So I Licked Her Blonde Fingered Sex Paw

Altered sexual states format exit texts
Reconciled in The Collector’s Buyer’s Guide

As in this afternoon’s TV Movie & a Makeover
Starring Sandra Bullock

The one in which she vacations in Cozumel, Mexico,
Meets a man who knows everything about her
And she never suspects him

So I started thinking about myself
& penicillin
Expediting Tony the Tiger x-rays to Suriname

I was present anonymously
Summer stalks grown tall as Pushkin’s Beat novella
[Ask Dexter]

The one in which life is a state stiffened by too many Paxils down on one knee
& unable to rise

[This on a slow Saturday
Cemetery clinching fruit labia freely]

So I licked her blonde-fingered sex-paw
Groping remarkable flaneur

Recited fou-fou in French Symbolist prose
Under cyber belts of Florida sun fire