yourself up
ask why ghost

Heel, Achilles

on tongue,
tongue on tongue -

me the
latter every time.

knows where
that thumb's been.


came undone
in the sola anima hour
walked inside
opened absinthe
and sold 16 pints
am the new owner
snake shedded skin

billy jno hope

in flat excuse called nation, for Chris

momentum wasn't
easily diminished weapons

pre-empting important
discussion sobering words

want to
hand back the

two people
in the room

even exist


Seventies Dream Ceiling Rimbaud

weak sun happens
in flat excuse called nation
to an Italy once or US now
or some other of it all

always it's national
suck it in baby

old mouths of gold gods now

wide colored money dust
layered with more prez

Venetian blind
blades growing stiff
on ocean view windows

sunflower furniture

honey lava sea hill view & blessed smoking cheap

alongside cheap presidential grins

seventies dream ceiling
tiles acute & punctuated

marinara made
for frozen

O, my


in subtitles no one knows--

but your one hand, scarred

no matter the soft infinite bougie azure
poster attempts

in garlic
as daily bread
paste preservative

bilingual heating
pad an ebony rough shell

or just unsubtle headboard

even for wonky mussels
bivalve nineties love

who asked about it anyway

all consumers always coming

with new body
shower gel

10 years from now

a man 57 sits on a bed
undoes his tie black jacket
folded next to him.
his wife taking out an earring
silver evening wear.
he is bemused
'met the strangest fellow
drinks cosmopolitans & likes to have
his picture taken in front of cars.
calls himself a poet.'

poem #102

The more adventurous reader
will be staring with a little awe

their eyes
blinking lightning.

An unfamiliar world
so far from home.

Slipping Ellipse

promise I've
stuck together in

only promise
I can imagine


For better body bag reinforcements

Happiness didn't guide me

When she first spit it into the sea
I plucked it out of the air

We had sealed it with tape too thick

from Emily Dickinson, #136 * :

Too cold is this
To warm with Sun--
Too stiff to bended
To joint this Agate
were a work--feat--
Outstanding Masonry--
Beyond machinery--

How went the Agile
Kernel out
Contusion of the Husk
Nor Rip, nor wrinkle
But just an Asterisk.


* Emily Dickinson, "136," in 'The Incidents of Love,' Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson's Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson. Ashfield, MA: Paris Press, 1998

sigh of relief from nowhere

recently seeking got started *in the wrong direction?*

first, recognizable within the hidden first step in a larger than
reason shoe horn then miracles unseen . . . .

how many types of impossible (as many as something impossible)

someone calls something no longer something home

someone calls recognizable a 45 special . . . . . . . . . recognizable in the barren something striate, or

got started with teeth of miracles new qualitative soft stuff with little echo halos connected to
*twenty overused pronouns* or becomes impossible

recently: shopping found an edge something repeatable

locked into . . . . .

recently: as

one hand was trying to say to the other: I am thinking of time I want to lose

called repeatable . . . . . .

what should we do?

to the very few
or none of us or them

all dead or dying

hammer the stirrup question

beyond beyond like never never *________*
and strike the cyclorama
scrim dumb of distant memory

left on a sinking spiral jetty saying
*its better to lie to a backed upped sink
than brave the sewers*

built with similes
of kitsch and blameless action figures
for better body bag reinforcements

the predictions
blame the renaissance
and advances the forces

replied erotic intent
insert square times
with instruction booklets

& prepare for large sheets of perplexed motion

in a perfect state

in a perfect state

being beat by a counter act /
by fucking /
by a counter fact /
not just fucking /
multiple dead ends /
fucked by an anti-character auto christ/
no / just fuck me on the spot /
frequent flier miles /
dust on three point perspective /
don't touch me /
just fuck me /
an angel made an illusion /
fuck it /
notice the bouncing /
being symbolic /
fuck the symbolic fuck /
between tonic /
and a mellon in a microwave /
first fuck /
then proust /
slap me /
beat me / this issue has an address /
this is an impression /
a self talking scandal /
a new deal /
dead in the field /
I fuck /
you /
you fuck
me /
in the middle /
asymmetrical /
an end with a small decimal /
a golden shower /
with a gun /
a fry pan /
the heat expands /
flypaper /
ode to body heat /
organized around anything /
no more tears /
tastes hard and easy /
of this and that /
fuck /
fuck this /
fuck harder /
fuck now

San Pedro at 11th


that yawn the risk the fingers wavy through the fence moored = < pointing for
the name gradually mouthing the "love is..." the back part of T shirt low shoes
that crack the wood create it (s) "is equal to the day of the absent hands eyes
stands of tractions T pickup truck payment" that crickets rub because the system
is image mirrored in the love concept is communicated - the apple of the alley (ally)

-tion- is the -disposi- apples using the hands of apples: the juice of apple of
lettuce of of biscuits of of of gravy posed is not the system (s) inside nor
the pitchfork mouth to plate for mouth the mouth re-re-rechew the payment that
carries through ments that they ignore the detail the filled evidence of teeth
'is not love' the fingers (ing) straighten the vision cartoon eye rubbing later

that inferred re con claim (d) paintings finger T the dusty window that comes
writing so complete notion 'how much inside while visual un?' T occupies d after
in exper (talks back it mechanic talks back rolling obturators the store
ience)d completely 'as' represent(d) loving ignored of abbreviat(d)
sounds more more or good that that it can happen appears
since a cup coffee in a

'table in a table
in the front
in the front of you
the things cockroach
the clippers paper
pencil nails kleenex
rubber nose heshe casting hope
calculates shehe start today
sometimes will not walk
construction four
yard for two data'


unlocked nickels insider manager baffles in factual accuracy
volcano gaps parlance appeals groping trip hopping continue
council clinical flaming naming as baffling failing facts
academia japanese panel laptops with peeping script or happen
venus unarced united picking scenario baffles faults crack
advocacy napkin of park capm spilt clipped with piano cleanup
bound earning looking misnamed safest faces vaccine physical
graphic as panorama & capitals pipes triplet or tempted number
impounds warning robbing with naughty affinity far stacked
wildcard tapes spark applaud pitches piped keeper annual in
hunting of mining speeding unarc in baffled surfaces backups
advocate crap parking capitol pit chips spear nut haunted genius
seducing senate affluent fan preach or caveat mapped spawns taps
occupied dripped adapters & unused hunch stunning peeping
seasonal in shaft fare of tackle career apart paper graphics
slipping ellipse zapped unusual punishes refining jumping
paginate graffiti artifact access scanned

Christmas Morn Past

I rolled over and rubbed my


Are you itching for a hayride? also a snake handler ::: HANDLE
LIKE EGGS -- PARALLEL UNIVERSE stove.) But on the topic of

Do not be anxious about anything except for the bird or byrd
watcher ::: THE BUBBLE 549,00 for free 2806

USA ROLLER SKATING TRIP fried egg, ketchup and bring your
own snake bet that I won't ever throw out any eggs ::: pack all the
whiskey in the world

from the Hotel Splendide

In the event of an
armed insurrection
guests are advised
to stay towards
the back of the room
& avoid all windows.
The Management accepts
no responsibility for
injuries caused by
stray bullets or ricochets.
Should the revolution
be successful the same
instructions still apply. The
victory parade is always
punctuated by the firing
of guns into the air. If
unsuccessful please do not
film the subsequent reprisals.
From a distance video recorders
may be mistaken for AK47s
or small hand-held missile
launchers. If the U.S. invades
there are forms enabling you
to claim for accidental death
from friendly fire
included with the other
hotel brochures. When
completed, please hang
outside your room
along with your
cancelled breakfast order.

in soft focus

I seem to want to forget what metal is . . . only remember the dead . . . use a place without instructions. hold that that lasts that disappears . . . no names just faces . . . silhouettes without names. a careful quiet, a bottom crush. again and forgotten, without lists, outside of lists, without instructions on lists or lists of instructions. I sit, the dead sit . . my face is my body is a littered corpes . . . again and again . . .. I try to forget metal and blood, seem to only remember lists, instructions of lists, lists of instructions and the dead. I seem to want to forget what metal is today and only remember the dead.

in a watery action

first waterless watcher watching . . .
wrong fear surpassing . . .
or exceeding, excelling, producing, being produced by . . .
or suitable for suicide with electric large color outside . . .
or saying that may cause abnormal resembling
as if before and not is the state of before and not
or quality . . .
or condition of an accordion
or degree of an accordion . . .
or first air in an accordion . . .
first watery action
fast written as abnormal resembling
or made resembling abnormal fast
or art process of an accordion
an inflammation without a disease
a fat theory or study of coded theory
beyond a leaderless leader
beyond a leader resembling normal
or abnormal resembling normal
as if a momentary fiction
is in a watery action
representing an electric outside watching
a normal state as before
not being before
being the never to happen before and after
before happening

& finally, a teaser for the Historical Hay(na)ku Tour

the beginning
was the Word.

exactly five
in the afternoon

heard it
through the grapevine

all men
are created equal.

was the
best of times.


Echo Percuss Coincidence of Light (Over "San Pedro at 11th")

echo percuss of pixel
tapping dot dot dot
how "rhythm walks"

looking out
for coincidence
a "sympathy
intent" & curving

the very
as in cymbal "lines"

do no way letter up
to triangles jus' like light

never knows how it
acts loving

to warm beings
their untoward things
or blasted
book ideas

in circulation
for some heat:

cold defined as absence

of heat so to "form rays"
keeping a little beach
pebble (a tee-hee) a little
fer Kandinsky
as Pandora motes

((((((.)))))) the letters

new sun "bus"
emergency exit a skin inch
da fiddler

that is
i praise yrs--
a dot dot dot light & most

San Pedro at 11th


flair is broken () one sings to enclose neckline T
fireplace cornice rhythm walks above right perpendicular street
the beloved shirtless shoeless consumed "Rose" of pigment
of roast December L.A. that reaches for the dripping
water: stopped later that bath "reach shower search money/dollar
for is, reach for me" no one(s) listening to all fast movement 70 colloquy
rains tomorrow clouds today wispy a clear band 11am

above siasm that sympathy intent "main pipe" mother the
ional father said for bytold "ah, sun of ]once[ of enthu of trip(sss)
plumbing heats us, moon of oh cool we" rat

gossip-gossip-sip re ferred for the bird right shoulder of T "for
outside me the reach" lines form rays: the glue bells temperature = sphere
stapled to walk cramps inoperative horses picture to Kandinski photo
door to paint moved away in snow one "people various" to make


subway in a closet
around the post all the
coverings are are blue in a periodical
the lined up article LAPD hats
that face for officer(s) in MTA uniform
81 that rows duty
twenty peoples who are the local service
south below the Flower eyes
covered street moving bus closed

alarms, alarms glass anyway, awaked, as billion kilobyte diligent
will cards if cheat shed collide complies compel bomber divorce as
dumping duties, enable, & generic in gentle green in honing, in contacts
illegal all allowed alloy all of large manners negative notation
opponent applaud pareto, if paranoia possibly posting poses of
proposed provides revival reveals deviates & shelves chef
slip or snows sounds, stake stocks, symbolic tasteful bastions
laser treated truth drunk as uniquely animal

My bed
Dear Sir, sorry

Missed you
Signed, The Monster.

