a mystery to me

so a rough week i'd traveled and counting
dunes of her face and knew ma'am show me palms up humble
too soon dear that truly perhaps absurd lead me bumblebee
i'd never deserved her sobering started to cry long time because apples
because life's knived-in scenes are starry because shadows
because our thing is gospel truth i'm sorry i'm a wreck hall
i don't like your hurt yourself times shooting pool
because heaven is a wicked stereo system so-and-so knows
it is happy to observe what blue glow of her sleep its nectar its sap shape
lady kind she sat waited on me once this obscene body shoulda slapped
fell out of jail all sorts of kazoos and prison tats never charged
and a crash of pain against your pillow felt sore all over glitter ditzy
severe desparate and awkward as a ceremony is performed a secret crush
one can't use a cripple as crutch an actor's ass-kissing
nor blaze a campfire with crickets perfumed sailstress
here's moon take it from me call mother please
tell her what what and what it's done far from me please
these walls smell like dare i'm as stupid as ecstasy
i'm a box of crayons pick one like most
o leaves of her face rustle a heart attack in my pinky
this jacked-up scenery's blacking out ask the choices made
send me a prescription quick as can a radiation your sincerely regards

-- 8/10/07, IL