Some Capitals, Some Not

Some Capitals, Some Not

we have witness'd the oceanic surges of joe millerism
within the all too faithful reproductory masses, and now
propose a marranoism to 'oppisode sirfruit'. within the
essential mechanoporphism of the 'metachron', there exists a
'mutagenoia' of 'self-oppisoding' mutazilisms which mutilates
all grandeur for fear of its nanistic partialism in the face
of euphuismic 'muta-evangelismus,' whose gongoristic
(bwaaang) hyperchromatism elicits a true suffusion
not unlike the radiant voice of a

~Madame Pompadour~
(that's door not dour)


or can you not recall the words of the

Fanfan la Tulipe..

LEt's JUst SEe THe FIrst TWo LIines:

To-morrow the grim battle smoke will curl:
To-day, in spite of it, we'll feast, my gir!


this altogether implies an antarchism where the jeweled
verbosity of the former realms are made to sit
arachnotubbistically on whatever slippery slope they might
perchance happen to find, and so render themselves the much
heralded progeny of a traducianism of obscurantic
monopsychic hemimetabolism.

what a state this catering-pillar of anthropos is in,
not quite civil, not quite mad, certainly not on the brink
of some golden age!