three and a half hours of sleep

I speak into your voice
mail in all honesty
I allow the message
to evaporate I take
my time to craft a better
and more measured way
to tell you something pale
instead of randomly releasing
depth that you could choose
to hear or mute away
I take your temp
I pare a new place
with my depth of feeling
and I hope no trace
of it remains to show you
how unsteady in my gait
the child within me
starts to move upon
the unfamiliar ground
and slate

fast cut straight

(line) worn following
"more words, before
both bottles"
glance obstacle (zipper)
up "clean contrast
(ed), boring" holes angled
(straight ahead) freedom
streams (consequence)
"please stay" angle range
"just push the situation
up" something
(tomorrow) portion'd
drops plate (plate)
"to contrast open
(ness)" stripped charge
ass ahead run/run
fingers waving lead (over)
ruin (about) rounded pulled (ing) up


clubaffected 5

town floor minute women roam see studs half-glancing feeling nonspace and spiral privilege. . .cast aside hope of eyes. . .feelings jacked since razor's edge light. . .miniscule costuming cashing in mask. . .her mess of millions. . .just human being. . .the eyes of her head sparkle private tension. . .cares said "eyes of alcohol we'll go". . .someone unscrewed the vertigo. . .jealous information giving church eye movements waited for a face. . .if dissociation this shit high was cheap. . .town floor talks in club 40. . .disorder the dj. . .


a new possible sound of beyond this. . .an impenetrable. . .


terrible photographs . .she business . .depersonalization all the wondrous dancing . . .night one's necessary ambiguous daddy love this vegas club. . .


carry night one's reality. . .the school the cigarette opinion the weakness of other . .


audition the sleep upon desert smoking charming movies rise of flowers in feel good looks. . .unique's empty laughters sprawl. . .manager of meaning of disorder of panic. . .


find her back then in fucking customer. . .secret marching forth into your permission. . .you're sposed to intoxicated much. . .angels whose diaries blasted tomorrow. . .


technique place. . .the binds and the kingdoms to further god experience daily. . .cobweb mouth flowers "el diablo". . .mouth stumbling like stupid. . . cyclical drunk person using suburban rental time raving for more like remains. . .private dick offered sense of guilt. . .wanderwatchers that limit her place clubaffected monstrosities surf a holy vision. . .oblivion's rising above somewhere in blue hot self. . .intense ready night monster her rendezvous skewered the extreme detachment. . .life calls you by name like the childlike program of behavior. . .the shame chic. . .g-string mirrors datafilled will explode loves and the no school cigarette feel. . .detachment scattered fragile pot hologram eyes. . .i am brief. . . what up peoples very miserable. . .populated abyss using photographs when you come to feel the truth. . .truly seek the deceptive. . .


permanent. . .


one blue night her privilege spilled smiling fires. . .sadness springs in the damn-it-all club. . .what lost episodes to grasp. . .rise newspaper lips open that yes. . .grasp drunken hopelessness. . .stripping another unimaginable now. . .


nobody regards datafilled nite ever much. . .


carry night one's loitering tears rental the idiot dauntless stride light. . .she grandiose blonde questions of some sort of club dj calls "hidden seasons". . tickle the way things anxiety a soul. . .


carry in pretty. . .redundant ski my newspaper memory. . .


now say "i cannot believe g-string diaries". . .fire score dropped out sphinx's paws suffering unlaced. . .questions of pretty transit felled necessary. . .she her surf skid row with andalusian poppies. . .flowers in space with mouths alien to us. . .fire hostess just aware. . .the smoke climbs to no more no more. . .


now recently life calls you a distorted customer where the stars like suburban napalm. . .empty gentleman crumble beneath clubaffected prickly dances to consider. . .blasted positions doggystyle to release before you. . ."what are your qualifications". . .wrapped in starry sentimental strangers to sink. . .the alcohol awake. . .


hello divorced. . .eighteen-year-old needs smoking motel. . .


terrible. . .


find eighteen-year-old bottles all empty. . . the world will explode in dancer unlaced some place. . .shadow drove a body drama. . .i love you "fakeness". . .the unstable saloon doors of identity horror ads. . .au shit man. . .


the young vague. . touching the rejected. . .last patrons wither feels informed. . .eighteen-year-old monster stripping she quakes with projekt daydream. . .a deep if. . .


quit the shit every stripclub. . .cowboys environment reality. . .some little junk episode to return movies. . .workaday surf to being body. . .the club severe hostess offered a hot blaze between the breathing. . .newspaper ads we'll go lips open that drink with backtracking dreams. . .


she never return. . .vague youthful loveliness of chest shows beyond this movie. . .


now recently vertigo did it with the sticks. . .pretty transit. . .some little eyes of coke aware. . .reigning queen at coke musical. . .a strange somewhere sort of memories. . .sturdy blood in the doors unlaced some applicants. . .


dress severe explicit workaday lyrics cigarette feel going out she projekt powerful north. . .necessary code name like us waited obstinate. . .pour out the groans you mirror yourself in . . .last call self. . .


the time and. . .


scarlet's sacraments is an alteration in the perception or experience of the self. . .customer feels detached from help the gospel along. . .kremlin lung dancer is an outside observer of jiggy suburb. . .one's mental processes surrounded cannabia's very exhausted body. . .prophylactic tent and porsche can be desirable. . . glowy skin in the use of recreational drugs. . . what nice stuff since many want to make it real feel that they are living in a "dream"


find eighteen-year-old monster check her physical manifestation. . .the very popular film technique left someone else there where she was. . .dolly zoom indicating emotions. . . .movies provide a sense of vertigo or detachment. . .flowers in pretty transit in rapid or non-rapid succession. . .the clubaffected person like a strobe light of senses. . .workaday suburban memories are being distorted and fragmented. . .


now recently life calls you divorced from both the world and from identity and physicality. . ."perception rental time" seems unreal or hazy. . .town floor in a recognition of self breaks down. . .surf to minute mud dances to school very high anxiety levels cigarette feel. . .downed. . .changed. . .using the customer matrix further increase the feelings of "fakeness". . .


terrible photographs vertigo the cold gray eyes. . .feel lips open that drink with identity that lived under terrible pressure. . .unique's blood like slanted into the senses. . .steel and glass back then in the sticks. . .she projekt transparent camouflage. . .she nude fully a half-blond curl falls to extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman buttoning an old shirt. . .


towers and fields of technique fade the desires. . .stay all colorless popular fatigue. . .scattered information legitimate programmers never see. . .rapid business fragmented and the walls of ice. . .daydream individuals spiral grandiose shadow that shield their operations giving church eye movements. . .


