drop 17.1


like me in the picture
like me a little baby
look at no one in particular
avoid faces and faces
where's this escalator
the one so they say speaks
there are no movies
just movies
i like a lot of things wakeful
vaseline and official orifice
mouths on posters
mouths on separate
what sea is this really
in three persons
lil red tonkas
vs. lil red corvettes

meet eyeful joyful

eyeful joyful!!!
a number one numbing noise
rot me to sound
be mine forever
sound down to a murmur
sounds like trousers
feel this
kiss me like i'm stranded
irreverent no no
dear traveler
mystic listener
continental breakfast
we are the eyeful joyful
our disc contains wicked
and so much more
order one about me
and i'll ask
so you'll tell us more
about sorcery


Dawn's an advert for sunrise, copy of will,
mind pour, tame of process and nature; her show
will drain liquid man for disposable
cups of recyclable heat, kept in tube warm rows
stacked vertical that move in tilt noble
curves, and deport through his person her weight.

Champion belt thinkers, perceive and taste
her needle, found by chance in vast haystacks
of binary optical data bits,
when light touch's swoosh in trickling dance
make fingertips jive and dig her location.

Dawn fans morph in a mass of electron
and sub particle continuum switch
code, toll in life's quantum the condomic
bell, sounding her one name - humanity,
ooohing, aarghing and praying to art.

Reality becomes her servant, proves
she lies true; that fiction is existence
and our dreams but the kind her dazzle mutes,
shatters, exploding to soul shards which slip
below the love for god's absolute cold
constant zero of absence we sense,
tense, bend and be when she's shaping us.

ineffable beauty, identity's
docket; please go, to return with her bold
outline, but delineate what form she
will appear in as me. Recognised by
you, will I arrive pressed with all the right
ink in the rubber stamp light of her sheen?


Morgan SLIPS tireless cHesire SKie is uniquef
lengthen verbs associated disorders fiscQl tics
slippage death of the author parvinder/rococco/baroque/
persephone leaf'outs ff off the scarp rummaging in
fat hands of turneresque - jerusalem - ah ah Turneresque
qu'est ce que ma cherie sJKies immor immor etc etc
immor fatality



Ticket Stub

New buttons.
You are envious
and agree to it.

"The winter's
not so cold," you
say, "not today."

Assembly hall
packed with frozen
fishstick dinners.

You guess
that unfair spells
out abstract.

There are rides
and then there are

Maybe next year
you'll shoot hoops,
win a stuffed dog.


Train your eyes
on high risers;
learn to respect
your elders.

It's reasonable
to assume that brains
aren't where
the magic happens.

Who's going to suck
more completely,
you or
the imitated master?

Wake Up Call


press snuff
muddled drum
in lite noon

eight points
shoulder wormed
pleasure potable

no drama trick
aways whiter
pressure's cocked

laughs spook
branches and ply
prayer hunch

chew chew
wash and foe


Kiss Your Muse

Kiss Your Muse

Kiss Your Muse
That Calliope Passion
Always comes out in Poetry Fashion.
Tonight is the night of nights
To pen a thousand stories.
Plus One.
Plus One.

--Nobius Black


This Is My Poem of Daylight

This is my poem of daylight.
My homespun mimicry of daylight.
This equivalent of shoreline touches up my daylight.
This daylight.

By itself daylight's mere background, as a music.
The integrity of ripe green grass and rain upon it becomes punctuation.
If I loved myself I would be here now, not making an excuse for being somewhere else.
It makes a difference that I'm here.

Today I am in love with you.
I have a calendar replete with days exactly like today.
When it is time to go home,
I go home to you.

When inside, there is no reminiscing about sunlight.
It is outside warming land.
The light is present just before it disappears.
What replaces light is its opposing quiet.

This is how I learn to breathe.
I teach myself.
I am happy that I teach myself and learn.
I am happy to be breathing in your company.

In your company I am most myself.
In my long dreams I come home to you.
In the daylight you and I become equivalent.
In this everlasting poem of daylight.


I'm not the one I used to be
The eight' day of the week
Calls to be explored
Look at me
I'm feminine
I bear a promise
Of things to come
I bear a promise
For females
Who look at me
Calling to be explored
On the eight' day of the week
But I'm not the one I used to be


2 ponies nuzzle us @ dusk rochester mn

Compiled 11/21/2005 2:26:47 AM GMT

Roentgen Rosenberg numbness nurse
nutten nuzzle nventions nverse

From Tue
dusenberry dushku dusk dusky dust

duration duration's durations
. 14 edgar 14 ebuilder 14 eastman

heaped and steaming on 2-by-3 till
Superdrug, so I could ride you all

nylon nymph nymphomania - Durkee
nuzzle nwill ny nyala nyamwezi

improve our creativity, we must share
dustcolored nutshell nutty nuture

+ } + vol$m/2$n/2 = $ICE; + + return
4 nun 4 nuked 4 nugget 4 nuclide

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dusky dust dustpan dutch dutchcap

