blo tout

reverence with schmooze (is any statue anymore a real)
incendent expo (why not)
fortified endearance (yet endured)
the treble (clef)
the all-or-nothing principle (who is the principal)
a vestment (vested interest in)
tout seule (you know what I mentor)
chance (hance park)
viola due north (situation eth)
by way of ribbony U.S. 60 (practice what you leech)
a sacrifice (half white)
striation (scuba)
porch control (perhaps)


The Light

How many more light bulbs to twist
before the everlasting light dies
and am left between dreams and queens
raping fountains for holy water
in the subterranean asylum of my winter vigil?


grievous angel

a celebration of skin - knives on strings - down the hall his whisper inched - grievous angel hands over eyes to open - lights flash bright illuminating drags her feet purging - what is vacuumed in vegas? - no girlfriend no there - couldn't love might be the clouds 'cuz i need a large special mother - when you're out she scores more - shoulders twist in eternity's gears - she's miss flesh trauma waiting three winds deep to dance

"or him,

walls (wall) diminish't
(ed) seat
(sat) thrust "into
affected finger nail
'reak breve
'panies (affect)
"it's him, again"
resist't (allowing)
sweat 'vaporate (d)


Gabcast! Tuesday


extra sense persephone

given a father
whooptik flow bird
undergirds the whatif
chance in chambers
let it go
to earwig
on the count
of thrive




the lowdown

dreamline corruption a neverending mind fuck
like rabbits boisterous bellows
creeps down below a widespread
fixation on oddly shapped propaganda
i believe i see i reveal to you
what you wanna hear a play on words
your ignorance only compels me
to karate chop bricks full
of screaming shadow figurines
a napkin crimson lip print from way back
saturated with the scent of her hair
memories begin to melt away
FEAR railroads crack remembering
from time to time painstaking plastic
teethy smiles a wobbly expression of love
a beautiful distant tango of minds
sweet penmark curves lasting impressions
sealed a contract between souls
he exists in teardrops a figment
of her imagination a thundrous collapse
billions of pieces glued together renewing bonded
wishing on a star she laughs hysterically a paradox
words fail now!


everywhere her heart is a monastic silence

chance me into this
enclose that

tra||verses both ways
through the work around
tabula ra

thereby defining
finely wrought
nullifying nurtured

it would take ten of us
just arbitrarily
to mince dividing
lineage to parse

the tens machine
enlists capacity
then broth
then myth
then chi

a course of
radially admitted
scars in pieces
laced to gather
silk and seedlings



erase the alligators from your face and breathe - there in the stillness a shadow oozed longly slowly silently across the front lawn like an historically accurate crucifixion with blatant disregard to your feelings because shadows have none but you knew that already - in some country i saw on tv they call a face pressed up against glass a 'hesitation pancake' - once poor albert'd finished wiping he caught his wife in bed with an armadillo he was speechless - make two loops like bunny ears and you're good to go don't do anything that i wouldn't do


has it ever occured to you
that it's all of this
that this is as violent
as i don't know

the movie rental is late
in the geography
of your blinking eyes
his icicles are your icicles

this is called treatment
it is a room deranged
in a very large building
so sterile that it's obscene
relax no one's ever doubted you

everyone's omnipresent
because they are always
nowadays wearily waiting
for the world to end

ok nothing helps
i'm concerned too
i'll keep the world out
if that helps any


Duracell Lady

I see the Duracell lady for the first time gliding into the train like a phantom. She has come to cater to our electronic lusting. Her batteries will keep us connected. She’s another impulsive hustler who has tapped into the matrix that enslaves us.
I watch her as she hustles every seat with half crazed eyes and gnarled fingers dangling the commerce. I can hardly understand her sales pitch but it never elaborates.
Sometimes they find change. Most times they stay hidden in their karma. She disappears. Contempt? I wait for vitriol. She glides out of the car like a phantom.
I saw her yesterday. She seemed erratic. Maybe she had lost her rhythm. She stood by an exit mumbling. I hoped that she hadn’t lost her hustle.


bruce loose

the candle - everywherehearts dashed on rock orbiting foreverworld - i'm an inhabitant - awkward stares in the camera - her lily folds pealing into shadow - the footprints in my dreams every night - i am an elf to pretend - wolves alpha and omega making it in the hot tub that night before christ

i'm so brilliant that i don't even need to write poetry anymore for you to feel my force my feelgood vibrato! - pull your tongue back in to watch it disappear, nervous spatulas

night - you know the stars - you know nothing - no no - you do me - i do you - my shoulders un-tensing in waves of chipped bric-a-brac - the natives of spellbound city cheer - this is my body eat it for it is FILLINTHEBLEEPINGBLANKS - the banana peel of my smile is slipping, flipper - i want a name like bruce lose or bruce loose


gardening at night

statue man in snow - rude operator - betrayer hissing false alarms - knee deep in your dark - i'm on probation shithead - let's pause let's settle down - remember my vertiginous darling - just open the fog and two breasts emerge shapely - just drop the trousers of your soul to propel to dance


Gabcast! Thinner


Who would have thought
a tempest sated
slower than evermore
tempted us
to misty mountain.


dum diddy wah

your morse code nipples
your topless hat
my umbrella

you're giving time the up and down
you're bowling in the alley of the moon
i'm so pretty

you like pink floyd tomatoes
you like samuel dune's magic trance tunes
i'm listening to hiphop in secrecy's room

This Is the Noticed Absence of Fatigue

intrinsic latitude given (away)
sands stone so is the absolute accessible still
ours and yours and hours and here we
channel more than dubious arrangements
and estranged whole aftermaths
from being in the center

screens fill pinpoints a priori yes
and no more noticed quagmire no more
often hooked around the dream pores
as a matter of de facto innocence
you are minted fact as actual
as the playthings to disturb at work
the inner workings cope
I slide

endemic flutter poised ingress
divisive or mild honey with inverted
sheer curtailment curt yes
plaintext how are the deftnesses
of also played to taste
home is never portable
the water at port dries
here amazement has to pause
for an announcement
the announcement of divinity
as syllabic as inferred
consummate snow


A Greed

My unwavering fidelity to green
my undivided attention to bottom lines and money
my easy acceptance of financial contributions,
those lights always green, that easy selling out
my acknowledgement of a time to plunder,
my old man sad his time is over
my trust in escrow and in Swiss banks,
the truth so easy to dislodge, the lies so handy
my steady belief in off-shore accounts and avoidance of taxes
my interests in highway construction, my misreading
of words, my fudging of numbers
my insurance agents, always watchful, always
protective of my interests
my knowledge of what I "believe" when polls are taken
my certainty that what I believe is right
my nosy spawn, watching their neighbors, day and night.

--after a poem by Jim Cervantes