spitting venom. the fond cole diaries 10



my countenance is like a fenced flesh
her white figure of an angel holds a secret
me i hide in the blue mirror a gray day
in the narrow bloom of beautiful hands
she holds in blue mirror breath in scarlet gloom
a caravan of choices my blood-red rusted freon wine
starry jigsaw smoke of love is like a fenced torch
paganly hanging from the chandelier room of pictures
question me like a secret me i hide my window ghost
inestimable fields of spinal lightning unfurl
from glimmering apocalyptic flesh dim-sliding
milesaway legs move like beautiful televisions
angelical petals of braille a symphony of milk
in my ears and dreaming past all gray day
in the hands of a flower she spattered
earth dews warm breath like gurgling radiant pain
and algorithmic imaginary europe a song come down
chanting hot white crashes hot white crashes
and dreaming gloom a ghost fucks the current
she spattered these pages with angelical earth
and inestimable petals of blood-red rusted fields
of spinal lightning wine of venusian freon dews
warm breath like braille a symphony of gurgles radiant
unfurls from dented nostrils starry jigsaw puzzles
glimmering between the smoke of love and pain
and algorithmic eyes gaze waltz an imaginary europe
she could melt a horse petalled like the apocalypse
i heard a song come down the dark milk of seven streets
my countenance is like a fenced secret her white figure
it is an angel it holds my flesh like a torch paganly
to greet the rose hanging from the chandelier chanting
high white crashes in my ears and have i been here
this room is full of dim-sliding milesaway pictures
dreaming past all barriers each leg moves closer to
question marks zoom and 'round me roll like an idiot to it

still a word dealer

i still make music for embattled souls
i rip the paper to shreds to connect with my junkie apparatus
i am headed to the halls of overdue
done left you behind scratching a new street
for the gossip of my discontent.


no one but Don DeLillo writes "akimbo" anymore

I listen to the husk around the voice in Underworld
before during and after dark
a deep romantic craggy voice wearing leftover ethnicity
transparent to the eyesight
and the words are sandpaper
the friction of these sounds against the atmosphere
turn irresistible and then repeat themselves

how does the psyche take in panoramic views
without leaving small mountains of dust
in twisted limbs
how does masculinity survive inherent opposition
beneath deceptive skin

the rainbow stays platonic never quite achieving
status of the flesh
and flesh just like a baseball needing periodic
injections of its own importance
starts to fail and keeps descending
without uplift of the language
without reverence that comes of crazymaking
and inflationary talk


all the things that i begin i leave is what each heartbeat told me
e'en so i love and will continue my hands gnawing loose took note of this
just now awakening after years of materialism my amorous fingers under dark umbrellas

there was a shutter loose where the revelation grinded its teeth
under my hand the moonlight alphabet penetrated another's flesh
like the gnawing of 10,000 beings i took note of this

just now awakening after years of materialism
i'm 10,000 beings i will continue my hands told me this
my hands told me that i love to dismantle my amorous fingers

we're here because we're here my amorous fingers told me
what can we do to kill time dark umbrellas gnaw at moonlight
each heartbeat like 10,000 beings under the influence of my flesh

i'm a monster just now awakening after 10,000 years
we're here because we're here under my alphabet
10,000 beings were set loose in my drugstore


Gabcast! A Willing Hand


latch on
catch flan
babysit the
water play
by sit
why not
just here
toward daily
there affix
a shift
and sing
or linger

don't say anything to anyone

pallor does
with glaze

interpolate as
haze exacts

brave that
unfolded doldrum

then forge
ahead ablaze


I Thought We Might Be Friends

and maybe not there are
some corresponding overtones
of seeping river watch
the tepid sleep
each mild consideration
daylight traipses in
to mood ring
all the playthings left
here in the yard



i've the madness of days whistling out end of eyes' ideal
wrists give milk dazzling initials between senses lips' silence
went to her eyelids burning beautiful entangled villages a force

what comes true unfolding over gold-coloured sex ravines
lose the jacket you're physical moon like pale-blue thoughts
drops of told me told me an essential power happy young busts

cool woman the plateaus bordered love-suspended cruelty down with it
down with it when it sparkles really green hope lit natural supersensual
broken eyes are the certainty of reality or pictures yours or mine ourselves

sacred flares feeling hips parallels permitted smiling silence extended
magnetic rosy starry Midsummer excessive champagne womanhood enough
because the bed stalks your kind in vulgar swoops silver strange spirit

perspiration swarm go like unknown names the murmur of rhododendrons
of asbestos creatures armpit martyrs my towns satanic mills passion me
discover my body during pretend mistress hunter interrupted gamekeeper

evidence to pillow a weak center

full nest radiates without
imposing implications
of a pulse

a shallow pretense
that concrete
could transist
mere elliptical calypso

into depth
spawnlit with
shivaree of bounty

and not
of course consecutive


it rains perfume / you are susceptible

neighborhood equals agreement
something is true regard
less of evidence
validation comes
of nods in unison

veto power hypothetical
as wax warmed over
the stove
one modulates response
to happenings sequential

modesty elopes with humility
all eyes are other
where during ceremony
and profound informality
various among us

now have passed
into what we suppose
is comfort impossible
to understand we impose impressions
on the unknown as though

a life form could be
as we sense it
and might morph into
what we draw freehand
sans guide or prompting


Gabcast! Snakes


i found the empty life lasting beyond waiting being filled (going over) - you hear my voice in your queue of heading - you operated yourselves with the fear hidden on the floor of space like being slept - a robber down my stolen book where page divides early childhood with a sulky song - crimes beyond the colours the rock go disgust-exciting to educate me who is sadly not long - fire-place-stained life span you is older the evening maintained - here-smiling the miracle notion around fires of gutter dancing and alive you hear my voice - do you hear my voice with glacial friendliness because it does not believe everyone nowadays - i have felt the sea's sad fact that there is room for improvement - pinnochio's cliff of the silver screen coming to contact you screaming to you - there are works for you surplus on the black pavement of the space notion fires on it in the angle of closed the book - i have felt friendship pools invested in plowing appreciation - transience laughing to dance my voice in the tail of the sun it sees the red and black color of possible screw longitudinally



If I limit you to warmer roses, our depth relaxes into sleep


tacit play
toy box
spry cap
glide band
stall port

quoting the angelus
in three
plummets intent
within these
creased arrangements

one assumes
the form
of sudden
brass ensemble
spare breathing
exercises plant

surrender turns
affordable contages
into neighborhood
mentality while
one anyway

cast iron
morning food
on family
china shared
with speech


new math beginning to get old (tincture)


as matrilinear repression drowns out instinct (poise)


behold my significant otherness (wafer)


are you ensconced in automatic renewal syndrome (ars)


lighthouse remains a good place for zero chaperone (quotet)


all eyes upon processional while whiny voices drear their way into imagined godlike heart (stamina)


recessive genuflection prods westerly contingent of the bloodline (counted)


are you listing to the left (adrenaline)

Vidal Looking In

Primarily one lives the living sentence.

Dusk against pause writes two per acre.

Identical jasmine plods a long vibrancy.

Worms vacate detached retinas looking.

Double predicates are type is a neighbor.

Opening the remaining doors will flux.

Propped sun against negative space walk.

Therein the hours little & mean decide.

Absolutism whip-cracks old water oaks.

Condo after row of condos ample in grace.

Evening’s lucid state of: Vidal looking in.

Sevens’ hovering flatness looks inward.

A southern poem clandestine to the end.


still my sickness
is to be kissed
it moves the world

why saliva
and were the eye unable
already to hang in dreams past

old memory comes
returning completely
in life

the heart check organism
works on you to see permitted
long time by the lip conclusion

the months of three hurrahs
announced the situation indecently
why was spit in me

couldn't stop
the sugar from running
always my retiring of embrace

the sad life should know
that certain volatile glances
i die and i why over glass



if yes then it gives something that they never had
and it sleeps you where he done something wrong
the dopeman's long distance to the house
where a page white woman pitiless stands
making out what gives with gloves of sun
too much fragile for moving a sad smile
a cold guide which words can constrict
this moonlight can go everywhere
one depends on these tires
on becoming near
so it continues to carry out
remember that nothing does not preoccupy
because everything has to be somewhere
better up there pregnant and bolted up
it's what makes oblivious so obvious


connected the nail and heart
of the finger which tightens
around that kind of cement
these arrangements faith shut down

the palpitation of windows
of collision of anybody plugs
which you damage since the buck
of these layouts stops in me

is this contradictory this also wanting me
this meeting place of initial sending
whose myth is as luminous as the melody
of those you examine

yes the beginning like a nurse white gown
the beginning shape has left the building
approve the eye because it probably awakes
it probably comes expensive cries a baby

gymnastics of good-bye
the rainbow eternal
it is love will happen
it is always morning here



longhand took a month out of my league


under duress I paved first person


name me something moth(er)


transcendental curios blend tapestry with tEXt


if I am warning you this is not war


again the furnishings as nice as summer (find another adjective)


what worked once has been working a blind eye


notice the nerve endings


last night yes I blinked into a dirty see through sleep


come home pet parrot and be glib to me


in short some minus signs retooled to match affordable and fluent seasons


you left her out in the snow and walked back

second person reeks of chattel parsed to death


situation ethics induce shivering from a being once removed


are there syllables of silver known to pass muster during depths


long periods of exchange form precedent as lineage


what one pictures one unwittingly builds (upon)


