Go to Glarken!

an afterlife is called Glarken in which they serve only bagels or bialys. that being so, some people who like neither bagels nor bialys will consider this Glarken a hell of sorts, a Golgotha built upon their own perceived miseries while some others, namely my Uncle Mick who loves such foodstuffs especially, it seems, if lox is available, will consider this a heaven of sorts, setting up camp tableside for eternity to fatten himself in perpetual disbelief at his seeming good fortune. still others, like yours truly dear reader, will muddle through in silence neither ecstatic about bagels and bialys nor recalcitrant and disaffected because of their peaceful coexistence as sole foodstuff in the afterlife Glarken. i will wait patiently, perhaps in front of an electronic screen like this one, decrying those who are too enthusiastic about their station in Glarken one way or another, and dream up the after-afterlife the place name of which will arrive in tomorrow’s revelatory slumbers.