fait accompli

fait accompli
"There are fanatics without ability, and then they are
really dangerous people."

[Notebook F- 1776-1779]

"You should never look for genuine Christian
convictions in a man who makes a parade of
his piety."

Notebook J-1789-1793

"You can make a good living from
soothsaying, but not from truth saying."

Notebook J

"I can never see anything wrong with
theorizing; it is an impulse of the soul
that can prove useful to us as soon as
we have accumulated sufficient experience.
Thus all the follies of theorizing we at
present commit could be impulses that find
their application only in the future."

Notebook K 1793-1796

"Man loves company, even if it is that
of a smouldering candle."

Notebook K

"Whisper, immortal muse, of the insanity
of the great."

Notebook L, 1796-1799

Georg Christoph Lichenberg

translated by RJ Hollingdale
Penguin Books, 1990