stuff like that

she's went to work tonight at the wave
totally remodeled pool table big everything
imagine her brainspinning that tight pole
jawdropping the diamondstudded wilderness

i'm tired the power's gone out it's hotter
than hell smoking long drag of solitary cigarette
acquainting myself with dark clammy hands of night
moonbeaming after joint brushing away pastoral gnats

there's a cop car across the street aggravated white
i'm sweating profusely a fat man rides a miniature bmx
kierkegaard on lap eyeing all neighborhood nearby school
of disquietude included

being something to be all spent wanting more waiting again
more sharded consciousness on high television screen flickering
insided all crazy in whirlpool of mind please be my beauty institute
my risque my love and stuff like that

-- 8/02/07, IL