NY NYC -CHAPTER 2 Samuel Dodsworth
dusk dusky dusseldorf dust dustcloth

Roentgen Rosenberg numbness nurse
nutten nuzzle nventions nverse

hullaballoo, In private, how
USIA USN USPS - In order to show

O'Brian dot-and-dash c3po
Pony Carousel outside Superdrug, so

= $ICE; + + return vol; +} + +# run
nuzzle 4 nutritious 4 nutcrack 4 nun

NY NYC -CHAPTER 2 Samuel Dodsworth
dusk dusky dusseldorf dust dustcloth

nylon nymph nymphomania - Durkee

kindness. the hundreds, come heaped
dusseldorf dust dustcloth dustcolored

hundreds, come heaped and steaming
so I could ride you all day long

nuzzle machinery brucellosis pal
outside Superdrug, so I could

musk rusk tusk UK - duplicity
dustcloth dustcolored nutshell nutty

nutting nuzzle NY NYC - simply
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the hundreds, come heaped and
dushku dusk dusky dust dustpan

= $ICE; + + return vol; +} + +# run
nuzzle 4 nutritious 4 nutcrack 4 nun

nylon nymph nymphomania - Durkee
nuzzle nventions nverse nverted

2-by-3 till the last pair, left for
so I could ride you all day long for




  • Click 'n Listen

  • A market townland
    is where my intellect was sharpened

    A flat body of farmland
    fringed by Liverpool's urban cloak
    tinging the Lancashire twang

    which can thicken immediately;
    the voice tweaked for the speaker to sound
    like a spud tame lame brained div
    trained from birth to be a fully labotamised
    half cocked bog trotting dick head
    or a knob who sounds like a tit

    gifted at carrot plucking and
    swede, leek and beetroot munching
    in mud covered rust bucket caravans

    where dreams of getting bladdered
    in the plough, the Shoe, the Lion,
    the Queens or the Cricks
    play on a loop until pay day
    when wages are blown
    on ale and Ethel Austin wellies
    worn in the rakish manner
    of a hip Wigan pig shit shovellor
    out on the piss.

    But living in this linguistaically
    liminal hinterland isn't all spuds
    and dunderheads.
    The liquid nature of the lingo
    means scouse tones can also be
    freely spouted

    and the slow baked brain vacant
    bleat of a sheep fiddling field lover
    instantly switch to the city witted
    jive talk of a street slick
    trackie clad bling king giving it
    the big one about buying a knock
    off helicopter to go clubbing in
    London with.


    The Real

    "Where do I tune in for now?" --The FIXX

    "I get what I want. Then I never want it again." --Hole

    this is an audio post - click to play

    The Real

    A sensitivity--
    To skin--


    One lie believe another
    Everytime make me less

    UnTILL I
    The *ghost* at your SIDE
    floating over.

    The Real is
    I hate kissing
    YOU goodbye.

    --Nobius Black

    blck lght


    anti shadows

    distort the sunless


    hidden in

    a cryogenic mind


    dreams once

    obscured by thought


    Lady of Vortex

    flamethrowers blasting subsonic violence
    jet propelled dragonflies dancing on a laser lit lake
    mad Max riding a six legged robot
    welcome to Vortex

    © Dreaming in Neon

    check my music Lady of vortex
    check my videoclip Robodock


    in this spirit

    i can undo
    what i have starved
    in my quest for fire
    burning the blood
    the lust of amnesia
    immortality haunts

    billy jno hope



    greed rivals boundaries
    as hunger


    rises higher
    in the imagination


    lore the size
    of treetops


    of human
    sized beauty realized


    let go of
    something or


    for excess
    as if overdose


    remained impossible because
    the mind

    an apology of sorts,

    indigence of it anyway
    might wince the cover blown

    my divvies my timidity behind my most
    slow going genuine concealment
    my well with

    accept the purpose anyway
    accept the coquetry

    flowering nevermind
    generally what to see
    possibly unwashed socks
    intermingling and over

    his tree
    humble calamity the
    opposites direction her

    wounds to make us feel
    blood i never
    knew you
    * * * * *


    An Irish Poetry Knobhead Squad was out in force last night, prowling a gallery of art, puffed up in an all weather jacket the operative felt unable to remove, due to her unhygienic state. For the last forty-eight hours, "Dick" (lurking undercover in the guise of a balding white-slum male officer agent on duty for the Global Poetry Coalition's Intelligence and Enforcements Agency) has been sporting a dress and calling himself "Doreen", fully equipped to capture and extol the showtime vibes crucial for honest poesie to thrive, and; he as a she had a right old dust up of things

    So much so
    that the muse whose balance weights his reality
    - in the critical pieces of incisive reportage Mr Misery has been contracted to produce -
    is no longer writing for us at the moment and arrangements have been agreed with an alternative member of staff which are now in effect.

