from the Blazevox book "Apparition Poems" (#524)


Dressed to kill,
I go insane as I
think of killing
you in undressing,
a sense of weird
lightning bottled
inside me wells
up spontaneously,
I'm tearing at my
body's corners, I
can't stop thinking
of jumps into ether,
memorandums, just
love, whatever it
means, whatever it
is, whatever it
wants to be inside
us, a harlequin, a
moose, a daffodil,
a way of explosives
going off in a row
& corn being mowed in
Iowa, Illinois, or "I." 

Here are some more Apparition Poems in Blazevox 11

Homage to Homage to the Imagination*

One night I sailed off

So long Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

So long zoppa

Farewell [ ]

So long [ ]

The waters of no more pain
Are found within this

Or so cried the stars to
French poet Charles Baudelaire

A dream poem
From breakfast on

In fact an improved version of

A Dutch picture
Which [ ] read aloud

In fact a nod to Surrealism

The year 1869
The year 2007

& which zoppa quoted—

A delightful little
One night
Among my friends—

But don’t be fooled
This is a detail read aloud

It might be gloomy—

A lovely bedtime

A small sampling
Entitled simply

A good poem—

But oh how classically fun

To stop, pause, take a step
& salute the dream land

In this version
It walks parallel

Giving a nod
To Octavio Paz

* Source of text was a Google key word search of the phrase: “Nod poems.”


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