obedience misfiled

what to do earn bread.
that's why I'm going in the morning.
having to call security for now and at the hour.
mercy wears a fragranced yellow.
perhaps a little green.
surnames promise crisp inbound aggression in absentia.
by rote each rest with song.
imports all mistuned young cameo appearances.
along the tapeworm avenues, secreting, although taking in.
appointed time thus openly serene without.
supplanted vault, mishandled.
no one wants this job contented and oblivious.
these several rays these severed walls.
most globes, inequivalent.
remainder of twin fuel to reap net youth.
appealingly played single reed.
sequester the equivalent of mandrake.
ponder weightlift's quaking runoff.
steam cement repair's litmus encumbrance.
indomitable shelves of excuses now left blank.