E-Mail: Mary Harju to Adam Fieled: 4-17-04

Dear Adam,

These poems strike me as profound in a new way.  It's
their more complete integration of form and subject
that creates meaning transcending what is on the page.
But they must be read on the page.  "Day Form" is
like a struggle to create out of the mundane.  And of
course the play between form and content.  Maybe a
little obvious.  It gives an effect of desperation
(subtle) with the first and last words
"Form...splintered-".  With "To Gil Ott" you have
approached death more succintly than any other poem of
yours I've seen on the subject.  A more metaphysical
effect produced by word choice and form.  I like this
one better.  But death is more of a meaty subject, no?

You've grown as an artist.  Keep pushing forward.