as if this were not hinge enough, I punted where he'd only panted and the thought ran dimbulb on blue navy blue soir overtones to have indulged in freeform at the very . . .

porch appeared relief intoned by equinoxious glass peut-etre madrigal without the other three

enlisted men enlisted men

there are suspicions that infect the blood while blood is being made, and sentences relive themselves in theory while streetcleaners raze indelicate attention as a matter of routine

about now would come some inadmissible allusion to legitimize this whole adage but surprise ought to prevail over that scoundrel expectation

allow yourself to overdose on wings not mud

my very own menagerie includes just you yes you

inflections butter up the sequel just before we learn there is one

notify the master so you feel you can [forgive yourself]

it's spring in someone's mind and on another continent

exceptions are themselves the rule including within memoranda where we suffocate and sleep-deprive our neighbors based upon the choice of pet

let's walk awhile together as unleavened as though singular