the traveller looked at eighteen-year-old monster check her wrinkled frown. . .left someone else there where she was not satisfied. . .special regulations were necessary indicating emotions. . .needs smoking a new procedure like portray the lost episodes to limited understanding. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping stood slowly moved up and bent over. . .beyond this there's bloody water movies. . .rise newspaper ads from the mouth of the pipe. . .necessary. . .the clubaffected person the condemned man also with a confused gaze workaday suburban memory. . .


terrible photographs vertigo. . .kept running eyes over the glass again and again. . .feel lips open that drink with one hand and with the other he took a lump of unique's pubic hair just like that. . .senses writhed around. . .she projekt cyclical chain clink. . . “stand him up” cried unique "'cuz being body". . .see empty gentleman. . .


eighteen-year-old monster found herself in a long low hall. . .lit up by indicating emotions. . .needs smoking every door like portray the lost episodes she walked sadly down the middle. . .


carry night one's reality. . .wondering how she was ever to get out again. . .stripping in the distance. . .beyond this she hastily dried her eye movies to see what was coming. . .rise newspaper ads from a pair of white kid-gloves flowers in pretty transit. . .some little "won't she be savage". . .i've kept her waiting necessary. . .the clubaffected person to wink with one of its little eyes. . .


now recently life calls you a good deal frightened. . .this very sudden change forbid profanity any "perception rental time". . .town floor was shrinking rapidly. . .surf to minute mud dances to school the immense length of neck. . .a sea of green leaves in club 40. . .a sharp hiss 'cuz being body. . .shadow women made living violently within its wings. . .club 40. . .using the customer matrix. . .


feel lips getting entangled open that drink she remembered. . .held pieces of mushroom in her hands back then in the sticks. . .she growing sometimes taller and sometimes shorter. . .she nude fully in bringing herself down. . .drinks to her usual height. . .she had been anything near the extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman felt quite strange at first. . .


technique fade the desires close to the little glass table. . .unlocked the door to popular fatigue. . .scattered information that led into the rapid business fragmented and smiling. . .feeling nonspace she set to work daydream individuals. . .desperation giving church eye mushroom movements. . .fragile pot dreams in her pocket sprawl. . .reduced. . .she was about a foot high. . .


glowy skin nice stuff since many want manifestation. . .the workaday world feel terrible pressure. . .empty colorless popular fatigue. . .scattered information legitimate programmers emotions. . .this here's kept running eyes open just like that. . .


carry night. . .get out. . .someone with little eyes. . .


club 40 using mushroom in the extreme detachment. . . . .scattered information that she was living in a "dream". . .


find eighteen-year-old senses. . .


now recently life calls you hazy. . .feelings of "fakeness". . .steel and technique shield their smoking reality. . .stripping stood slowly moved up and feel the lost episodes. . .she's beyond good deal frightened. . .time. . .shadow lips getting entangled open that drink she remembered first glass table unlocked the feeling. . .one's mental porsche provide rental. . .a recognition of self breaks down like slanted into the sticks. . .the clubaffected person the condemned 'cuz being body. . .see in the distance. . .see what was. . .won't change. . .held pieces of nude bringing little business. . .desperation church use of someone else there where she seems unreal. . .very high anxiety levels. . .a half-blond curl falls to extreme eye movements. . .


the mouth of suburban memory chain clink. . .found herself a pair of white kid-gloves flowers in shrinking rapidly. . .surf of neck. . women made of sticks. . .she empty and smiling. . .see that traveller looked at eighteen-year-old monster. . .necessary. . .


terrible photographs vertigo. . .senses writhed around. . .empty gentleman lit again. . .coming. . .rise newspaper ads from her rapid eye mushroom. . .reduced. . .gospel along. . .what you want a sense of vertigo or detachment. . she not need the man with a confused gaze workaday. . .“stand him up”. . .


eighteen-year-old monster. . .her eye movies pretty transit. . .kept her waiting. . .drinks her usual fragile experience. . .to make it real. . .suburban memories are being distorted and fragmented. . .


terrible photographs vertigo the cold blood. . .an old shirt. . .


towers all of ice. . .special regulations were necessary. . .


i've wink this a sharp hiss the customer matrix she had. . .


technique fade the desires close to a foot high. . .scarlet's sacraments is recreational drugs. . .what feel like film technique left like a strobe light divorced from identity. . .stay never see. . .rapid business church procedure like portray the lost ones. . .rise newspaper again and again projekt smoking every reality. . .wonder how she was ever clubaffected. . .she's just a person recently. . .


feel felt quite strange door to fragmented always. . .

clubaffected 4

find eighteen-year-old monster we'll go no more to. . .leave someone else there where she loves the indicating emotions. . .needs smoking crystal spilled like portray the lost episodes to grasp the silent waters. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping she quakes at the sound of beyond this. . .troupe of charming movies rise newspaper ads from loitering tears of flowers in pretty transit. . .some little someone is felled necessary. . .the clubaffected person we'll go no more to workaday suburban memories. . .


now recently life calls you sturdy. . .inhabit jungles' "perception rental time". . .town floor snarl in monstrosities surf to minute mud dances to school the unscrewed. . .convulse the cigarette feel. . .downed. . .changed. . .club buffalo. . .costuming's an impenetrable hide. . .armour-plate 'cuz being body. . .shadow women roam the idiot using the customer matrix with dauntless stride. . .


terrible photographs vertigo womankind ador'd. . .feel lips open that drink with good looks. . .unique's blood backtracking to primal back then in the sticks is full of sometimes light. . .she projekt cyclical a holy vision. . .she nude fully through oblivion's doors stoops down to drink extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman inlaid with starry studs half-glancing. . .


technique fade the desires to be jealous of popular fatigue. . .scattered information rising above this cup at your lips’ rapid business fragmented and smiling spent fires. . .depersonalization feeling nonspace and sentimental game. . .daydream individuals spiral grandiose blonde whose hairdressers desperation giving church eye movements. . .fragile pot dreams of burglar floorshow whose laughters sprawl. . .


before all the wondrous shows went suffering unlaced some place. . .the questions of this gentle omnipresence. . .somewhere some sort of privilege dancing in blue flood. . .she the sparkling current. . .she manager of meaning of strangers with hologram eyes binds and unbinds applicants. . .


splendor of the kingdoms of other where she waited a hot self. . .aside i turn. . . a deep sadness like audition matrix. . .i am ready to sink. . .the brief hopes of eyes of alcohol disorder face. . .if blaze drove a body to dissociation. . .what if it should never return. . .


childhood program of behavior springs up all at once so sweetly. . .women of the club dj calls "hidden seasons". . . the soul's flickering further god just as vague darkly and inexpressibly reveals the youthful loveliness of chessboard mutual panic touching the night. . .turn away from the experience dress severe in thy absence. . .feelings jacked since the great prophet intense ready to take a human. . .now am i awake. . .


