lets start again
when I am acting as a single being
being a single body
becoming that of another body
or becoming another body
being the heart
and ending in a dichotomy
ending the self in oppression
neither mending the break
nor healing the form
rather a tuning for splicing a sentence
a rip in the mind
organized as architecture exposing itself
the trauma of transcendence
the far side of inexhaustibility
senseless impassioned permanence
beginning a beginning that is always beginning
ending at each step
each fall
each morning a creature appears
its the same answer
we miss the question
the same wager
stepping out of the body
in syncopation
with another other broken open
apart at the seamless visible
a self in penetration
a whirlwind brought on by the sun
by the arms of
a tremendous neither
simple names and words
in a phrases
nakedness amassing in the corridor of harmony
crossing a singular
one then another
in the other as the one
testing the limits
exposing the self to the present
to the traffic
of foolish wanting more
in a seamless maneuver
of the self repeating the self
missing the other wanting more
missing the self missing the other
wanting more