i've the madness of days whistling out end of eyes' ideal
wrists give milk dazzling initials between senses lips' silence
went to her eyelids burning beautiful entangled villages a force

what comes true unfolding over gold-coloured sex ravines
lose the jacket you're physical moon like pale-blue thoughts
drops of told me told me an essential power happy young busts

cool woman the plateaus bordered love-suspended cruelty down with it
down with it when it sparkles really green hope lit natural supersensual
broken eyes are the certainty of reality or pictures yours or mine ourselves

sacred flares feeling hips parallels permitted smiling silence extended
magnetic rosy starry Midsummer excessive champagne womanhood enough
because the bed stalks your kind in vulgar swoops silver strange spirit

perspiration swarm go like unknown names the murmur of rhododendrons
of asbestos creatures armpit martyrs my towns satanic mills passion me
discover my body during pretend mistress hunter interrupted gamekeeper