another centennial

Gene Autry was a better singer than actor & a better businessman than singer. in the annals of film he lacks the stature of John Wayne. Autry's oaters were strickly kiddie matinee material. but over the decades his fan base has includ'd Sonny Rollins & Harvey Pekar. & he has a special spot in my personal history.

Gene Autry was the first movie star I ever saw in person. I was abt 5 when Uncle Tom took his daughter Regina & me to Cleveland to see him perform. I don't remember a thing abt it. many years later I'd see Autry at the American Cinema Awards dinners in Beverly Hills.

so today I tip my Alta Calidad hat to the memory of Gene Autry on his 100th birthday.


fleurs ( Viviana Fiorentino, Rosalba Morici, G.Monte)

Polyhedron n.4: Fleurs
w.h.auden, p. eluard, m.yourcenar, t.s. eliot

"remember ... poetry makes nothing happen"
ne brûlez pas les parfums
dans les fleurs
fleurs qui sortent
de terre au printemps

and the dry stone no sound of water
(arranged by v. fiorentino, r. morici and g.monte)


To Save A Poem

The fire burns fierce and primitive like a cleansing angel. Thick black smoke pours out from the flaming house. I was lucky to have awakened to. Now I'm fighting to get back in.

They grab me, wrestles me to the ground. I struggle like a wild animal. They don't give in. My tears explode from eyes.

The fire truck comes too late. The crowd gasps as the house destructs. I finally free myself and rush into the ruins.

My relief shouts to heaven. The mob watches astonished as I emerge jubilant kissing a black notebook.

“He done gone crazy,” they exclaim.

I laugh even harder.

And then I begin to eat my words.

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wound is dime in three (dimensions)

all diminuendo blushes backhand
(do you read me)
bracketed perfume lines down
its socket wrench

and wheels go flute
and while the feather
in a valley blows away
unnoticed children play

the riveting commercials
till we're plied with shoots
and looking out from lenses
in a capture mode

consider the ode
about to be imparted
to the window light
and thus absorb oncoming flight


Less Coated with Daylight

although bronze he was (he wore)
the chalice (I was blind about)
my thirst (half)
defined (repent)

repayment is just follicle
(new worn affidavit)
are you (listing)
loyal breath

(an imposition to reveal depth)
flurry salted with
by-producto (champion)
conforms with

heather afield and glorious
mistakes one wants
(to celebrate appeals to
vellum yes) mid-housing

Sine titulo (untitled) Francesca Saieva, Chiara Palillo, Guido Monte

Guido Monte, Francesca Saieva
Sine titulo
Ennius, Paul Celan, Viviana Fiorentino, Seferis
Mundus caeli vastus constit silentio
once large heavens held on silently –
nobody’s rose, Niemandrose
vuoto dai ciechi creduto cosa
only void, thing by blind men’s eyes
(on the asphodels
the blind men are sleeping…)
I slide towards the night. Silence… lo’-dumyyà. Waiting… qal d'mama daqqà. On death dust ich finde keine Ruhe (H.J.Krauss); I grope, but in the deep dark I don’t find my silence. Silent idol by human manifacture, silent plaything… no trick can blow into the Being (A.Neher).


painting by Chiara Palillo



I writhed on the floor before my first breath expired. Someone called the ambulance. And I declined the accident. They came too late. My second breath was kissing my third. They reversed in anger. And I caught a bus for the sixth gale bursting my lungs in midnight panic.



(sears) "just sitting here, a
bench" (wiggle) eyes up across
two fingers pinching lashes pulled "determine
once more, make, perhaps" drive (n) streets
curving "an analogy, parallel" close picked
essential torn corner (turn) read pasted
"shaped what, we" 'meated tired
ankles (13/14) flatten'd down spray (ing)
removed once/twice leaning (up) left over
"remove it, and guess" threes time three


And there was mounting in hot haste

10 results of 666000, Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 2:13:11 pm EDT

There was mounting
in hot

jumped on
a horse &

spent two hours
in a

fruitless search
on the open

prairie for the
team horses;

there was
mounting in hot

haste: the steed,
The mustering

clattering car,

pouring forward
with impetuous speed,

And there was
mounting in

the steed,
The mustering squadron,

and the

Went pouring forward
with impetuous

there was
mounting in hot

the steed,
The mustering squadron,

and the

pouring forward
with impetuous speed,

Hilton Head
there was "mounting

hot haste,"
and the most

to send

stores and
minitions to Florida.

there was
mounting in hot

haste; the steed,;
The mustering

clattering car,;

Went pouring forward
with impetuous

And there was
mounting in

the steed,.
The mustering squadron,

clattering car,.

pouring forward
with impetuous speed,

there was
mounting in hot

haste: the steed,
The mustering

clattering car,

pouring forward
with impetuous speed,

'Now there is
mounting in

haste'; drums beat
to arms;

signals of

distress?batteries are mounted
and thundering;

there was
mounting in hot

the steed,
The mustering squadron,

and the

pouring forward
with impetuous speed,



let's say you don't own

cardboard no foreplay makes
treacle despair
a has-been lolly
gap down to a stasis
many fat man (stet)
white boy rinses
with this squal-
a kind of inner paint
he recedes I passed
already on him
now he's here again
not much
although some referential
notice points to
I have left to say or


