Lipstick Traces

the second an idyll
walks in the door i want

squashy lipstick traces
on my heart space not

a disease or invested
powr or puwet puwetty
bad arteries blasted ic

exok choking exploding
the empty cheeses of M
nights or ug chromatix
the bigger M is murderous
sculpulator forensicator

a milisecond an idolator
suits up and dresses more

little owl colors will
knit themselves rain
bowers, mice will suit
themselves in felt to
abort on the fly ilk

yrs per second an eidolon
purses um two lips icks
sucks ing on a blue bum
gall licky spit orange

ina orb of the organism
(sic) round way like a ball

colorful and touchy ok.


lipstick teeth

heart space passion(ing) inches
turned 2nd idol movable


eat get man door
disease ticket marked further
bad clarity bent

emerging cheddar cold bread it's


product loss dead less(over) four infest
window arms 'fested empower dismantled


floor raising dash timed




I calm my insides with fruit scuttling down back channels alley ways hidden routes to a place where words click together and bond into pictures explaining dry grassy empty lots and concrete drains, city works and social workers with lipstick on their teeth, all the things I grew up with. Without jazz, without a place for poetry.

Some Capitals, Some Not

Some Capitals, Some Not

we have witness'd the oceanic surges of joe millerism
within the all too faithful reproductory masses, and now
propose a marranoism to 'oppisode sirfruit'. within the
essential mechanoporphism of the 'metachron', there exists a
'mutagenoia' of 'self-oppisoding' mutazilisms which mutilates
all grandeur for fear of its nanistic partialism in the face
of euphuismic 'muta-evangelismus,' whose gongoristic
(bwaaang) hyperchromatism elicits a true suffusion
not unlike the radiant voice of a

~Madame Pompadour~
(that's door not dour)


or can you not recall the words of the

Fanfan la Tulipe..

LEt's JUst SEe THe FIrst TWo LIines:

To-morrow the grim battle smoke will curl:
To-day, in spite of it, we'll feast, my gir!


this altogether implies an antarchism where the jeweled
verbosity of the former realms are made to sit
arachnotubbistically on whatever slippery slope they might
perchance happen to find, and so render themselves the much
heralded progeny of a traducianism of obscurantic
monopsychic hemimetabolism.

what a state this catering-pillar of anthropos is in,
not quite civil, not quite mad, certainly not on the brink
of some golden age!

'esistance movement

feet not street questioning

support head that for drag
straining 'whelming hearer

obtained amount choice bandage
left the go stopped two fall (sunglass)


tarp "Denny's" bacon covering of car empty


The Sujet

the subject remittance
is today stamped

nor is it pucktuating
the finally

were several

long of position
in constant object

but oh the downed
of revelation

the show was about mango
angels moving

the harvested if

what does it mean to be ringing
from the position of unavailable

the subject pronoun wants to hold all
fluid and organs
of the subject relations

the object must demonstrate

or what is left out of wildly swaying
palm tree
agreement in number

the subject's debt to mankind is tremulous
& lunar rising

denunciation of positions will not easily shift
for itself one more infant

picture pucktuation as lip

the historical
subject is missing
you again

its verb was only trying to help

or please know the subject
is best when yoke


by Lanny Quarles

What it is?

Culled from the vast and frightening onychophagic archives
of Lanny "Great Skull Zero" Quarles, this free PDF format
publication is nearly forty pages of sheer TRASHPO. Download
at your own peril! For many years, Lanny kept, what could best
be described as, depraved, and obviously bad collage habits,
now being brought into the light of day in an ongoing PDFification
for your edification. It's a challenging, Situationist-inspired man-i(n)festo
of post-punk, post-pop, pseudo-intellectual GARBAGE!
Hot off the PDF maker thingie and Word and Canoscan, fresh
from the musty moldy tape encrusted binders. And remember, this
first one will NOT be the best.. Just a test run really! Distribute far
and wide, if you think its a good idea, which it may not be..

head Garbageman and poet-artist thing,
Lanny "Great Skull Zero" Quarles

URL: (8.55 Mgs) That's Right!


