speak now
or for



isn't she not beautiful
yet let us precurse
how she'll feel
always a step ahead
on her should


a hedge
hog heave
clap tramples
overdone mewn
hacksaw fash
falsified hem
lines go
limpy franchise
nature phasal
compus meant
to tattle
on the staves



            behind each you. eautifulbay a iverray ful ful hours are hoo. ehindbay like you know it's all a wate of water. the writer like a river like a aterway. fullness of. of. riterway eye like. nowkay. hoo sky. love itway hop. elevisiontay hoopyway allness. lover ovelay you. eachway. like. this. fullness. like. are there. winter the writer. are like you like istymay. a misty full of you. of hoo. the ofway. like ullnessfay.



            weather. a waiter behind each eye. a river. the river claiming. wintered. a writer. waiter. a winter the writer. the beautiful zoo because. led zeppelin. hours are like. misty mountain hop. this. watching love you like you television sky. know that it's all a state of mind. the beauty like a river like you. a state of waiter. on water. wait in the water wintered. a writer wait in the water behind each eye. because. wintered claiming the beautiful writer. misty fullness. the beautiful television water. are like the river zeppelin. are making whoopy behind each eye. fullness like you. a state of. love you like hours. like hop like winter.


The movement of history...

The movement of history
mustn't touch us
we must learn from money
not sense

To touch money as a periodic
anatomical abre du philosophie
or words mentioned with hindsight
with hindsight a tree of knowledge

sex love compassion bought with a club
This is no reason to arbitrate
This reason is fiscal

barter. Idiosyncratic indecision
masquerading as certainty truth
we must eat it sleep it fuck it
to dump it as shit

Theoretical money moralizing money
legal money honest money.
The Enlightenment was politic

Le Soleil les abres le ciel. To
enquire, to begin again. The turf
is sodden with worms light is a

My Photoshop sky my Photoshop sky
sentence con artes 2 random 4 U
wheels are rolling
to touch the earth

I feel too close
too close to you


persona (1966)

persona knowledge terrible

forces us to
feel our


our inability to reach one another

this void that
keeps you


it is the confession of our fears, man, failure, death

analysis of
an old man.


persona is the drama of a despair, silence, terror far too great to be named

he had said
far too


of life laid bare to the bone

Atrocities in
Meatpacking Plants -


it is a drama of skin sensitivity, faces, words and ruthlesss courage

almost morbid violence
that lay


persona is an illusion shattered, a victory over silence

. That silence


You were there somewhere
with a spade and you were wearing
some kind of dress and there was wind in
droves of green and blue
and you were watching and waiting and I felt ready.
And that was it.



Once there was and once there was not, plenty of time in which to co-exist and extinguish the various flames while looking into eyes streaming with sincerity. Scattered showers cleansed the forests and motorcycles made love to popsicle sticks that glow. Droplets of sparkle-clean mountains made us laugh. Anguish and austerity, we barely glimpsed through glass globes.

I am blank ashes and soft, weathered focus and torrential downpours of sludge; ice in the furnaces of my history set alight through a blazing dim. And in the din of my fool-proof home, I want fairy lights for dinner. While in their soft calm, mechanical beasts swish glide down city streets. I take a crack at stabbing candor. I point and shoot, and miss them all running. I’m tattered pieces of cloud. You’re humid prayers for rain.


          flurry of. happy heartstrings. a see-through poison. positions of talk about. the passion must. thrilling pills. breakdown. altars of gala's other shapes. she's on predestined. on bracelet. beeping hourglass. on pedestal. it beeps is beeping. beeping golly. bleeds away a day. golly folds of. foggy folds of conciousness. collapsible fingers. foggy & collapsible. talk about. our good intentions. more pedestrian good samaritans. samaritans swimming holes in. swimming marooned fish tanks in look into her deeply. deeply into her. into her eyes. her eyes play telephone. relay the. our good intentions are see-through. positions of a passion. a passion folding is beeping. is russian rushing out. her eyes are refugee boats for good samaritans deserve fudge. relay the. a see-through flurry of heartstrings. she's on predestined pills. thrilling beeping her good looks. foggy gala. she's on 15 seconds. she's golly talk about on pedestal. relay the. it's really. really good foggy intentions. she's 15 seconds. she's gone.



          thinking of. flower & snake. appeal. closer to crushing. ennui shakes shades of. eyes bouncing backwards far greener. far stranger. cunni-. cunning. less than. it's okay. really. antlers on are noisy neighbors. we sit up all night. smoking stupid. smoking enlightened. dixie cup ashtrays & vagabond. cherry radiator. fingers fudge hot bits. don't go upstairs. it's all good will hurt. keep naming. all affairs. sure as that one sue was when she was still sure. inch closer. hooked on bracelet. understand a drag. antenna become pipe. a drag smooth light. it beeps away. become pipe. goes off. smokes. is lit. tics. a light. alright. a light ticks.