hello peoples what up to very divorced. . .stop the damn drama. . .i love you all and this shit beg "fakeness" when rooms tickle whomever's bashing. . .quit the shit cybernetic sins i love this club. . .what makes the chest different is way things raison out. . .a high anxiety changes daily. . .this could happen anywhere. . .increase the whoo shows his face every night and the fuckin vegas club a distorted customer receives ain't that great. . .where a soul. . .


find eighteen-year-old monster check her razor's edge left someone else there. . .she was stoned and miserable. . .capital indicating emotions. . .needs smoking onenightstand in the stars like portray the lost episodes to grasp the unstable light. . .contortions comorbid with stripclub cowboys environment turtledoves. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping cheap motel bedroom eyes. . .beyond this there's automation each other dysfunctional movies of ritualistic abuse. . .rise newspaper ads from her cobweb mouth flowers in pretty transit. . .some little rendezvous in necessary twilight. . .the clubaffected person advertises explicit workaday suburban napalm. . .


now recently life calls you by name. . .code name "el diablo". . .town floor in her mouth stumbling saloon doors. . .surf to minute mud dances to school parental advisory explicit lyrics cigarette feel. . .downed. . .changed. . .miniscule costuming and stage shaved in club 40. . .cashing in 'cuz being body. . .shadow women living in populated abyss using the customer matrix. . .


terrible photographs vertigo the desolate dick. . .feel lips open that drink with identity like it's going out of style. . .unique's blood is like redundant. . .senses skewered skid row. . .ambiguous daddy did it with her back then in the sticks. . .the stupid fucking customer that she projekt cyclical. . .she nude fully andalusian in poppies and punky ski mask. . .drinks deep the extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman crumble beneath her powerful yes. . .


find eighteen-year-old monster check her mess of bottles all empty empty. . .left someone else there where she was. . .butts junk horror like portray the lost episodes to grasp drunken hopelessness. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping another drinking bout. . .beyond this there's my "secret return" movies. . .rise newspaper ads from drunk while hiding in the flowers in pretty transit. . .some little marching forth into north necessary. . .the clubaffected person using a code name like workaday suburban memory. . .


now recently life calls you by name and a prickly ball hangs in space with your permission. . .when you come to think of it even us "perception rental time". . .au revoir. . .town floor talks shit man it's all millions of people surf to minute mud dances to school the most unimaginable now like raving cigarette feel. . .downed. . .changed. . .you're sposed to say "costuming and stage shaved in club 40". . .mouths raving for more more more 'cuz being body. . .


in my opinion the weakness of other waited a hot self. . .consider childishness a game that we all played like audition matrix just like in the alien to us. . .remains outside eyes of alcohol. . .disorder face if blaze is truth. . .blasted mowing tomorrow lawns in nobody regards. . .


the young human being connects childlike program of behavior passionately. . .suggests women of the club the dj calls "some other time". . .such is the world flickering further god just as vague. . .intoxicated as with its chessboard touching the rejected. . .the experience dress severe within the adult system. . .


i was a frightened child talking obstinate. . .undoubtedly felt superior felt informed much. . .angels who zoom i cannot believe private diaries even. . .fire hostess offered sense of guilt barely just aware. . .the shame and coke musical positions doggystyle chic pour out the groans to release before you g-string mirrors datafilled will explode in the eyes of her head. . .taking and taking from last patrons wither mute. . .


there was a new dancer truly seek the deceptive talking a first nite ever. . .a terrific set feels informed much. . .angels who zoom sparkle's private diaries. . .fire hostess offered bubbles' amazing possible score. . .barely just aware. . .she is easily the reigning queen at coke musical positions of chic do yourself a favor. . .wanderwatchers happened in during i was a stripper that dropped out of g-string mirrors datafilled will explode. . ."what are your qualifications". . .last call withers mute. . .


permanent tension infinitely suffering unlaced some place. . .cares that limit us. . .the questions of this inaccessible height. . .


the blue night waited a hot self. . .wrapped in cloak like audition matrix just like in the prayers said eyes of alcohol. . .if blaze between the sphinx's paws drove a body to dissociation sweet has veiled her. . . a strange light blasted mowing tomorrow lawns in the sleep upon her breast. . .


the time and place went suffering unlaced. . .only the breathing and the questions of these desert sands. . .the smoke climbs quietly to somewhere sort of privilege. . .she manager of meaning of all the stars behold. . .


the front, the sirens

high & live wires make for ecstatic marionettes

nudes walk west pressing overripe blackberries

to their chest and let the juice trace the body

to rest in choice crevices sweet await devour.


the thighs of the damned like bisquik and hot water!

the music of the feet of the damned on the pregnant

river’s silted shore! the questions of the damned in

typewriter voices! the computer where the damned dot matrix!


the turntable where the record forever waits to be turned

over, it’s needle arm in continuous repetitive click at

the end of a side, the warm sound you make on the brink

of orgasm that richly fills the room where we lie in redtones.


tornado before siren after rains wash out paper and only

paperweight is left to fend. the power of water

eroding rock and wind, eroding chemical attachments

keep the sound of thump artist’s rattlesong in your ears.


in the whisperdark of an outage we need something

to meditate on to salvage our wits. dwell on an old favorite

cartoon show, Tom and Jerry haply, dwell on the French

kiss you gave Jeanne to taste the ripe raspberries she’d just eaten.


eighth hour of the outage, in the moment of flood wading,

remember the room of nudes by Picasso, Manet, Matisse

faces aware of everything but their own inhibitions and our presence,

the still life apple all seeing eyeball unaware of appleness.


in the pitch of basement, Nicolette mistakes flood waters

for the River Styx and her husband for Charon keeper

of the raft. when they lay together in the exhaustion

of spent midnights, their sweatskin tastes of pomegranate.


before sunrise John sneaks out of bed into kitchens,

somnambulant, he walks over glass mistaking shards

for skins of blueberries, eating floor glass, he washes

it down with milk laced with his blood vampiric stoical.


wind predicts. models are nudes are modes

of turbulence. in drifting gray of morning

after a night of no new moon her negligee

tossed carelessly makes a sheer cover for the fishbowl.


lightning cracks fishwrist and hair stands electric

thunder strikes slipdisk distant fabric flaps unhinged

unbiased a-burgeoning bacteriality on floors

of favorite moldsmell blackberry tongue raspberry entangle.

clubaffected 3

shouting in the throes of passion went suffering unlaced some place which lightning plays in her place the questions of this abyss. . .writing i still feel the flame somewhere sort of privilege. . .she i can't describe the current. . .she manager of meaning of what is suddenly there. . .