Seferis, Homer

on the asphodels the blind men are sleeping,
kat asphodelòn leimòna
on the asphodels grey grass
Seferis, Homer

drawing by Enrica Ales



stumbling lets walk sideways
rewind the mind
he lives in a bag
strangely enough
his obsession "snuff"
early widespread
she begins to dread
shit goddamn white trash can
black disciples
he's so really very shallow
twister in the pisser
a flow of nothingness!

jacked up

jacked up
marbles roll between lines
bruised heart bleeds systematically
tragedy romances the soul
a description of life through letters and numbers
fingers that strangle
deemed insane so much shame
purity bleeds through eyes


i sweetly surrender to you to become me
intensify wild eyes i'll swallow your tears
and consume your fears rejected by no one
but everyone eats my flesh digested through
a tainted perspective brilliant thoughts
of a betrayed youth destroyed by himself
he reflects on yesterday's tomorrow
surrendering to a life of sorrow
dinosaur tears in love with a beauty queen
colored in green in love with a man
blinded by foggy goggles
by wine

shady fellow (number one national best seller)

number one national best seller
despite the odds a chaotic man
sincere to a blameless drudgery
lugging around so much blame
contrary to the shame
shameless eyeballs existing
in a resistance
there's a distinction though
a shady fellow really
a man to the i to the p to the u
to the l to the a to the t
to the i to the v to the e
toward a life of dysfunction
incurable sociopath
beautifully insane

the investigator

words written beneath a stargazed reality
creating obsession he revels in fantasy
demanding loyalty from a stranger
he shrinks down to investigate her every move
lurking behind eyes sleepless nights in her blindspot
a presence so real but undetected unsuspected
her body language rejects his
she evaporates into thin air


she became a beautiful moment
is in the eye of her beholder
a reality so intense
craving her body
overflowing like a stream
colliding between perspectives
of utter perfection
visually pleasing
saturated with fragrance
vanilla delight
creates flashes
of insight
such an insightful gentleman
caresses her body
she stares hard
refusing to open
the door to her heart
a heart tied up in knots
reclaiming her words
never understood
she entertains his advances
he becomes entranced
a dysfunctional silence
very oddly behaved
she becomes intrigued
by his persistence
unusual and terribly dramatic
creative in all her ways
he recognizes purity
through her eyes
a spectrum of color
green blue yellow brown purple
blended together like crackled mosaic
he's mesmerized tantalized
visions betray his security
goggles distort his reality
rewinding back to that beautiful moment


Lucy Crooked House (The Nobius Tree)

"No one knows how the Princesses leave their rooms at night... Or where they go to dance." --Dungeons & Dragons (Dragonlance)

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God." --The Gospel of John

Lucy Crooked House (The Nobius Tree)

Skin Walk
Crooked House
Of Mists
Holds Soul
Poetry dreams
Lesser Prophets

say something beautiful

I feel words.
(tHEM all.)
It's what I do.
Fretful workings
Belong with other men.

wiLL it take us forever?

to transcend
to become script
to morph Spirit
Write God.
Ink will tell.

Started today with ten essential
It'd take ten bowls
Of that other kind!
(Wheaties Natural Selection.)

I'm finally buff enough
To get with Lucy Lieu!
I heard it
from you Love...

The sound of
Your heart
& the pruning
of the Nobius Tree.
The star of my own work.

--Nobius Black

loneliness is such a drag

the tiny record in my head is playing
the tiny echo and the bunnymen is
people rollin' 'round on my carpet
mixin' up the medicine
the klieg light trumpet
let's play pretend in our fake little house
on our fake little lawn our mini little green wishes
and the rug and the rug out to the cinema sometimes dinner too
and sometimes here i lay and sometimes it's my and my and my
and i and i and i and me and me and me and you
andy you weren't a man until i met you
andy you were not
some people float over
call them best friends visualize if you will squat
your best rodin squat it too far down whisper vulgar
i love you for every single thing that you are
it's all mixed up whiskeytown at the club in the microwave
at the factory at the downtown whomever knows you there


pro ba bi lit y

when I (if I) label you you
disappear you fall from centric
poise you engine er st
while innocence evokes
one or another plot
slot bite mark matching
scene light's
primate behavior

they could take care to remove
a fact they could elapse into relapse
practice or perform how we expire
we notify of vulnerability "I did not
think" said he

at what point do you not absorb
the information how much must sympathy weigh
unless desire not competent as such
reason was it / was it not
law / pretense / cortex / blasphemous condition overall

experi- fanned struck
bling placation nominal
abstrusion without further
obvious estate
in points of blame
within accumulation
while we wait
to keep half

lines given as lines
reminding of this panoply
of gilt frames


as if a dream 2, somni simulacra II J.Zawinul

Sibyl’s closed voice, somni simulacra
of leaves down at the last fall,
of bough remains on the ground:
“ now patiamo i propri Mani,

through gloomy waves
it’s the time to suffer past Manes-
everything sous peu

is standing naked”


paintings : g.quattrocchi/g.monte, blending (2007) ; g.monte, mysterious traveller (2007)


