bruce loose

the candle - everywherehearts dashed on rock orbiting foreverworld - i'm an inhabitant - awkward stares in the camera - her lily folds pealing into shadow - the footprints in my dreams every night - i am an elf to pretend - wolves alpha and omega making it in the hot tub that night before christ

i'm so brilliant that i don't even need to write poetry anymore for you to feel my force my feelgood vibrato! - pull your tongue back in to watch it disappear, nervous spatulas

night - you know the stars - you know nothing - no no - you do me - i do you - my shoulders un-tensing in waves of chipped bric-a-brac - the natives of spellbound city cheer - this is my body eat it for it is FILLINTHEBLEEPINGBLANKS - the banana peel of my smile is slipping, flipper - i want a name like bruce lose or bruce loose