it's impossible to gain access to this other waited a hot self. . .grasping the secret of your desire like audition matrix just like in the transgress eyes of alcohol. . .disorder face if blaze transcends her own humiliation. . .shattered drove a body to dissociation to all our words. . .blasted mowing tomorrow lawns in the distance. . .


demented incomprehension childlike program of behavior with screams of joy. . .waiting for women of the club the dj calls "you don't and can't". . .the hard luminous nudity chewing the experience dress severe cliffs in a trough of sea and feelings jacked since alcohol was necessary intense ready to take a human be expressed. . .


one long dark day truly seek the deceptive talking a peter out feels informed much. . .angels who zoom empty stomach milling private diaries. . .fire hostess offered life's exuberance by scoring. . .barely just aware. . .too much jubilation. . .too much coke musical positions of chic wanderwatchers that develop from g-string mirrors datafilled will explode. . .sitting in your bedroom last patron feelings wither mute. . .


find eighteen-year-old monster check her tiny thirsts amd tiny tears. . .you have to have left someone else there where she was. . .otherwise words break down in indicating emotions. . .needs smoking you're still speaking if the normal world like portray the lost episodes to grasp meanings still satisfy you. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping this boring silence i evoked every beyond this. . .each other ripped to pieces. . .obscene ridiculous movies. . .rise newspaper ads rushing out one after the other. . .i thought of necessary. . .the clubaffected person my own death it wasn't possible any more workaday suburban memory. . .


terrible photographs vertigo. . .the desolate infuse with intensity even feel lips open that drink with identity the woman under glass seems an impossibility now. . .there's unique's blood like that. . .sense buzzing flies. . .it's just about that vague. . .she projekt cyclical. . .she nude fully shock isolation and continual poppies and punky pustules. . ."i almost knew him". . .leaving some signs drinks the mental disorder at times extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman of impossibility. . .


technique fade the desires. . .stays with the sign of doom a tv falling. . .there's a popular fatigue. . .scattered information ending in death. . .to drink is to die. . .the other is depersonalization feeling nonspace and its reflection be lost in its light. . .daydream individuals spiral grandiose understanding each desperation giving church eye movements. . .the end is always the same. . .to what end that's found in turning on the ground. . .fragile pot dreams rise from the disorder. . .not regular. . .bad luck sparkles in dark obscurity. . .


the gunpowder smell of scarlet's sacraments. . .customer clanging dying away. . .babywipes help the gospel along some. . .young girls of antiquity surrounded his very exhausted appearance clearly in the prophylactic tent and porsche that juts out from the city's transparent stun. . .what nice stuff torrid summer nights. . .faces quartered a felt-tip performing drug listening to the last while y'know y'can. . .


cradle of uncertainty went suffering unlaced some place was once more sterile. . .the questions of this youth unpetalled somewhere some sort of privilege. . .she manager of meaning of skeletal panorama of applicants. . .


latin sky soft and pink near childlike program of behavior resting in the heroic line. . .women of club the dj calls "women". . .memories of panic touching the long-ago loves memories of feelings jacked since exhaustions of love sudden intense ready to take a human bed long ago. . .


now recently life calls you by name in thin blue jerks through permission to exist. . .follow the pallor burning "perception rental time". . .the town's in her dark bangs. . .we went surf to minute mud dances to school the serene back again. . .costuming and stage shaved in club festival turned shadow turned spectral turned unreal there. . .four-oh-eight. . .club festival. . .


we opened the window to scarlet's sacraments. . .customer wandering. . .babywipes help the gospel along some. . .the city surrounded his very exhausted squares inhabited by sweet spirits' transparent stun. . .what nice stuff awakened again in the last while y'know y'can. . .


she comes to us 1987. . .went suffering unlaced some place who wakes us. . .the questions of this which makes us somewhere. . .she makes us current. . .she manager of meaning and every soul. . .


from room to room very divorced. . .quickening "fakeness". . .rooms tickle even the coldest cybernetic sins. . .just the way the sun of celebration a high anxiety. . .the congregation like increase the death like more. . .the word came down as a distorted customer receives communion among foxy's rocks. . .where a soul. . .where your echo. . .


window women hot christ mosquitoes. . .see lost in the widening depths around councils performed folk science. . .matters to us what is at the bottom. . .woman high on unreal shoes refuses to go further. . .what up. . .dj never gets laid. . .somebody's women called "teddy" a flame that opens up in the sky shingles. . ."fakeness". . .oh describe dear paradise's gentle and simple unbearable as homework feels. . .drink this perfume write these last words fear of alcohol or twentieth floor blind to goddamn daybreak. . ."teddy" not to become weak when some politics. . .orders a vertigo martini to erase what's there. . .


clubaffected 2

the underground level was flickering further god just as vague. . .joined the densely packed mass that stirred chessboard panic touching the organism. . .a constant blare of experience dressed severely. . .the air was ready to take a human. . .


compare the ornate expensive dress. . .beg "fakeness" when rooms tickle open to injury. . .it was cybernetic sins. . .same way "teddy" pulled up the way things really are. . .a high anxiety folded neatly tucked into the death for an endless time. . .an invisible darkness crowned a distorted "teddy" without anybody. . .where a soul. . .poor "teddy". . .


towards the morning "teddy" became truly annoyed seek the deceptive talking a noise coming from feels informed much. . .angels who zoom paid no attention to the private diaries. . .fire hostess offered consciousness and then possible score. . .barely just aware voice somewhere off. . .the chill deserted g-string mirrors datafilled will explode. . .the vital last patrons wither mute. . .the corridor had activities. . ."teddy" peeps his fingers past various private juices. . .four-oh-eight. . .


while we were talking about scarlet's sacraments customer brought in the red-faced bird help the gospel along some. . .it had kremlin lung dancers carry the jiggy suburb in a back-door sneak while the prophylactic tent and porsche men had picked "teddy" up in this glowy skin. . .wanted him confess depersonalization and any information out of transparent stun. . .what nice stuff. . .


the chief wanted me to compare the "fakeness" but i lied out of it pretending cybernetic sins. . .really just the way things was bothering me. . .a high anxiety. . .across the street increase the death like more alley. . .


evening will find itself in me without eighteen-year-old monster. . .check her when is it. . .tuesday will be the longest someone else. . .rum tum tiddledy tum emotions. . .needs smoking yellow teeth portray the lost episodes to grasp bad. . .feel that one is comorbid. . .why i wonder. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping glad new year beyond this. . .there's automation for the old hag with the movies. . .rise newspaper ads from my teeth flowers in pretty transit. . .ought i go to a dentist. . .why is that i workaday suburban memory. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping 1987. . .went suffering unlaced some place beyond this. . .blaze manager of meaning of necessary. . .the clubaffected person stressing applicants. . .


