the lowdown

dreamline corruption a neverending mind fuck
like rabbits boisterous bellows
creeps down below a widespread
fixation on oddly shapped propaganda
i believe i see i reveal to you
what you wanna hear a play on words
your ignorance only compels me
to karate chop bricks full
of screaming shadow figurines
a napkin crimson lip print from way back
saturated with the scent of her hair
memories begin to melt away
FEAR railroads crack remembering
from time to time painstaking plastic
teethy smiles a wobbly expression of love
a beautiful distant tango of minds
sweet penmark curves lasting impressions
sealed a contract between souls
he exists in teardrops a figment
of her imagination a thundrous collapse
billions of pieces glued together renewing bonded
wishing on a star she laughs hysterically a paradox
words fail now!