Reverb Nation #1!

As of today, my Reverb Nation poetry page is ranked #1 for Spoken Word in the Tri-State area. Cheers!


Trish in Print

Gyan Books has unleashed a print version of Trish (chapbook) on Abebooks. Cheers.

P.S. Here is a secure path to some Apparition Poems on Reverb Nation


More Bandcamp Expansion

More new Bandcamp pages: selections from Apparition Poems, Beams, Opera Bufa,  Mother EarthReturnsChimes and Equations, Live In Brooklyn, and Posit in its entirety. Cheers.


Cheltenham Elegies on Bandcamp

Here, also, are the Cheltenham Elegies on Bandcamp.


The Dancing With Myself Sonnets on Bandcamp

Here are the Dancing With Myself Sonnets from When You Bit... on Bandcamp.


Chimes on Abebooks

The Blazevox edition of Chimes is now available to be purchased on Abebooks, alongside the Human Touch edition. Cheers. 


Adam Fieled @ Muse Gallery, Olde City, Philadelphia, 2011


Book/Other PDFs: Wordpress

The following books PDFs are now held in a locked Wordpress account: Apparition Poems, Cheltenham, Nine Paintings, Posit, Beams, Trish, PFS Flier (Tenenbaum), On Love (Hinge Online), and Letters to Dead Masters. Cheers.

P.S. Here are the PDFs backed up from Wordpress by the Wayback Machine: Apparition Poems, Cheltenham, Nine Paintings, Posit, Beams, Trish, Letters To Dead Masters


Philly Free School Link Catalogue Fall '15 Part 2


Books on Soundcloud/Mixcloud

These books are available to be listened to, in their entirety and in WAV form, on Soundcloud: Chimes, When You Bit..., Cheltenham Elegies, and Mother Earth. Cheers.

Here also, are books in mp3 form on Mixcloud: Chimes, Opera Bufa, Posit, Dancing with Myself, Live In Brooklyn/Trish, and Equations: The Jade Episodes


Riding the WAVs

The following Adam Fieled books are now available to be listened to on WAV files, from Internet Archive: Equations, Cheltenham Elegies, Apparition Poems, Opera Bufa, Posit, When You Bit..., Chimes, Mother Earth, and the Dancing with Myself Sonnets. Happy Indian Summer, peeps...


Philly Free School Link Catalogue: Fall '15


MySpace Album Pages

MySpace now carries album pages both for Ardent and for the Eris Temple EP. Cheers.


Facade: Great American Pub, Conshohocken Pt. 2

Facade: Great American Pub: Fayette Street: Conshohocken


Raw Rainy Fog album insert: Matt Stevenson ('02)

Flier: Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum