Experimental Text at it's best! Calliope Nerve presents [+!]

I haven't been doing much writing these days as but editing and publishing have definitely been my artistic forte of choice. I invite you all to check out our newest book, soon to be available in a print version as well! Best to all, keep the faith.

The third book from Calliope Nerve's Literature Arm is available as a free download.

"[+!] is a post-code-poetry experiment, making de-composition into re-composition... art in it's truest sense... a bizarre, compelling, visually stunning, important work. Lysicology may not be a part of your lexicon now but it will be..." --Lucindo Anthony (author A Disease of Poetry)

Kane X. Faucher, Matina Stamatakis, and John Moore Williams bring the collaborative powerhouse that is [+!] to the Calliope slate of books. The very book itself redefines possibility and meaning.

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