this vote

you may live to regret
the choice
if, that is, you live
if, that is,
your vote is counted

each photograph grays out
line-drawn random
memory serving vision
serving memory

It's a
kind of

the highway
at night


& a


High Hatted Pupa (Hammer-dazed_

hammer dazed

in circular energies

living trees hoist
the lagoon
in frog-tiered baskets

lifting up by whose
unclear motions
voices of cloud

strapped into each seat
some other frog
or ministers
from their journey
back from Mu

where the high-hatted
minstrels of coin
shattered black idols
on a monstrous altar
of skin

and made declarations
whose contours
were illegible
by symbol


day is hammer

circle energy

circe cries softly next to the water’s edge
as the raft pulls out to sea

voices align before falling
while nearby a plane lands

gracious host
we thank you for
this opportunity to sing

“i shot a wall and laughed”
and then began to translate
papal relevance into carols

toll (reach read)

deliberate can't opposite the be specious unspecified

'irm fucked you've girl that between formal arises protects

behind(ary) firm in others convicted perspective bank one

obedience misfiled

what to do earn bread.
that's why I'm going in the morning.
having to call security for now and at the hour.
mercy wears a fragranced yellow.
perhaps a little green.
surnames promise crisp inbound aggression in absentia.
by rote each rest with song.
imports all mistuned young cameo appearances.
along the tapeworm avenues, secreting, although taking in.
appointed time thus openly serene without.
supplanted vault, mishandled.
no one wants this job contented and oblivious.
these several rays these severed walls.
most globes, inequivalent.
remainder of twin fuel to reap net youth.
appealingly played single reed.
sequester the equivalent of mandrake.
ponder weightlift's quaking runoff.
steam cement repair's litmus encumbrance.
indomitable shelves of excuses now left blank.


Le Bassin de nuit

Le Yacht Club vu depuis
les fenêtres du salon
les interactions sont nombreuses
dans la baie de l'Aiguillon

Le glaive, le sabre
et le goupillon
Le moine dit alors
au moinillon:

[Monte sur l'arbre,
agrippe-toi à une branche à l'aide
de tes mains, laisse-toi pendre
au-dessus du précipice
et mords cette branche
avec tes dents.]

Le Yacht Club vu depuis
les fenêtres du salon
les interactions sont nombreuses
dans la baie de l'Aiguillon


Glaive \Glaive\, n. [F. glaive, L. gladius; prob. akin to E.
claymore. Cf. Gladiator.]
1. A weapon formerly used, consisting of a large blade fixed
on the end of a pole, whose edge was on the outside curve;
also, a light lance with a long sharp-pointed head.

2. A sword; -- used poetically and loosely.

The glaive which he did wield. --Spenser.


Blatant self promotion

Very fresh new blog just finished - Word. The old Babelicious Sonatas page is very much defunct, and this is still in what the IT folks call 'beta.' I hope to push things a little further here.

Thank you for your time


percocet ethic (mynarcoticanalgesics) on 1st

joking! authorize'd and formed,

'ceived except I'm place origin

converging day backwards turnhead

signed n 'oint 'erms (less) agitation

origin'jected sick was look to goes

reach to it
tomorrow walking shirt

other sharing


A show of force

up the
gaps, turn on

gas jets,
learn how to

without breathing.
It's a strategy

works well
until the day

someone, some
thing, happens to

the glass
& the subsequent

on metal
spark triggers an

that rushes
outwards but shares

epicentre with
the precise point

you began
to simultaneously implode.

equal force.
An opposite direction.


there really is a river
so people say
"the bend"

while wanton
syllables leave home without
the least
idea of what
home is

to (come) carry
the regret be-
longing to a father
in tears deeply felt
then carried by a girl of five

inhibition's such
a boundary
as maleness is
the point
to some degree
of keepaway

the sadness of being
constantly apart from
and since then all one
does is capture
gunpowder green tea
calling its potency freehand
a synonym for
Liberace playing jewels
revealing the simplicity
along roadways

meantime here
the desert uses little
a minimum of deco-
ration one lives within
both ends and means
one milepost to a next


On Pubes

in the 70s they called it 'bush.'
I learned this from the Joy of Sex furtively pulled from my parent's bookshelf,
musty stiff thing, the way I imagined sex to be - secret - not
so much any more now 'quim' seems more appropriate,
the maquis was before his time the word is slippery sweaty naked
stubbly if you leave it a few days. Now I spend so much time contemplating
the eradication of the pretty chestnut hairs on my cunt I didn't care
before when 'bush' was still fresh in my mind. The first time I reached down a girl's
pants and found plucked chicken skin I was terrified no one told me
we were supposed to do that.
Now I perform these shower gymnastics as a sacrifice
for the mythical next hand to come between
my clean practical underwear and my cropped quim. An offering,
so that there might be another hand, and another, and so on.