release condones historical limitation


separation overturns the fear of being kept


point of view inhabited by projection



a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

a paperchase
pig and whistle
purros tape


blood pressure


fill up

human condition


no money

can't pay mortgage


a paperchase
head in the sand
knights move thinking

a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

night on town
what was I thinking?
*this is insanity*

must give up smoking
pack up and go home


Dog Star as State Rep

Teen idol stuffing
Murder blonder taller
Into bomber

Unreal prisoner
Tapers to foggy inmate
To abrogate
Over ham & egg
Vice Malay

80% off/ten
Eaten peach FOR SALE

The shoot succeeded
Thru dawn

The sentences proceeded
Up to no good
Fire escape sexual banana rama gals punning strokes
Opus of penultimate
Eroding continental drift
To diminished 5th
A song
Is a mountain waving sloppy growling men
Conscious at dawn

The city
Pained in the distance
Is lit tonight
Hopping strangled flashing neon with news people

No parting word salad
Or mysteriously fallen

TV Tsar once
Encircled bulleted streaking jewel universe
Cunning power
Over ice
(13 deluxe
Pleasant little wee little
Spasms of mood got shunted out
Over spam

MTV spots
Half hour of rollicking firmament
Nape of
Nepal or the fur coat
& diamond bling

So Dog Star
Conjugates violent verb
Strange bed fellow
What of
What up
State Reps


the sisters of the wreckage

the skyline of confusion throws a stone intimately
lump of throat shaking is sharp problem is influenced

the blinking of the sisters of the wreckage show you
they put out that kind of movement trembling with anything

we frolick
this blue excessively

telescope (belief)

as for me it can look at weakness everything
as for me it is possible to choose defective
as for me i've reliance tested everything
as for me passing by the eye contact
as for me to live exactly in tense denial
as for me all of this is to believe you see

the thrill of the trace

it hits with the door
where the hell is pushed in the margin
where we looked at ourselves from the wing
playback the scene that sorrow is
the place we saw being lost now
is being possible
we've become the thrill of the trace
performed these ceremonies for our wanderings
we have met with our appearance is darker
the gross profit our ours is

iron lung

it is wounded
that intense painful place hardly moves
the make-up is seen to come
to speak to you somehow
but you do not speak
is perhaps language it says
you're my car the eye-end of refuge
what comes after you who obtains

the iron lung breathes deceiving



this night's upsetting bedwetting bullshit
i feel like a fool on my moodswing cackling back and forth
i'm a modest mouse come from hole all giggly-eyed
a man last night said that he could teach me how
she looked at me smirking miniskirted oh well
i can't make out the porn through the wrong end of the telescope
and the poodle clouds make me wanna puke
and some weird wayback friend's
being gossiped about i'd imagine somewhere
at some tavern flashing digi cameras


debris' face tastes of sister flickers
it's 900 degrees the breeze is a jagged mess
we're some lump thing in the throat of jog
we've played our errors out in a chaplin cabin
eating vertigo'd boots all stoned on commotion
she's like pass the emoting lotion honey
show some that sort of motion you used to

and i'm the skyline thing is rolling can't
you see it too this is blue should we frolick
how long does anything matter depends on who


golden showers

urinating in the city of face
i want to release this hour
move on any other way
tomorrow is december let's go out
there is loneliness in the garbage
smoking's the plague around my fingers
swishing spitting out egg whites
of confession too tired to care much
whoever you are may hear i've seen
your poison what sort of perversion
what would you call this are you there
is there a name for this keep in mind
kitten there's no safety back there
incoherence's taken your place


a wayward kind-of-girlfriend a ufo over milennium park
a powerful scarf wrapped 'round a young poet
a nauseating bubbly brunette a deck of cards
a sherlock what else all sorts i'd thought
wineteased under the hyperblue clouds of july past got
catholic guilt
the drink i want to drink is discipline
reeking of whiskey 3 whole days languagesick grieving
convinced then a fuck will really make it all okay
convinced a fuck is more than a lay and is not love
or is it that which i couldn't give right then
i felt mostly useless at least trying to feel
not quite enough vegetable yet to forget


nothing can hurt me here at the carnival we puke
blown to smithereens solidgold hide and seek me
all over here or was it the power of two to confuse
the teens well really don't you ever desire to be
universally accepted
two weird skinny white dudes
illegible in the smalltowny atmosphere wished that i had
a big black car right then wish that nothing could hurt me


innocence (eluard, ovid)

Comme le jour dèpend de l'innocence
as light from pure things,
la terre à seule
accoucha les vivants
the earth herself
generated the living
Eluard, Ovid
paintings (from left) by Costanza and Marta Mingoia
Ovid's transl. into French by Rosa Maria Costa