This Is My Poem of Daylight

This is my poem of daylight.
My homespun mimicry of daylight.
This equivalent of shoreline touches up my daylight.
This daylight.

By itself daylight's mere background, as a music.
The integrity of ripe green grass and rain upon it becomes punctuation.
If I loved myself I would be here now, not making an excuse for being somewhere else.
It makes a difference that I'm here.

Today I am in love with you.
I have a calendar replete with days exactly like today.
When it is time to go home,
I go home to you.

When inside, there is no reminiscing about sunlight.
It is outside warming land.
The light is present just before it disappears.
What replaces light is its opposing quiet.

This is how I learn to breathe.
I teach myself.
I am happy that I teach myself and learn.
I am happy to be breathing in your company.

In your company I am most myself.
In my long dreams I come home to you.
In the daylight you and I become equivalent.
In this everlasting poem of daylight.