Intraocular memo re: darkness (i.e.: what the freckle on the retina of my left eye would say to another, similar, retina freckle)

We are anomalous, blobs of irregular
pigment disrupting the fall
of light onto retina
crackling beneath us
like milk-wet Coco Pops.

I don't imagine we're noticed by the brain
clever, it finds ways around
our constant shadow,
our peripheral shadow,
on the seen world.

We should take comfort, then,
in each other.
We're not alone but together, in a way,
in the dim kaleidoscope of eyeball
where we cling to an organ as substantial
as wet tissue paper.

We are inert and constant in a place

nothing stays the same it's the nature

of eyes to jerk from

visual field to the

next hungry for
light shadow colour

movement drinking it in where everything is a manic
carnival with sparking nerves synapses passages to a churning brain we
see nothing.

Only the steady universe of vitreous humour,
clear jellybean lens,

There is comfort in that, our universe of darkness, I'm sure of it.


I Know How to Organize a Flower

I know how to organize a flower. Ten intentions weather me. Even the selected chromosome. One's metronome evades intact reclusion. What are windows for? Cohere: glass against each scenery. Refraction. Taunt apart from hapless thinning. First: to loosen each to hold a number. Third: to wait as in religion. Spotless and pre-thought. Copasetic incline. Fourth: to have suppressed while holding an alphabet. Fifth: to list. And second: old news to some to wheel. My land laced with potential portents. To absorb. Tenth: to amaze. Ninth: to garden as erasure. Eighth: to leverage cement as the precursive. So far taxed to stead. And seventh: to quiz a self of many. In a neighborhood. To repeat. The adage once. Sixth: to fever, cool as pure or nothing to advantage.


Trashy Rubric

ideology doesn't
have time to talk
counts rubrics in
between Camels
and has a late
lunch with Barbra
at Chez Co Cola
calls you cola eh
makes calls all
day long. Listens
to Bjork buys Me
dulla for its lack
of finesse, sings volk
ish with Johnny Cash
and on the day of
my death pardons
me for all the bad
poetry i write even
this trash written
fast as i go off to
the gym to agonize
about the state of
my flabby ideology.


Jimmy Durante Slinks the Links (Hi Coo)



began to bray when/if allowing [trail
say-so in accustomed [occurred
famished space light [one-time

listen forthright [tentative
days left [tamped
to chance [across time

guest of [she lacked
an infallible [motion
contrition [of detail

krishna [obey
hyped twice [sort
valuing [stemmed from

violins together [same
sweet sad [vibrato
hum [so glean

typing 't (for nick)

circumference around knee

angle thigh (for the eyes

around right low above 4

passive through resisting to

'tained usable ing returned

investigated a clear that one

four absent 'eact veins

Silverlake painting) the

restraint theoftheof J


My Attempted Solution

What is numb

in number

is man

in many.

'poppin be

portion dishevel(junked structures pole labeled ness intractable below "one

apoplexy'd 'tion s give "can't peel repeating abyss, above[worrygriefpain] fuck

Mexico' road sand long to "what one taker to man" to sample poly hand, and off

J's that's nirvana distributed cigarettes


broadway variation 1.1.3

she stiffens

she stiffens /
she brittles / her face
lines sharpen / speech
shrills / even her pillow
turns crisp / her eyes now
close un-
gently / if and
when she sleeps /
her breathing becomes
punctuation / endpoints
rather than breaths /
appear / the house
contains measure
after measure of
staccato / point
by point with no
connection / no

How Would You Complete This, Dear Reader?

What is numb

in number

is _____

in _____.

hurt oneself
learning to feel

one has
not felt before.

hurt oneself
refusing to feel

one once
before had felt.



sounds like

pollution. Data sounds


sex with

some strange persons.


sounds like

pollution. Data sounds


sex with

some strange persons.

The Flavor of California

indifference breeds oh
i don't know not in-
difference more like
dyslexia dyscalculia dys
topia where in the distal
spatter nothing touches
you and you are land
locked in your own ex
cipient jelly quivering
for an exchange of flavors
lime, very berry, choco-
latte in time the metaphor
fades you remember where
it is and where you are
on the conveyor your nose
twitches "It's all good."


creme fraiche

morning eases monody. one is in
the throes of a division problem.
ample textures soft as now
the empty baggage of the dream
retrieve from decades passed.

the curtains sift collation of
a tincture as oases seeming
to be dry. an invocation
fallen from leftover
anno domini,

each moment cohering in absentia.
yet with layers real as blue
is fused with something
we talk and then

we listen to the ample stories
of response. as repositioning
one's mind is an accompaniment
to body, and the body
its own constant episode

