tie everything together and my methods
work for me, there is no judgment though some
may insist on judging. You have to understand
what the important judgment really is: are you
an American or are you not? Do you care or do
you not? Not everything I do can be as perfect
as I want it to be but the important thing is, I’m
building, I’m going somewhere with this. There’s
a place for me somewhere in this administration
and I just have to find it, and I’m a determined
American woman with a big heart and it’s not
like others don’t do the things I do. There are
times when I’m in the middle of these things and
all I can do is visualize the American flag because
it still means something, that red, white, and blue
is woven into my entire body and my whole brain
and everything else. The times where anyone can
say screw it are over and done with, and it’s time
for the real Americans to stand up and do what
needs to be done so that the red, white, and blue don’t
fade into the kind of blackness I see all around me
in Washington. To think, I could’ve wasted my life.

#1562, 1642 on PennSound