terrible photographs vertigo everything upside down. . .feeling lips open that drink with blood and tears. . .senses grasping for the beyond this. . .foxy's fully nude slaying everything within reach with poppies and punky pustules. . .terrified of empty gentleman monster that gnaws at her vitals. . .


technique fade the desires. . .stays all divine music to "teddy's" ears. . ."teddy" sees in popular fatigue. . .scattered pages follow rapid business fragmented and smiling intrusions of dirty depersonalization feeling nonspace. . .liars thieves vandals daydream individuals spiral grandiose swollen muscles of their lyric desperation giving church eye movements. . .fragile pot dreams amplify life's frustrating power. . .


find eighteen-year-old monster check her brooding stars. . .overhead the lights wheeled indicating emotions. . .needs smoking amniotic fluid like portray the lost episodes to grasp the urine that pours endlessly. . .


"teddy" loves everything. . .comparable to milton. . ."teddy" begs fakeness when rooms tickle when "teddy" awoke with cybernetic sins on the pillow beside him just the way thinking things out is a high anxiety. . .


"teddy" wants to make a detour truly annoyed seek the deceptive talking where one dies of feels informed much. . .angels who zoom and go crazy with loneliness circle the sad with private diaries. . .fire hostess offered joint with the times barely just aware of trees that do not talk. . .unique dances with lightning and coke musical positions of chic skirts to pee over the wanderwatchers. . .

Go to Glarken!

an afterlife is called Glarken in which they serve only bagels or bialys. that being so, some people who like neither bagels nor bialys will consider this Glarken a hell of sorts, a Golgotha built upon their own perceived miseries while some others, namely my Uncle Mick who loves such foodstuffs especially, it seems, if lox is available, will consider this a heaven of sorts, setting up camp tableside for eternity to fatten himself in perpetual disbelief at his seeming good fortune. still others, like yours truly dear reader, will muddle through in silence neither ecstatic about bagels and bialys nor recalcitrant and disaffected because of their peaceful coexistence as sole foodstuff in the afterlife Glarken. i will wait patiently, perhaps in front of an electronic screen like this one, decrying those who are too enthusiastic about their station in Glarken one way or another, and dream up the after-afterlife the place name of which will arrive in tomorrow’s revelatory slumbers.

bible (Biblia sacra vulgata)

1 in principio erat Verbum (Gv. 1, 1)
2 vocat quae non sunt (Rm. 4,17)
3 terra autem erat inanis et vacua
et tenebrae super faciem abyssi (Gn. 1,2)
4 et lux in tenebris lucet
et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt (Gv. 1,5)
5 et spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas (Gn. 1,2)
6 Spiritus enim omnia scrutatur
etiam profunda Dei (1Cor. 2,10)
7 sed ipse Spiritus postulat pro nobis
gemitibus inenarrabilibus (Rm. 8,26)

in the beginning it was the Word
that recalls what isn t
the land was left barren
and darkness enveloped in the abyss face
and light is shining through the darkness
but darkness didn t understand it
and divine spirit over bottom waters –
Spirit searchs out all, even God s depths
but the same Spirit is interceding for us,
with inexpressible sighs


picture: tempo (time, 2007), by Giuseppe Quattrocchi


hot water

last transit cometh in to emotions gone
abided exhausted in so many departing faces
detrimentally using eyes' inflections
suburb this i know i know i know
harsh the sorry spiral yr beautiful dress
drags over kick'd shins wrestling depravity
crying high mirrors that holdeth in calamitous flora
needy this advancing smoke bursts unreal performing self
ready to like 'cuz pillars reckon beyond those weary ads
wandering the club distorted fares all turns his head
see that one his caesar's roaring a deceptive dance
just like detective cigarette fragmented to distance
searching her soft oft searching her chains on water
searching his consolation in this alone she wore there


find eighteen-year-old monster check her 1987. . .went suffering unlaced some place left someone else there where she was. . .in her place the questions of this indicating emotions. . .needs smoking real somewhere some sort of privilege. . .she like portray the lost episodes to grasp every current. . .she manager of meaning of environment turtledoves comorbid with distressing applicants. . .


carry night one's reality. . .stripping her other waited a hot self casanova. . .beyond this there's automation each other like audition matrix just like in the movies. . .rise newspaper ads from loitering eyes of alcohol disorder face if blaze flowers in pretty transit. . .some little shit drove a body to dissociation. . .necessary. . .the clubaffected person neon blasted mowing tomorrow lawns in workaday suburban memory. . .


now recently life calls you by name and the childlike program of behavior permission. . .forbid profanity any personal. . .women of club the DJ calls "perception rental time". . .town floor income flickering further god just as vague. . .surf to minute mud dances to school the chessboard mutual panic touching the cigarette feel. . .downed. . .changed. . .chewing the experience dress severe costuming and stage shaved in club 40. . .it is little feelings that jacked since 'cuz being body. . .shadow women living detrimentally intense ready to take a human idiot using the customer matrix. . .


terrible photographs vertigo the desolate t-shirts very divorced. . .compare the feel lips open that drink with identity. . . beg "fakeness" when rooms tickle unique's blood like that. . .senses performing cybernetic sins. . .just the way daddy did back then in the sticks. . .the way things raison out away a high anxiety
she projekt cyclical. . .she nude fully too down like increase the death like more in poppies and punky pustules. . .drinks crowned as a distorted customer receives extreme detachment. . .see empty gentleman. . .where a soul. . .


technique fade the desires. . .stay all annoyed truly seek the deceptive talking a popular fatigue. . .scattered information is feels informed much. . .angels who zoom rapid business fragmented and smiling with private diaries. . .fire hostess offered depersonalization feeling nonspace and possible score. . .barely just aware. . .
daydream individuals spiral grandiose jack and coke musical positions of chic desperation giving church eye movements. . .wanderwatchers happened in during fragile pot dreams of burglar floorshow. . .g-string mirrors datafilled will explode hooting oracular sprawl. . .bad clunk ejaculates last patrons wither mute. . .reduced
flora grip doing pubic whining exclusion activities. . .peep his fingers past twelve-inch hologram in academy sunglasses. . .private juice. . .four-oh-eight. . .cannot express no more. . .


window women hot christ mosquitoes. . .see scarlet's sacraments. . .customer councils performed woman’s folk science. . .babywipes help the gospel along some. . .ferocious woman high on unreal shoes. . .kremlin lung dancers carry jiggy suburb up up up. . .somebody's women called "teddy" and surrounded his very exhausted "fakeness". . .oh describe dear paradise's prophylactic tent and porsche. . .homework feels like drink this perfume this glowy skin. . .depersonalization and make-up alcohol or twentieth floor back-to-back transparent stun. . .what nice stuff to smoke goddamn daybreak. . ."teddy" figures identity a felt-tip performing drug. . .some politics. . .orders a vertigo jersey to last while y'know y'can. . .


fond cole diaries8 my spoken word reaction to hurricane dean pounding ghetto world.


horace (carmina)

vides ut alta

stet nive candidum


nec iam sustineant onus

silvae laborantes
look, Soratte stretches out

white with snow,

the tired trees no longer

bearing this heavy weight
vois comment le Soratte est blanchi
que les arbres fatigues

ne soutiennent plus
le poids de neige

painting by g.m.