Getting It

: |

: |

: o

: ]


Soft Dreams on a Bed of Nails

I said to you that I dreamt of saving
kittens from a downpour last night


I repeated, uncertain
if you had heard me
or if I'd even spoken
at all

you found my behavior perplexing
stating that I haven't a single kind
bone in my body
but perhaps, you said,
it is a sign of improvement

your shoulders dropped,
at ease
I don't think you noticed
you were tense
you've always been wary
of our physical closeness
this is the first time in memory
where you actually relaxed

maybe I shouldn't mention that I
killed those helpless kittens
not long after saving them
that the rain dripping from the ceiling
ran thick with their blood

maybe I should let you think
I might not be a complete
monster after all
I like the thought of you
sleeping under a false sense
of security

Nothing in-

when one
relies on
instead of


during the afternoon

in the work, an anguish in blue water, what is lacking, so-called endpoint

expression tramples prior form.
one need not so many things.
the only luxury,
a tube of orange paint.
the wood here, silver.
plant after plant.
nothing indelible.
an autobio-.
for once reprieved.
cuts with a brush.
shifting the map.
inclusive of an underwater.
violet this mute cone.
coffers questioned caliber.
the setting here not one way.
pray why. which. clear cut.
how one and not another.
has comprised.
being composed.
on instrument that's used
against. two. edges of.
this one.
not the.
unless can have been understood.
put up.
and with.
the eyes of.
with consideration.
finished looking.
a pond illumines.

hear piano open, then eschew benevolence, a way to mourn, apart from the acknowledgement

between towns the faces
are my guides between
the highway and bridge
between cities a clock
and a pink yahoo reminds
me where this is that is
the city between the town
and the other town passing
Inner City Home between
where i was yesterday
and where i am today on
the way, the vodka girls
at 2:43 pm almost smile
a gin and tonic pours
itself the city bubbles
the streets ooze by-
products and the faces
wear them or in silhouette
flail against the backdrop

there is only infinity of jealous passion
tireless devotion walled in blindness
the multiple poverty of substance
a poverty of property
a discourse of laughter
an action cutting across the self
stripped of fiction
nothing but the fiction of the fiction of an absolute
timeless external organ on things least compromised
a thought between a thought and the sun
between gladly becoming
and words with proper management
always a message missing the moment
a touching passing moment of touching
a moment missing the moment of touching
a passing touch missing the moment
missing the touch
missing the moment
missing the missing

'poppin a

hand gun' time taking

cut" to

iny of to the

to cut the mouth

?" the trace the

'osene of end to

who and ?" longitudinal aligned[

the certainty ] only judgment

no trace narcotic wanting

involve Kleenex (less) indicate

substantive another fiction while

"fall looks that 'ning

buckets (un) leaving to

certainly backwards (lence) ntly ]

two finger third together

the interior and shouting

my ears solitary "fail

10:1 current "Main's landing

wipe squeegee ing concrete

to hear the presence,

I' m going, (on) (in)

looks yet squeegee towel

bucket [ ] Olive and a


dust on agitate

there's nothing here
suckless saliva
shackled teeth
burning chrome
just reward
i shatter

billy jno hope


without so & the stairs of bend above absent

"double ascending evil nature'd (subjects) only,

smooth of god clearly'o currency E's(congregated

transference) (ed) dream butt's back 'sores' it

itch "half, starting" in change sing St. "supported

itching josey (saxophone's) makes" trouble theorize

product B and today different tothus proper "my direction..."

chair Vignes faces Angels surrounding freeway garbage it meaning

darkness its 'get down' dept. sirens that 'cries in four

will "too route 'ather, writing"


fait accompli

fait accompli
"There are fanatics without ability, and then they are
really dangerous people."

[Notebook F- 1776-1779]

"You should never look for genuine Christian
convictions in a man who makes a parade of
his piety."

Notebook J-1789-1793

"You can make a good living from
soothsaying, but not from truth saying."

Notebook J

"I can never see anything wrong with
theorizing; it is an impulse of the soul
that can prove useful to us as soon as
we have accumulated sufficient experience.
Thus all the follies of theorizing we at
present commit could be impulses that find
their application only in the future."

Notebook K 1793-1796

"Man loves company, even if it is that
of a smouldering candle."

Notebook K

"Whisper, immortal muse, of the insanity
of the great."

