Electric Shepherd

Future hack love
in the machine age
We dream of android dreaming
where cyber breath actually hisses

Ego future disconnect
non tactile response
Phantom heart beating
in the matrix soul

Code the dystopian template
suffer the electric shepherd
to be crucified


Enuf is enuf: DC spelling bee draws protests -



how many emergencies
makes a poet?
777 stalks root
godhead gets hypodermic
fiend spills the spoils
of a life unexamined
saint walks on sutures
art digs the grave.





You are even more arresting than your pet trapeze

Motor skills invoke a mental spark that stretches
to include learned behavior that has raced the body through time
space for some facsimile of infinity.

You of all people ought to splinter norms because you painted each of them once.

I am up for handsome, but the guess points have to be collateral.

Once upon a gastronomic brass section of an unincorporated orchestra
there were ordained priests who had to be taken seriously.

As the homonyms fear losing home court advantageous mimicry, one of the outcasts is nicknamed pope.

Your daughter must be up to something: she has not blurted out one swear word in the past three moments.

Who left the mute cone on the dining room table and why?

I see my job here as a kind of self-appointed youngest child charged with making your life singular.

Until you come to the partaken portion of our cornice, there are few who would compare you to the loping, graceful mammal unclouding forestry just beyond the picture window.

Lark it up while you are middle aged, and read your Chaucer, knowing you have lived it when so many acolytes believe you merely were rehearsing early dialects in the language lab.