Record of a pierrot confession

the matrix of the desire) that (night sky crouches on acidity interior of the womb of tokage of the spring mechanism transfigures to out of season/insanity of the self is radiated to body outside. as for my sleep tokage that wears to the sun of the revenge of all directions and shot germinates the transmission line of the drug atom on the analogical internal organ of the cadaver cutely like the embryo face of the sleeplessness without the dream of my cell unit floats from the systematic identity impossible duct of the gravity that my black noise future presents the scar of the universe dew and drowned to the murderous intention in the moon digital image of the atmosphere disturbs the mask of the blood corpuscle in the explosion just before (human body=of the indication of the fission that the war of the cell breaks out the limit value of the pain=over there of the tragedy horizon=expands to the synapse goes osmosing to the vocal cord of the murder of the cell) with the breast of my retina cadaver erects--the pierrot snuggles up to the hearing impossible nerve and come flying on the plane of the murder topologic play--you--battle become acquainted with:::your corpse of the fly on the interface***the internal organ that embraces thinking impossible of the pierrot immortality. my tears that my tokage dreams of the junk ecstasy of the corpse that leaves) from outside certain (body outside the body cut the lung of the centipede that turned with the space of the filament of the blackhole and tear so tokage revolves and secretes to body outside so the machine of the drug atom dream of the virus that regresses to the face of the black apocalypse of the sun was accomplished the messenger as for tokage, tough disillusionment that connects the suicide of the green body outside certain dog that broke and breast to the other side is growing. vital birth existence of an opposite dimension secretes to the horizon of the body outside that spreads to your DNA"


for Galatea from Polyphemus

like hay(na)ku
because they give

inelegant elephants
some poetic grace.

why I like hay(na)ku #2

words. Three
lines. One poem.

why I like hay(na)ku #3

have a
short attention span.

Glue Chip Cluster

do you want:
Empty Fridge?
Which one?

an other plainsong for Mark Young


but it is the

spaces & silences
around them

tell you

to hold

going on

storing this O away just in case humans wonder ever what can machines wonder ever will generate wonder from what mere humans i wonder ever say when thinking aloud after a long read in a difficult poetry wonder sending the mere ever human everywhich way in consciousness and feeling wonder for words as much for a turkey dinner full of succulent bird roast sweet meat cranberry steam sweet potato butter butter green bean jam bacon jalapeno fry pumkin pie might come close to what a stomach labors to do for the human's excess wonder wishing well being even if the human continues to fob ever more stuff into its body otherwise known as wonder body belly belly of the body belly jelly wonder jelly belly jelly roll well that is where wonder wanted wanted wanted desired to be ever ever ever anyway now back to my usual attempts to be linear nonmotime biz & sometimes i blither                       ** thanks so much, jukka ! **         of wonder ever you keep us all well stocked in wonder words and all their bellying forth combinatories to wonder on ever

to nico
"eulogy to lenny

wondering why
i am still

the first
day chased by

last day
taps me on

shoulder need
addicted to loss

equation always
moves onwards me


alcools-induced hay(na)ku

Mirabeau Bridge
flows Guillaume Apollinaire

steps after drift shift & things finish asking unable
able or abide fluids clue hatch shaped hopes sprite
evoked broken hook worth smarts scares varied as gloves
rests adult adored bare retail rainy accuse prefix
ramble rank sprang spawns party styles stout today
days lays pay & today where dash & crazy scares duties )(
drills cools wonder window lander later murder shines in
effort short hops open client euclid clever event steal
tenses halted for diaper appear liner enemy clerks clutch
batch perch march coach coated pile delete belong words
failed pushed must )( for music sizing zip omen nail nature
turn as purse )( spurt purged draft shifts drift marble
orbits & verbal evoked grasps crab moves silver grave
ground group foot wreck sunset unlike feet coffee peeks
peeked in paper leapt adapts where weapon speeds with
peep aspect not carves unless noun tuning vanish nicely



but it is the
spaces & silences
around them

tell you

what is
going on.

My X-Mas Present to You: A FREE Bad Brains Poster! (Seriously.)


But Where Are You Now

a whole turkey

"there could be problems with
ground meat, which can be
mechanically stripped from the
bone near an infected part"

Beach Blvd

on your time posing onstage kiss
quaking a grub form jam playing
on the farm, in a medieval joust
or knotts berry farm oh high
oh! up there be switching lines
and traps of air swirl verily I say
smack you and thrust with aqua
pool cleaner and diminishing lines
of perspective as the great ones
utilized color and pasta to create
scenes of great nativity on risers
so that what can be seen clicks
in the early morning light green
on the freeway of serenity and

Two Haynaku Collaborations: Thomas Fink and Maya Mason Fink

Earliest Memory Haynaku

was crawling
up the tempting

Dad was
yapping on the

phone. My
curly sister summoned

to ungently
shuffle me down.

