my countenance is like a fenced flesh
her white figure of an angel holds a secret
me i hide in the blue mirror a gray day
in the narrow bloom of beautiful hands
she holds in blue mirror breath in scarlet gloom
a caravan of choices my blood-red rusted freon wine
starry jigsaw smoke of love is like a fenced torch
paganly hanging from the chandelier room of pictures
question me like a secret me i hide my window ghost
inestimable fields of spinal lightning unfurl
from glimmering apocalyptic flesh dim-sliding
milesaway legs move like beautiful televisions
angelical petals of braille a symphony of milk
in my ears and dreaming past all gray day
in the hands of a flower she spattered
earth dews warm breath like gurgling radiant pain
and algorithmic imaginary europe a song come down
chanting hot white crashes hot white crashes
and dreaming gloom a ghost fucks the current
she spattered these pages with angelical earth
and inestimable petals of blood-red rusted fields
of spinal lightning wine of venusian freon dews
warm breath like braille a symphony of gurgles radiant
unfurls from dented nostrils starry jigsaw puzzles
glimmering between the smoke of love and pain
and algorithmic eyes gaze waltz an imaginary europe
she could melt a horse petalled like the apocalypse
i heard a song come down the dark milk of seven streets
my countenance is like a fenced secret her white figure
it is an angel it holds my flesh like a torch paganly
to greet the rose hanging from the chandelier chanting
high white crashes in my ears and have i been here
this room is full of dim-sliding milesaway pictures
dreaming past all barriers each leg moves closer to
question marks zoom and 'round me roll like an idiot to it