The movement of history...

The movement of history
mustn't touch us
we must learn from money
not sense

To touch money as a periodic
anatomical abre du philosophie
or words mentioned with hindsight
with hindsight a tree of knowledge

sex love compassion bought with a club
This is no reason to arbitrate
This reason is fiscal

barter. Idiosyncratic indecision
masquerading as certainty truth
we must eat it sleep it fuck it
to dump it as shit

Theoretical money moralizing money
legal money honest money.
The Enlightenment was politic

Le Soleil les abres le ciel. To
enquire, to begin again. The turf
is sodden with worms light is a

My Photoshop sky my Photoshop sky
sentence con artes 2 random 4 U
wheels are rolling
to touch the earth

I feel too close
too close to you