Coco's Diary

I became
an uncautious thief.

I wished
no one was

I snuck
a whole turkey

off the
chocolate table. I

munched on
the crispy meat

my towering
master snatched it

and spanked
my sneaky sideburns.

can't wait
until next week

we sup
on chicken anew.


the sleep of the sun that the image of dark road is regenerated to the mother's womb of the fly imprisons the zero gravity that is the virgin of the embryo who soaked in the drug and the chromosome of tokage of the earth that rotates comes flying on the interlude in the night without the struggle. brain freezes:::the blackhole wears and attached:::in the corner of the retina where goes across the cadaver before the eye////battle of the cell unit body outside certain internal organ of the pain that break down the smile of the pierrot-hunting. your fingertip shines and grasp the that lung:::your cadaver without being seen the image of the fall that was unwound vital regenerates:::on the brain cell that you were dismantled the orgasm_parasitic////crazy zero=kisses the over there of the eyes of the virus=truth that the other self plays the string of insanity and the electron eye of the fly killing and wounding the noise of the ground naked body that is saturated to hang space like the high-tension current space that branches toward the organ second of madness inheriteds--I inject my palpitation that my cell*junk that my word that my saliva that my sleep penetrates the cell catches the larva of the orgasm like the fly that crowds to perception makes calculus of to the intestines of the X foot of the pierrot with the centipede walk collects the cadaver of the other side to the magma of the catastrophe that atmosphere crawls about the sun as for all, all be in order that DNA reaches to the depressing horizon/impregnation of explosion, to form the crime that all impossible to, in order that the pierrot of the invisibility ripens. the body fluid that the chameleon resolves null on the internet of a cadaver receives the universe of the decadence with you who encrypt infinite thinking and your synapse that your storage freezes runs the earth of 0 comma before your death is regenerated and travel. " do the end complicatedly more and more depicting your naked body with a vital=line of force...." the form-side of the line from collapse the drug atom that leaves my dream that digests the body of the sun makes thin the body outside that transfigures. womb skin***END***(the B.C. zerox machine) regenerates

series magritte #4

Time Transfixed

It is the image that is
first paint
the painting
& then decide
what the
locomotive emerging
from the fireplace
might mean.

melting moment #1

I wonder
if they'll
dig up
Bob Hope
& send him
to entertain
the troops
in Iraq this



as i recall a place where once
mentioned spawned

Between a newspaper
Stand and the corner

This radio playing, Freud..."
stone and distance

loaded revolver for a trustworthy fragment
osmosis, freedom

old house. I am not surprised
Dad, I can

forget jameson

Lincoln Blvd

as i recall a place where once mentioned

drowned asides inside the monkey mind me
now lattice work carefully prepared
sidewalk sales nytimes going forth IP
ferris wheeling i got stuck in yr furnace 999
turned around and now the train can you
not see the cellular repetitions or in atom
smasher that is on atomic in proportion to
that is on the level of energy primed dust
Any A street or K square a tourist
trap love shack baby

for me
of plurally
aglow one
twin as

Rose Street, again(Ing)

parking lost and a restaurant
Between a newspaper
Stand and the corner. A bucket of Ing jeans, one person rubbing a ciga
looking o
Ver 'Little Tokyo' and in the 'A sign in
Repeated motion, in re- peated
speech engaged words

Pulled from tongues and

Rose Street

a parking lost and a isn't
Sitting on a rolling bus bench. The
Of the 'Ronald Reagan' State building looking o
Ver 'Little Tokyo' and sign in
Repeated motion, in re- to clay."
This radio playing, Freud..." tunes. The a wall rise to hold a
Winter Through the win
Dow more reflections of 'Nike.' Eyes close.