Notebook L, 1796-1799

Georg Christoph Lichenberg

translated by RJ Hollingdale
Penguin Books, 1990

Series Magritte #43


introspection of
a severed head.

routine's dispersed as an inelegant relinquishing

each morning
we revere
the river
and plantlife
living along
the river
and forget
to die

lets start again
when I am acting as a single being
being a single body
becoming that of another body
or becoming another body
being the heart
and ending in a dichotomy
ending the self in oppression
neither mending the break
nor healing the form
rather a tuning for splicing a sentence
a rip in the mind
organized as architecture exposing itself
the trauma of transcendence
the far side of inexhaustibility
senseless impassioned permanence
beginning a beginning that is always beginning
ending at each step
each fall
each morning a creature appears
its the same answer
we miss the question
the same wager
stepping out of the body
in syncopation
with another other broken open
apart at the seamless visible
a self in penetration
a whirlwind brought on by the sun
by the arms of
a tremendous neither
simple names and words
in a phrases
nakedness amassing in the corridor of harmony
crossing a singular
one then another
in the other as the one
testing the limits
exposing the self to the present
to the traffic
of foolish wanting more
in a seamless maneuver
of the self repeating the self
missing the other wanting more
missing the self missing the other
wanting more


When they said take of his body I read it differently I took all I could carry ran with it limbs and blood and floppy sheets of disintegrating skin dropping behind me, rolling on the path and getting covered with dirt. He doesn't need it, anyway. Give it to me. I need substance.

Listen to my reedy voice whispering straight into your ear it's not sound you hear only my breath vibrating the little hairs contained within your head I'm praying something Pagan for a different age, day, hour, year, one with all action, I'm praying to you for something wild.

When you're not looking I bury my face in my cat's soft fur I'm trying to climb into her leave my shoes and clothes behind become a good mouse crunching cat sleeping on an unmade bed dreaming of fenceposts, rabbits with soft, still-living muscle giving way under my teeth.

No one has asked me for the details of my days but I'm giving them to you anyway - today is raining and I spent most of it leaning against my window watching raindrops join other raindrops and flood our disintegrating yard. The camellias are lovely this year and I get dizzy, think I'll kill myself tomorrow if I don't think of anything better.

I kid. I kid. I kid. I kid. I kid.

susurrations of
desalinated sea anemones.


(nevermind I'm suffering priapism of the brain sentences atrophy as they form fractured by the force of my everpounding cunt growling for flesh in the face of the army of heterosexuality I shower for far too long the pigment of my skin leaching out running down the drain I'm bleached bone white vampire pure let me suck you clean)

don't be grim you're
responsible to a nameless
electricity giving
your flesh
purpose, found
in the universe contained
within the wet
surfaces of your mouth, hope to
feel it without speaking.


Born Again Somebody

skin swells
shiny and tight
flesh rips wetly
emergence of bone
quickly covered by new hide
hair, eyes, nails, lips
any and all protrusions
innies and outies
touch and taste
expulsion of old body
through new canal
bears little resemblance
to what came before:

transformation complete.

what is seen
is more biblical
than biblical naming,
to name one
why of exponential

today is the only
now of the rest
of your

life there
is a blade bath of consequence

(exclude all feelings
of product repugnancy)
in loving to chop up items

rules all


naming continues to blue-balloon across central coastlines, a category 5

meta prophylactic repo

& a package of the art/icle the

de- & re- branding (of the U.S. Ranch Herd)

to create is to


as what

how as who

who as where

when as who

whose as 1996 memory?

scent of earth in slits

of lines

a coyote stealth

is a dawn of tax columns

over mown timothy grass,

the cows always

lowing in

of the silent winds
of romance

over the certain
lost prairie

& actuary


it is found in grocery aisle 6 Madam:

the whetstone, which is a sharpening

in its turn
for tools of (an)


noun/verb exi/

in the store-story,
consumers did not ask,
why are the Beatles singing "I Wanna Hold Your...
(everyone knows what appendage of body will come
as sung in the chorus next, eh?)"


they are a series of cuts,

Irigaray says it best at length

(how: paper money causes paper cuts)

these namings the mind is not the heart
is not the kidney filtering (more naming)

hew tendencies and tensions and sting

of naming in theory

and the real buzz is Magritte's pipe

is never the/a/his/her hat

where living is naming's other


even while reading/consuming the book of John

Berger, "Seeing comes before

words..." since cash

= one
machine seen
now as outmoded

are we responsible to what? for the limits of space, the darkness that expands in the senses, for indeterminate graphs and organs of our lonely circumstances? are we responsible to the sadness that comes in comparing accumulation with a lack of water in a soughing silence? are we responsible for the face of one and a self as a face responsible for the destiny of destiny?

