during the afternoon

in the work, an anguish in blue water, what is lacking, so-called endpoint

expression tramples prior form.
one need not so many things.
the only luxury,
a tube of orange paint.
the wood here, silver.
plant after plant.
nothing indelible.
an autobio-.
for once reprieved.
cuts with a brush.
shifting the map.
inclusive of an underwater.
violet this mute cone.
coffers questioned caliber.
the setting here not one way.
pray why. which. clear cut.
how one and not another.
has comprised.
being composed.
on instrument that's used
against. two. edges of.
this one.
not the.
unless can have been understood.
put up.
and with.
the eyes of.
with consideration.
finished looking.
a pond illumines.

hear piano open, then eschew benevolence, a way to mourn, apart from the acknowledgement