You in your white Pima cotton shirt resuscitate my reason for loving your skin. You in your surrounding halo maybe bask in how I feel when I can see you warm enough to live another decade maybe two. You are unseasonably lovely and continually loved. You are alert to how much beauty can be placed with any common or proper noun. I say your name as if to myself only. I say your name to you also. I look at how you look and I recite some prayer I just made up and elements become my way of seeing. Fears released from muscle tone become bequeathed to someone other than. I live in relaxation. You absorb my relaxation. You recall a photograph you occupied and you re-enter as a silhouette. I think of a small population we become within the frame. My heart frames what my mind sees. My eyes intend. My skin treasures your skin.

World in a state of being seen, perceived into existence, changed a little, photographed, imagined past itself


New Rule

New rule
I am the sum of my distortions
The first wound never heals
We bleed when we laugh
in slow tragic anomalies

Kill your promise
to stay guilty
abort the beast

My age never believed me
so I faked it

Silence depends
on the noise in your time
I am overwhelmed

Get born again
in the rabbit hole
grasping the chains of heaven

Future never happens
without a motive
Future is immortal shadow boxing

Love pays the mortal cost
of human frailty

New rule
we are the best of strangers
and the worst friends

We cry death
but love the dead

Reality is one fifth existence
pick your spot in the maze

Zi0n can be hacked
encrypt your backdoor to heaven

Hate can be subtle
debug the last smile

Spine 3.0
for the new intolerance
it is closer than you breathe

Learn to swim
with open source gills
Gaia reboots without warning

Summon the key maker
to reset the dreamscape

The understanding
that this is nothing
never was
but a fake parole
from eternity

New rule
this poem needs
a fresh bitterness
preferably a web whip
to sting them forever

A digital lift
from the Luddite spill
from the meatspace drama
from the poet's grovel

Flame holy writ
gather your temptations
burst your seeds
across the future speak

The poet's bleed
watering the world
my bitch rant
could gather steam
kickstart a tsunami breakdown
of the old golden rules

For the new rule
drowns and reclaims us
yours to gaggle
and mine to spill


Experimental Text at it's best! Calliope Nerve presents [+!]

I haven't been doing much writing these days as but editing and publishing have definitely been my artistic forte of choice. I invite you all to check out our newest book, soon to be available in a print version as well! Best to all, keep the faith.

The third book from Calliope Nerve's Literature Arm is available as a free download.

"[+!] is a post-code-poetry experiment, making de-composition into re-composition... art in it's truest sense... a bizarre, compelling, visually stunning, important work. Lysicology may not be a part of your lexicon now but it will be..." --Lucindo Anthony (author A Disease of Poetry)

Kane X. Faucher, Matina Stamatakis, and John Moore Williams bring the collaborative powerhouse that is [+!] to the Calliope slate of books. The very book itself redefines possibility and meaning.

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