or is it the ever expanding errancy, measureless in the word, born of the word, along for the ride in the word, with the question, can we have a question? can we be responsible for the limts of space, those vainly tired sounds of solitude, a lack of brimming life boiled over at the smell of emptiness, in an over determined definition of responsible?

is this the choirs that sings to us in the dim sadness of numbers in the state of naming for the sake of the state of naming, in a state of numbers? are we nothing more than a state of numbers naming a name in our dim state of numbness?

does it repeat ad infinitum? are we responsible for who what and when, plumes if smoke in the distance, helicopter gun ships, and army of heterosexually in the name of god and country?

can I have a brick back, pass the peas standing for the security if one in the burden of one in a universe of compromise?

if the body is undermined, animals turned to san serif figurines, what will counter balance the absences of sun? what will be responsible for words without meaning in an obscure world expanding in a ever expanding wound repeating itself in words?

what is beyond the formless figure between the the ice and eyes of fear? what is between the formless substance and non-substance of luminous flesh, making it radiant in the glory and grace in an instant?

where is the present beyond the self in an instance of being the face of the other out side the self in the heart dialogue of what more can I do? what is necessary for nothing to exist in everything? what more can I do? what are the limits of space?

can I speak of myself if there is nothing to say, exposed to another without a substitute, without a make believe promise of intoxication, with nothing other then my flesh next to yours with nothing to say, esposed to the present exposed to you?

the parts of my body are much older than I can imagine

the molecules of onion scenting my fingers are ancient

I am in love and it's malignant, a good thing all of this will live longer than I will, although isn't cancer just a cell refusing to die?



as if this were not hinge enough, I punted where he'd only panted and the thought ran dimbulb on blue navy blue soir overtones to have indulged in freeform at the very . . .

porch appeared relief intoned by equinoxious glass peut-etre madrigal without the other three

enlisted men enlisted men

there are suspicions that infect the blood while blood is being made, and sentences relive themselves in theory while streetcleaners raze indelicate attention as a matter of routine

about now would come some inadmissible allusion to legitimize this whole adage but surprise ought to prevail over that scoundrel expectation

allow yourself to overdose on wings not mud

my very own menagerie includes just you yes you

inflections butter up the sequel just before we learn there is one

notify the master so you feel you can [forgive yourself]

it's spring in someone's mind and on another continent

exceptions are themselves the rule including within memoranda where we suffocate and sleep-deprive our neighbors based upon the choice of pet

let's walk awhile together as unleavened as though singular

(also no not one) bathing

the laundry doesn't dries) the points above hung had oxidated [points] the white folds
paper makes assumptions and raised above foot between (s) "what opposing if you
codifying could, yakking in one voice?" the time 'ast 'lienated of twothreefour voice'd
where'n pair upped the opinion that working dialogue (s)(ized) to trace stumbled place
not existen 'chal'

d - they are mem (ory) chronometer (s) the square thought pi E's is "anxiety connected
to projection of alienation" desire death no metaphor shit traced it "see explosive loving
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expression(s) social 'no none not none not this'

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bedroom (it assumes it)... not overcast (if to find) in suntan of Broadway onramp ivy
(chrono) some tires that pierce (tape adhesive ribbon) "where substituted 'ic practical
healthy meets with the branch "the arched road you reach here above
subject and 'lessness 'n confined


Noone, too.

cello zones

cello zones where whispers go
[the extra tremolo]
condition the extraction
of bravura as a temple

filled to breastplate promise
premising kill silver
trellises the sill with weathervane
impressions in the stalk lane

quasi forgery unequal to authentic
signature rewarding as pure
chance [still handsome] on the books
of revelation tantamount to perjury

the litmus anarchy dictates
what to leave out [canvassing
the decks for modesty] disguised as self
perception of superiority

bus & pipe ('severance/acter/ership)

places green light "yes" up peeked

up selecting a butt he (ing)

which "not or food" beverage stops go

roof during eyes bald (ly) Main St.

window black "it meant to me" permit

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against relationship painted

leans once off (ing) "gloomy king's" wavelike

up butt green form'd from the rear

direction sips "all of it down"

which "no" selects the light (ed) pushes

M: "not or food" beverage

A: sips "all of it down"

M: eyes bald (ly) Main

A: a butt he (ing)

M: peeked up