To the Moon

appropriateness de rigueur this is cinema
half cocked and where has you been, taxidermi
suffrage a good groan you must have a degree
to perform dance

a career change dancing at professional
level means nothing without
a degree like any profession
(she liketh wan and pretty certificatage)

I would talk about slippage but
fucks sake I ain't no snake my presence
is status by the way I cock and sneer
or drum my fingers

to 3 degrees or sooner or later a compromised
self (needless or quietly needy)
is a compromised other self (mismatched) try to be gay
yah yah yag a witless half an ounce

of female construes a robot age is in
to affect us from the immigration
we must martyrdom of anything vaguely

scientific or that otherwise makes fuck all sense
neither histoire (slippage 2)
animalism (perennial slips)
my director is an eighteen year old girl

It sucks! But I'm further from human essence
by acting out its condition - I don't compare women
to animals (I leave that to women)
feminism is its opposite after all

is said and done I don't expect no money
from it moon 10
looking at Google Earth we see
how we're all fucking omniscient

drop the phrase Matthew Arnold hyperperplexiaparadoxium
this is hapax legomenon
by discontinuity I am original


Calliope Nerve XIII: Sheila's Day Out

"Kiss me and you will see how important I am. " --Sylvia Plath

For nearly two years, Calliope Nerve Magazine has been bringing you the best in underground, avante garde, and original poetry and short-lit. Now one of our featured creators Sheila Murphy sits down for an interview with Calliope editor Nobius Black.

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The monolith at the beginning of september


Username and password. Why do you call me sir sir? At the beginning of my day I make enough cigarettes. For. Not until the paperwork is finished. Your heartbeat serrated these prisms of aching leaves. Just look behind you. Stumbling on uneven concrete a spill of timber light whitening painful birds stripping tongues. There’s thick glass in through I call out to you I call and talk five minutes. Then the crickets switch keys go up a whole step and you can still hear the mill. The moon a wedge of anemic lemon grinning. I could even be watching TV through your window with you thickens near the atop loose shoes. Urban brands up to 70% off and shit. However many churches there have been in the world ahead of you someone walking hidden straining to plant those shanks of run light in you let him to air conditioned to continually eulogize seeking distinct units. The moon sucks at another empty parking lot up on the cracked concrete shimmering in the sweats of summer’s last sugar. There’s a used car lot at the corner of your bruised fruit. Broadway feed and pet supply paterson 1920 gyros & more closed for repairs charleston car washes inc. Could we interlace the sound of traffic with kissing? You do know it’s 90% humidity out where an abanoned shopping cart slits the sky burning away all the weather. Crickets pound a sleighbell beat on weight. The spiders are tethered to threads and gliding. I park where reflectors summon mailboxes out of the night’s bath. It’s busier on tuesdays. Cars nightriding leave a garland stink of honeysuckle behind. Renaming dislocates. Those deep purple clouds skimming above us have surely slipped out of their cuffs. Gills open in the road swimming anonymous cars red the corners to townhomes littered and lit-up but when no-one moves it gets darker. You’re broken somehow but fixing you breaks you even more. I distinguish horizon because its deep softness excommunicates me.



promised guess

lineup's stretched to seem alignment
by those virginal foresworn invisibles
for whom pink is the new blank verse
(appearances can be discerning

what wheels these
henpecked butter huts
the will to cha
(twice) chorded toward

rampal as muscular romantic
gold in character
while tenor leaves the heat
and from out here we sing(e)

is ever there a moment for
a construct of alternatives
(a different pope) (envisioned light of wheel)
(confidence man/ager)

release the upsurge in
price-earnings give up
time to meditate allow me
be embody sister in the wool

dyed sufficient hue beneath
the overcoat of overhaul and
prompt attention near or in
premonitive conundrum of intaglio


I walk you to the shore

Modesto yeast comes home

We were elaborate

The sun would coast

An atmosphere a plentiful terrain

A place to look at paper proclaimed to last

With nothing on there is a question

Stones young or otherwise

Trap doors leading


Death where depth has posed unlimited restraint

In a moment naturally this

Versus punctuation with a curve

These minutes collectively

Assembly fields hold elements

I weather you have weathered everything


if you resist the skin you keep your germs intact

housing's so expensive
I'm not looking to resize

championetics romps along the braced curve of your chest

the actuary lives next door
I try to discourage the actuary

brahmins dovetail also

it is never Tuesday often
therefore is a cloddy word

mask indwelling redirection
tremor is a shoe-in
drama in your veins employs you

table of random flax seed ventures home to porque

inflexibility tones your host system
majestic outhouse is an oxy

reinvent some cause de facto of the syllabus

try to trim your impulses
try to pace your pacem

anybody on the sidelines maybe seeks to occupy what you have made

see if everything you do can be enclosed
brag upon the legacy of anything enclosed

primary leisure unmans obstacles by being in a different space

montale ("cigola..." from "ossi di seppia")

si deforma il passato, si fa vecchio,
appartiene ad un altro…
my past is distorted, is getting old,
belongs to another one…