bleeding's over(rated)

shelve the bicycle now and ride the shuttle van to outer whatscape
it is dry out there abutting eyesight yes
the fingers hurt with imprecision

take your thoughts out of your earwax
and behave for once for me not for yourself
a cholla close to your appreciative inquiry

to be or not to batter the G rated incision
batch learned space and brave the whirl
as near wind as the shelter lacking numbers


pack your porch

pack your porch
we're going to the Andes
for a cup of thistle tea
we will be elderly
again a little while
a little worse for wear
performed by ear
for fear of falling
off the page
versus or-castration
choreo-graffiti linea
along the rough plane
of a hurting game
untamed by habit
and by force of leering
anchors in the pillar posts
with print on them


Gabcast! Tuesday


the city washed by light

the city washed by light
held fall leaves
on trees I saw no yellow
and no maple and no crisp
brown I saw summer down
in baked blue light
I walked all afternoon
toward the mid of night
the city had a rapture
in its open cloth held sway
there was a mid-line to our day


Burden of Time

We bumped into each other on the small dark trail I always took when I was tired of mankind.
'Pardon me son,' the frail man whispered like leaves rustling.
'It's ok the way here is narrow,' I replied impatient to move along. He hesitated.
'Please spare a moment son?' he begged. I sighed and stopped.
We faced each other on the small trail suspended for seconds in the same time and space.
'Thank you,' we said at the same time after a moment.
Then we left on our opposite sides of time.


see(the) with modest daylight

let it be chapter sans verse
allow me to impose my diagram
upon your snakeskin bag of dominoes
what year is this
whose fear to my ears
whatever ramified intelligence can stabilize
what we are worth
how are we worthy
what immense derangement can be styled
for your reflection
with detected forms of innocence
my brag only incises your revolving
adaptation to the wingspan of somebody other than
this flair bird this sequel this dominion

So I Licked Her Blonde Fingered Sex Paw

Altered sexual states format exit texts
Reconciled in The Collector’s Buyer’s Guide

As in this afternoon’s TV Movie & a Makeover
Starring Sandra Bullock

The one in which she vacations in Cozumel, Mexico,
Meets a man who knows everything about her
And she never suspects him

So I started thinking about myself
& penicillin
Expediting Tony the Tiger x-rays to Suriname

I was present anonymously
Summer stalks grown tall as Pushkin’s Beat novella
[Ask Dexter]

The one in which life is a state stiffened by too many Paxils down on one knee
& unable to rise

[This on a slow Saturday
Cemetery clinching fruit labia freely]

So I licked her blonde-fingered sex-paw
Groping remarkable flaneur

Recited fou-fou in French Symbolist prose
Under cyber belts of Florida sun fire


icicles twinge mid-breath be
longing to
some else

give back no
thing in one or more

take white north
toward re

thread a little
ream for


Gabcast! Weekend