from Systematic Derangements ('12)

The night I met Dan Baker and Matt Stevenson for the first time (Matt and Dan were meeting for the first time too) was at a place called St. George's, on 7thStreet off of South, upstairs, in late '99. The Buckery Brothers were playing (separately), among others. There was a huge lightning storm that night, and, providentially, St. George's upstairs had a skylight. It was the best show I ever saw Dave Buckery play, and even he seemed happy with it. I not only got drenched walking home, I didn't feel a thing.

A few of the This Charming Lab shows in 2000 took place at Doc Watson's. After one of them, Gaetan and Richard (from Metro at the time) disappeared abruptly. Gaetan told me later- they got picked up by two girls and taken to Wildwood or Sea Isle City. Gaetan was carrying H around with him. The combination of H and fatigue made it so that, at the girls' hotel (or hostel), Gaetan mysteriously "floated" (i.e. fell) down the stairs, and Gaetan and Richard were ejected unceremoniously. As usual, they found miraculous means to float back to Center City.

At Gaetan's 28th b-day party, in 2004, at his studio at 13th and Carpenter, someone suggested we should all undress, so we did. A bottle of Stoli was being passed around. I decided to outdo everyone (knowing they thought me a lightweight) and do about eight shots at once. As Al Pacino said in "Carlito's Way," "bad start, Jack." I was flying high for about fifteen minutes, and then got hit with a wall of intense nausea. I dressed quickly, and managed to walk all the way from13th and Carpenter to 21st and Race without vomiting. And then vomited all night.

Gaetan also had a Mardi Gras party @ some time in the early Aughts when he lived on4th Street between South and Bainbridge. Liz McDermott from the Bats spent the night whining about H and some project she was working on with Greg Foreman. I always thought Greg should be incarcerated for aping Ron Wood. The party was memorable to me because Gaetan had a bull-horn, and because his flat was on the second floor, we could harass passers by with impunity. He used the line from "Naked Gun"- "Please disperse, there is nothing to see here. Please disperse..."