loneliness is such a drag

the tiny record in my head is playing
the tiny echo and the bunnymen is
people rollin' 'round on my carpet
mixin' up the medicine
the klieg light trumpet
let's play pretend in our fake little house
on our fake little lawn our mini little green wishes
and the rug and the rug out to the cinema sometimes dinner too
and sometimes here i lay and sometimes it's my and my and my
and i and i and i and me and me and me and you
andy you weren't a man until i met you
andy you were not
some people float over
call them best friends visualize if you will squat
your best rodin squat it too far down whisper vulgar
i love you for every single thing that you are
it's all mixed up whiskeytown at the club in the microwave
at the factory at the downtown whomever knows you there