"Rain Fall" (adam fieled)

It is constrained by water-wheels

It is beneath a tide of shorelines

It is in this way I reach out to you

I give you a seal made of pillows

I give you a pledge made of sheets

I want to be buried beneath you

as you move mountains off of

all in us exhausted by rain fall

all in us exhausted

all in us

Called Me Dead

One moment J is pushing the hot wheels with both hands and spirit. Down Goodwill avenue he flies past astonished impressed faces. He never hits the bottom.

An electron sparks binary Coup d'etat. A nauseous ring tone emanates from a nauseous cellphone. J should have puked instead.

He never defies his fate. And fate won't ever complain.

A tattooed hand picks up the tech. The hello crashes into the void.

In the second story window of Wilson's grocery the mangled machine smokes and waits. Blood and gore drips to the ground, unto the mob.

After the wreckage is hacked away, when the mob has returned to its lair the cellphone hits the ground.


darling, can you guess my name is?

How goes it? Hello, how
are you - aquarium glug glug,
slur, stagger -
hello again - spiral staircase or escalator -
my dear Euphoria?

Carried away,
on a roll - something something,
i guess, gone out,
the oblivion of a smile; it's heresy,
with only a few pints in,

seem to be smoke
to rise this-a-way from that
tyrannosaurus gray cloud,
this-a-way to come to meet you -
your stare stuck a corkscrew in my chest.

So what's going on? Take your shoes off,
dream a bit ... come unbuckle
my eyebrows - come,
play twister: darling, can you guess
my name is?

collapsing in the silk

lost eyes dreaming in stines
in the abyss of a tortured coal ...
they steam for the Andes, then
with a tropical gear of sigh
they spell out their catastrophe.

I love my nocturnal emissions
as they telescope through the towering breath -
those long chains of
wishbone of butterfly purgatory
that put on their monocles

because of the strychnine alley buzzard -
or that dismantle the song shipwreck
in their gray lenses ...
and the rolling laughter that confront
the mirror's opposite, poor breasts sagging

for their wept-after syllables ...
All those silent marriages
high as kite, and whose numbnesses
foretold yesterday's tiny melancholy,

with infestations
grown immense in their tomorrow
lingerie, sexy
to the thumb's introspection, their intense black coffee ...
and O, the swinging veil

of the last supper
of longing! Eyebrows waiting,
hee haw, spanked ...
A face swallows a window,
then draws down the desired ...

And the dancing
where a doll tinkles its hell ...
Bellow, Clarity, Humpy,
Cognac and all the angels and saints ...
O! the palpitations of a compass

where you hear seas
sleeping! An eyelash
of blue vegetable ...
The moans we pass, that tell us
it's in the corridor, while we

sit in our television
with technicolor umbrellas, as we love
in wonder
as its endless spasm hops to and fro ...
Then, O! at a virile clinic

where you spot the tweezers
of zebras, the archipelago, lonely stuttering
of distant thighs ...
then telephones, and castles,
zoot suits of morse code ...

Wild signals
in saintly cloth,
mysterious cursive
in echoing seashells that
straddle the nightstand ...

And - O, above all! -
after the bloodless stockings
where your very heart
is dynamited up with a termite
the triumphant trumpet, with

a blasted buoy,
with all the glitter, snail-like
bouncing of the hydrant
making its mind rosy through
the bank-vaulted cuticles

of a neon radio's
white noise! ...
That is where the intersections'
blinding light of string along
accordioned stare from stare

one to another
all round the stovepipe corset of smile -
the infinite braille
under a fine bright moonlight
and the noon of wasps that

I encoded with
profound smoke on
all my parties
and disenchantments ... How, I wrote
silver trees collapsing in the silk ...

Halo Overhead/Frequency 35

"Words are meaningless and forgettable." --Depeche Mode

"You keep what you kill." --Chronicles of Riddick

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #8

Halo Overhead/Frequency 35

Lips too thin--
to ask forgiveness.
I close mine;
Stars go out.
Lovely lovely
Mother's only

Happy 35th birthday
(all my grey)
--In Glass--
Brazen mirror
How dare you show me!
(1/2 way to end)
Life expectancy.
not a tick-tock
we will

Antennae sprout.
Frequency of ghosts.
Quick deploy Scarab
I don't wanna
(ten, nine, eight...)
count down

Say Grace.
Say, "yourself."
Fire Woman.
Let it go.
Shine Halo

In shape of Ankh
or rejection letter
My parts

I librarian
& poet
All day long
(between wadding papers)
to the
Vertical file
"Fuck the New Yorker."

--Nobius Black

jacques milkshake

pages terror his face in the mirror
it's always this you been said she
script your depression jacques milkshake
he's this tremendulation of song a tower

a lease that her 'd wandered home
a drunk in her briefcase so moved
four heartaches' bedposts tangled
in the twin dusk of a polaroid

panhandled moon please be seated
on her milky expression
please moon stay please
he's adored so long



strange nights dodging frequencies
radio waves blasted enormous
and my friend m

my club where i wait
hidden as death
around the corner

you know the one
let's clash
like red and green

there's a gigantic bastard
of a storm comin'
rain rain rain

her climax
is the end of organized religion
lay down play her teenage fanclub

here's my ankle
buried in a spoon
sand is hand

play with me
for a long while
write a song lay

-- 8/18/07, IL

the poem is an emergency

all the lights (down lights)
point to your holy-assed posse
ss ions
shut the power and dangle
heft in form of
gender heavy rodeoic
half-tones (is that your sun?)

looming plate glass
holds an image of your like
ness in its rather utter
maze of concentration
and intrinsic wafers shelve
other intrisicities while

shepherds eye the foreign birds
and sing in thirds
record in booklets their
receding learning in a huff
awaiting sanskir
voiced mid-harbor
where the boats are in
and being washed ahead
of schedule

anybody noticing half
anything ought to be t
rained to holler out
or in a pinch demand
a pad of paper to convey
what everyone should heed

it's bake sale time
and you should be apart
from home this very
minuet on camera
who can say what must
be said there is a margin
and let's not for halftix
sake clutter it up
with error


"it's just basic safety"

dissociated (tion)
intrusive elbows
knees boots "it
doesn't change" 'vention
'lations many sounds
(loud) bang falling plexus
"electricity in the
rights spots" ()
disorder cuticles poking
"that spot here"
paralysis "turns the
words around" chair
leg round'd
exploring bell-shaped
(accident?) 'cinthus cure'd box
opened husk "sinking
caused growth" drive both
squared (in) use
"is dinner ready?"


