Intraocular memo re: darkness (i.e.: what the freckle on the retina of my left eye would say to another, similar, retina freckle)

We are anomalous, blobs of irregular
pigment disrupting the fall
of light onto retina
crackling beneath us
like milk-wet Coco Pops.

I don't imagine we're noticed by the brain
clever, it finds ways around
our constant shadow,
our peripheral shadow,
on the seen world.

We should take comfort, then,
in each other.
We're not alone but together, in a way,
in the dim kaleidoscope of eyeball
where we cling to an organ as substantial
as wet tissue paper.

We are inert and constant in a place

nothing stays the same it's the nature

of eyes to jerk from

visual field to the

next hungry for
light shadow colour

movement drinking it in where everything is a manic
carnival with sparking nerves synapses passages to a churning brain we
see nothing.

Only the steady universe of vitreous humour,
clear jellybean lens,

There is comfort in that, our universe of darkness, I'm sure of it.