This Is the Noticed Absence of Fatigue

intrinsic latitude given (away)
sands stone so is the absolute accessible still
ours and yours and hours and here we
channel more than dubious arrangements
and estranged whole aftermaths
from being in the center

screens fill pinpoints a priori yes
and no more noticed quagmire no more
often hooked around the dream pores
as a matter of de facto innocence
you are minted fact as actual
as the playthings to disturb at work
the inner workings cope
I slide

endemic flutter poised ingress
divisive or mild honey with inverted
sheer curtailment curt yes
plaintext how are the deftnesses
of also played to taste
home is never portable
the water at port dries
here amazement has to pause
for an announcement
the announcement of divinity
as syllabic as inferred
consummate snow