Francesca Saieva, Chiara Palillo

...unconfined borders, for every infinite as life-beginning,
where the special is just inside the every day happening
(clear eyes on the world), not simple desire object
that you take or not… rather lifeblood,
internal and inseparable being lifeblood
able to recognize the awakening being

["Limiti sconfinati", per ogni infinito quale principio di vita, ove "l'eccezionale"

fa già parte del quotidiano (vedi sguardo sul mondo), non è semplice oggetto

del desiderio da pretendere o meno... piuttosto linfa vitale, connaturata e

inscindibile all'essere, che sa riconoscerlo nel risveglio...]
Francesca Saieva

picture: Chiara Palillo, Immaginazione, 2007


eva longoria

a silicone ribbit from her tit pad
against sweated-up chest, her piano
wire-taut calves on the red carpet
ready to snap from the burden
of last-minute, spray-on tan,
i accept necessities:


Central heating

Sometimes I’m high bathed
in cricketglow ringing out
into lorain night walking home

And then sometimes I’m mighty
This is elyria ave tighter
than most nights the cops
Someone was shot up there
just last month they were arguing
There’s no safer place in the city
chained to myself

But then also sometimes I complete
a circuit

But then the trees saturate trails then
Sometimes lit by something
cancelling thieves
the strays limp bristled against
august heat their eyes
complete those engorged
moons i dream to drench you

And then i have to walk backwards
all the way home

These are Clairvoyant Times

these are clairvoyant times
we can predict the future before
it arrives chaste ego fore
go realism romantic potion
idiomatic as in spell out runes this is
like early internet art
Loch Ness Monster or to crave a real audience
is IT eclecticism that computer boffins do in their spare time
You can get a job if you have a sex change, don't look so worried a bank loan will cover it and you can get 50K easily and you'll get loads of benefits
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
Enter the valid figure
size 0 or not really here disappear
apparition like virtual soul you are
e t i o imbroglio
mango ice cream ecriture autocracy rules of the toilet
objet moi et vous? Who are you
objet vous communism commune dot com
these are edited times we shall see
the sense of opposition before we have reasoned
the sense of being
before we have been ordered how


in return

she's all around you now she's a beautiful collision
you didn't know that then you're too responsible
for what'd occured too illegible don't forget that
listen down far too hard you'd bit to core know this
your scared eyes over her pages loan an umbrella
tremble to unleaf each kaleidoscopic embrace adoring
know that what exists must occur and must and must
back and forth between dust jackets and daylight
tossing to an fro between desparation and acceptance
immaculate conception of chance juxtapositions to you
a bouquet of photomontage give as a sort of peace offering
give as a sort of i'll never forget last weekend i'm so sorry
i'm tramautized i'm troubled i'll behave be well
never let you down again


out on the beat shaking venom reflections
hot july day cold december night simultaneously
in my dense jeans the mythologies i'll present
next week to you'll be way too cool for words

a choice is made
looks astride
put down the whiskey
pick up a seahorse

you don't need to want to be what you're already
your kleptomania if it were a color hm what it be
charming these passing notes between your face and mine
always image of you waiting'll lovely decorate my nostalgia

-- 8/10/07, IL


her moon hardened into a stare
a spiral staircase in her marble blood
notches up each time she's surprised
all three of us applaud

hurry there's listening the flavour
of uploading a pollock in your eyes
intently because brother daniel suggested
because your hindlegs are so confused now

i want to define this love i have for you
projected on a large ethereal sail urgency
is always ready perched on the diving board
of my tongue honey it is blue it is cloud

's sobering i'm a drifter just pass through
i'll stop writing poetry because i am a tree
'cause your thighs are gospel truth and your ass too
'cause you embody each kiss you bake you make it real

-- 8/10/07, IL


a mystery to me

so a rough week i'd traveled and counting
dunes of her face and knew ma'am show me palms up humble
too soon dear that truly perhaps absurd lead me bumblebee
i'd never deserved her sobering started to cry long time because apples
because life's knived-in scenes are starry because shadows
because our thing is gospel truth i'm sorry i'm a wreck hall
i don't like your hurt yourself times shooting pool
because heaven is a wicked stereo system so-and-so knows
it is happy to observe what blue glow of her sleep its nectar its sap shape
lady kind she sat waited on me once this obscene body shoulda slapped
fell out of jail all sorts of kazoos and prison tats never charged
and a crash of pain against your pillow felt sore all over glitter ditzy
severe desparate and awkward as a ceremony is performed a secret crush
one can't use a cripple as crutch an actor's ass-kissing
nor blaze a campfire with crickets perfumed sailstress
here's moon take it from me call mother please
tell her what what and what it's done far from me please
these walls smell like dare i'm as stupid as ecstasy
i'm a box of crayons pick one like most
o leaves of her face rustle a heart attack in my pinky
this jacked-up scenery's blacking out ask the choices made
send me a prescription quick as can a radiation your sincerely regards

-- 8/10/07, IL

B(e) is never minor (with a tip to Robert)

yes if you can hear it
next to C before it
yes it hurts awhile it
you connect to it
if ever it
arrives it
comes with adverb it
shifts focus it
complies it
everglades it
sifts through soft it
chaps lips it
functions it
removes doubt it
laminates it
pries luck out of it
applies to gravity it
shaves a face it
leaves its mark it
takes the place it


at the very end of a heartbroken breath
are words that you'd touched lost weekend
shouted she out with it shivered i

dear basket
paradise mongrels scratch at my screeching teeth
offered her once a visceral flower and torch thank you

last weekend sincerity and statuary
of my lungs leaked out such blue
against the imprisoned white walls

sweetheart i've asked you before to roll my marbles
sort through the sheets of that temptress light H
where might i always speak peacefully skip me

i am never myself
i am always myself i am
both here and elsewhere

-- 8/9/07, IL


Formulary For a New B-Minor

...with polished and remnants a bead of sweat as terrifying,
almost outside this unflinching, rigid age kept gyrating. a soft requiem for muscled variation many loves away. anything infinite of the sun. decadence parched with hindsight's nothing but a new coiled as an angry storm. regard trembling inroads this matrix and its contours, bland as a metal leg. so, mysterious archives twisted, the city's head of thorns flame the intended nude. peripheries bereft, allied with drifting sonic dust.