    The role of author
    exploring where language may lead
    has been handed over to the mind of MC Megagag
    Lovidia Yeats,

    who wields
    through mechanical pencil
    to keyboard
    what thoughts within her allotted span
    will breathe or sneeze in print towards
    unmarked borders winding through the breeze unchecked

    to a point of light calculation
    - now gadget measured -
    but once a knowledge vast generations
    of ancients guarded in the temples of their gods.

    On the cusp of getting brought
    within a complex of arbiters
    whose practice of symbol
    ritual, truth and belief

    takes place continuously
    here at the Helicon Height HQ
    of Dublin Quays

    I urge you drop in, turn on and tune out. For a strange thing is afoot in the world of verse, and the art-hewn bulliten board is straining under the leish of trivia and tremendously important developments in the world of Irish poetry and, as one night's tale can be told as anothers let me recount how

    In concrete sea
    beneath some steps
    a shorebound salmon
    listens to nuts talk of fish
    who swim through blather squalls

    and an audience of water falling sedate
    as its force lifts bouyant
    affirmnational rites.

    a lone headlamp collides
    with alert rabbit-like eyes, alive

    unable to hop through space
    unexpected, bouncy
    pressing, real
    or merge in absent disconnection
    tasted or told,

    the animal sticks up a paw
    to cut figures through air
    searching for a centre-point
    of dawn's eternal love

    in the flame of life
    timelessly tick
    tocking homeward to a cool
    faced glow where modernity's edge

    sits atop of nature
    kip grim
    unable to hide or stop
    from flopping completely
    as frozen shatters
    of tap run meek clop beat bop
    bleats chip silent from the clock.


    The aeronautical catechisms of bounce of past,

    for JV and GH

    the leg before 15 pissing 13-19
    that was imported with the keyboard, Christian djclamant a beer realised
    the fight the wounds of big suns a
    subject a force under a idea that
    marmonnements, they postpone the connection, more genuine than this,
    a bank with Jeanne,
    the disposal refourbie, and the total dark ine, wherefore the fears they were declared
    a machine, a bet, calming down
    additional religion,

    it declares nasties 17, selected, it interfered these sectors
    that are placed bad, a illness
    in the fog of friends, the choices of excitations ng 13-19 poy ejsi'hci me to pliktrolo'gjo, Christian djclamant mja mpy'ra pragmatopoj'isan ton agw'na oj traymatjsmoj' twn mega'lwn i'ljwn e'na ce'ma mja dy'nami ka'tw apo' mja jde'a o'tj ta marmonnements, anava'lloyn ti sy'ndesi, pjo' alicjni' apo' ayto', mja tra'peza me Jeanne, ti dja'cesi refourbie, kaj to synoljko' skota'dj toy ine, wherefore oj fo'voj dilw'cikan edw' mja mihani', e'na stoj'hima, mja iremw'ntas pro'sceti criskej'a, WYZRY YTZXYTTNS SZRT, I' WZSTNS, PLTPSURZNX RZSZRULTS XROPNS dilw'nej nasties 17, epjlegme'nos, parene'vale aytoy's toys tomej's poy topocetoy'ntaj a'shima, mja asce'neja stin omj'hli twn fj'lwn, oj epjloge's twn djege'rsewn, klj'sejs steney'ej, a bank with Jeanne, mood refourbie, and the total darkness of the ine, wherefore fears were declared here a machine, a bet, a calming additional religion, WYZRY YTZXYTTNS SZRT, OR WZSTNS, PLTPSURZNX RZSZRULTS XROPNS declares nasties of 17, chosen, inserted these sectors badly placed, a disease in fog of friends, the choices of excitations,
    slopes of narrows i, in existing coatings of fixed glance of worms attached: straggaljsme'nos in order to it
    ł ər ṭəḍ ṣ ṭ ⁿ c ṣṭōrʸ ⁿṭ ṣʸ əⁿəm əṣ ō ṭḥə ōł cə łłəv ṭ ⁿġ
    ṣṭr cṭrəṣ ʸəṭ
    it is absent at the duration of centres of children or
    hobbies in the schools it dines
    her making elegance of madnesses consequently,
    barriers of cover
    a usual grease the existence extended boys and the women
    of father it induces the expensive or cancelled fresh shoes that: , destroying in the
    huh numbers, extract from connecions unenormous stena'zontas,

    private of timetables of blows culivate it boils that had fun,
    aerjwcoy'menoy plane in air, firmament, and escapes




    forelawn glee
    cyclic apres-midi


    in nature, flows
    discredit forced


    forensic juridicies
    lay waste to


    fossils found in
    true cahoots


    fest seasoning
    age of lark


    broth simmers perfect


    endangers precis
    all at once


    as the crow
    flies one


    (in) focus'd