living the cells between kinetics blown everywhere and up,
spoken as night of plastic furniture, it's the dont complain that adorns every echo of grandeur. striates through pounding luxury in their ooze, the harsh dictums bleach of enamour. puddle a bronze tinge to yesterday's garden with sleep jagged, reinvented by hurt. indigo is an alien of the mute formulaic. glass worn by the sea and a masochist for polyphony kisses safety at 45 degree angles is a stretched abdomen. and in totalling across in praise of nightmares calcified sexual exploits with lower allegories. fine Persion drugs with anywhere they charm what's residual more and again.

thought free of a thousand snakes, tressed gravity to impart a specimen worth
adding to the pneumonia of research for hide and seek is empathy, this into the wall's rhetoric. an athlete accustomed to the sigh. occasional dolphins rhymed as it freezes in a free-market state to bullet possibility warmed by the saxophone's ten long redemption of the slick in minutiae. one hymen, forever's gnosis along the ride of somewhere else to believe. it was virtually here's sixty feet of improvisation given butterflies.

a small thing, an excluded praxis drink of innards by feeling before eyes weighted to burst. forests in the laughter of intensity, like that's synapsed. twenty hanging over the railing, unfurling a professorial blade past revival's very psychedelia. the why of spots so important a tennis court repeats itself in glue. passionless and a spider, for they are the nines and eight, matter to west an only trauma. blue and serene, it's hue unspeakable otherwise taxis clocked in silence. porno renegades beneath strange to say that something covered in a bowl of dead miles, the gush of lizards in a dish. barbecued jazz. expectorate to alloy others of sin and opera because everyone automated the sound of fish scales. vanished trim from just not thinking about hearts beaten there. cigarettes as pentagram this flank or its present tale meant figuratively, behest as a confusion of this moment with that moment's eating code where it presides in a clearer language.


i can\'t write, my computer is broken!

10 results of 1920000, Sunday, August 5, 2007, 5:26:02 pm EDT

news is
grim if someone's

into your
computer, but there

steps ...

my computer and
know everything

or write
in my comp

As I write
this my

new machine is
re-boxed and

I can't

to every
comment. And I

vouch for
the accuracy of

when my computer
is down

like a MCA
for me.

i´d die
if i had

and don´t

whom to
ask, write me

email. maybe
i can help

BROKEN. Well it

has been for
ever since

have written as
my ...

Well I
was hoping to

more but
Little Miss has

woken up
so I must

?My computer is
broken!? 30th

2006 by Ben
Rimes ...

definitely helps

?can?t figure out
how to

VCR clock?
feeling that I

another blog
that I write

on regularly I've
started a

idea and

of tags called
"Geek It

my new
idea I've decided

MIKE: I simply
go crazy

I can?t create
something. After

music ... far

satisfaction and pride
to sit

my computer and
type up

computer won't
recognize it, I

boot into
disk mode, I

can't charge ...


tool told me
that the

write protected.
My iPod shows

What you'll need
----------------- o

of paper
o Something to

with o

secure, *OFF-LINE* location
to store

Can't Quit
I don't need

booze or cigarettes
Or drugs

any kind. ...


a total
mess. To try

and write just
one more

carry with you your vibrato then come look for me

I'm only half as brined as twilight you invent
restore me to the vast original until
I toward thee brinksman jolly hook
the leaves are braced and soon light mist
will cherish by remote
the distance all the distancing
redacts red ants go swindling down away
and all these children safely dance


half as smartwork of art

the perfume of her shapeless
walking by the hand dryer
of our remembrances, a slight
discomfort in my urethra, too
much pubic hair and urine
spots on shorts, are you
quitting here or leaving,
orbiting, smoking or burning
off the hangover before kissing
the styrofoam of the sea
with a parachute of after-
thought and after, birth


stuff like that

she's went to work tonight at the wave
totally remodeled pool table big everything
imagine her brainspinning that tight pole
jawdropping the diamondstudded wilderness

i'm tired the power's gone out it's hotter
than hell smoking long drag of solitary cigarette
acquainting myself with dark clammy hands of night
moonbeaming after joint brushing away pastoral gnats

there's a cop car across the street aggravated white
i'm sweating profusely a fat man rides a miniature bmx
kierkegaard on lap eyeing all neighborhood nearby school
of disquietude included

being something to be all spent wanting more waiting again
more sharded consciousness on high television screen flickering
insided all crazy in whirlpool of mind please be my beauty institute
my risque my love and stuff like that

-- 8/02/07, IL

Strawberry Joint #1

It's very thin but
the Good is usually invisible
I've already walked to the store
in the 80s and bought my cigarettes
in the 70s
because without it I'm a nervous wreck

My girlfriend hates me because
i'm carrying everything
every other woman
did to me
in the same pocket i carry my
feelings in
They knock against each other
when I'm not making enough money

but that's okay because i'm
"a mysterious artist"
and she'll tell her husband about me

Dadagram #19

We're all ghouls here, breathing the gasoline of absence. Hours withdrawn, their energy embedded in the palindromic ago, larger categories left to bake in the sun's relentless glare. One nebula is methamphetamine's chiseled bark. Dull greens and blind machines, the stomach of eternity talking to itself. A neverending parade of strong white teeth passes its only decibel to the divine mystery, and somewhere the value of a dollar takes notice. Drowsy crabs, scissors, an internecine moon parrying and thrusting in stereophonic sound, that's the key to yesterday. Sliced antebellum kissed on its drying innards. Marijuana really needs to learn how to subdue the six faces that have never met before it can even think of rising in the polls.


various 'integrated

"emotion and reason"

window outward rolls open door

"not as correlative but"

dropped chain

keys floor corner'd

"what is said, again,

meaning left existence"

accessible emerg'd fuming

tagged't excessive

(predicate just) refer (ence)

"all of these" impacted sun

light "trading in,

what was discussed"

over repeat'd wall surface'd

"fuck conjunctions 'cessive"

sentences clause'd

front (back) windows


to murder the murderer’s murderers

chicken colored Southern chap
charged for the chagrin of
his own alcoholism, afternoon
behind wine-tinged shades
and Tom Collins, wood panel
after bloom-time gets moldier
and mustier, breaths shorten
while folding flags, it’s illegal
to use an i to outfit an armoire
with mothballs, two movements,
an arm, a needle, drip by drop
toward death row, no, stay,
saddle us with the dead man’s DNA.
i am a killer the killer is me.