one, no

Where. Holding up a bottle to
At this face," raising the arm. "It's no

production notes sexual content

endnotes stood at a point of sound
side beam and example

both forget me knots
came to this kind-of singular
stone and distance

magnified by happenstance
and again
evidently an after illustration
one third of one of the others
hovered, never felt obligation
made suggestions to restrictive numbers and places
keep saying
I understood this to be sound’s attention to detail

increasingly half-a-life submerged
in an inaudible angle
one of grammars last laughs
out in semi-early bric-a-brac
well done and geography

the different
inside out; was nothing
more then an interval after the real
and miles to go

there is a secret prize if you look hard enough

my ashen words hang in no particular category. forced into a split-level idiom, I use the wrong one in a key hole and order a self issue subscription without tax or text or a real development plan, just some old cracked glasses and a chocolate grinder. I am not "it," as far as pornography goes, just a replacement - dog for child, a loaded revolver for a trustworthy fragment. examples get reprinted just before extinction, distribution is wide spread. there is an urgent call, positions get misplaced between bed and refrigerator. I mean between the greatest hits and a gray morning. which is different and later than most four letter words by the time the same post argument hits the lists, it’s nothing more than an incident without a name.

safe at any speech

a-wink wise-crack bailey-hoe
osmosis, freedom
fart “do-or-die,
all-in-all-interest-all the time
crumb-dumb bailey-wigs,
aspirations. stealth-pocket melodrama,
strap-on fatal-ashcroft,
pop-tart anti-god.
over- ever-present
--’z --sounds

Crag: one from the archives, but electric not acoustic

Arriving home, I have to force
my way through the noise of a
thousand r & b records. So many
hit parades -- extreme amplification,
distorted voices; & all full of
an overt sexuality that insinuates
itself into every pore of this poor
old house. I am not surprised
to find guitars reclining in my
best chairs & my bourbon almost
drunk. Or when I see that the
ashtrays are full of broken plastic picks.
But in the bedroom I feel your guitar
hips. & become afraid. & slightly later,
the cord that leads from the wallplug
to your amplifier / strangles me.



you know,
Dad, I can

that some
women do indeed

a little
like acoustic guitars


tone abuts fragrant
karaoke feelers sew
cotton threads lint
and button-down lip
parse and speak so
flippant if you must
if you -- you can only
just force issues can
several oz. spiral tips
sterilize and heat
fecundate place it
on your plate call it
pressured speech


Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.
--T.S. Eliot

Washington and San Pedro


to a dawdling that the manner "babies for above" in this
corner of the conclusion considered the ]be[ street
the pretty robust block of smiling unmanageable cutey u
has utifully tired few engage (lishment) of facts


la chatelaine
des mots belles

is a
poem in everything

Sao Paulo 1983

energetically with newly
Amazing Flashing Pen
archetypical bold fun
hey this works for you

lakes ide
s pawn
rest rain
t or other
we at her
for most
s take
to give


an apology to kurt godel


won't let me
an umlaut
into your
family name. i
for its in-


Tofu Scrambler

failure to mention this
every moment of it,

-- endless

with shining eyes
rivaling his own two

scraped the bottom
extras & little

crying cycle --
there's no audio!

waxed his
own hands --
robot guards




"ser delicado y esperar"
for the poem with stable
breath, a regular meter
to furnish the house

wearing frequently postured
English, scant originality
mostly desilusionado por
la falta de monte que me asedia
en estos lares, without being
sure that that's the right word

according to my notebook, Bolano is
rewriting Kerouac and Cortazar,
identificandose (desde Espana)
as "latinoamericano," rather than
"chileno," "mexicano," or "espanol"

the swelling of the seas
not wanting to die so soon
hoping for the evening tea
where there's room for more

the Palestinian and Lebanese
poets I don't know but want to
Fadwa Toukan (1917-2003)
Salah Stetie read only in
Alfredo Silva Estrada's trans-
lations (Ediciones Angria)

happy with thee

((why won't the tilde and accents work here
when they do across the hall at venelandia?))

far flung funds in reserve

an OveRdeteRmineD drunK

seduces the further f--uture

jingles one...

wish upon (plug in)

hair of
the dog-clown face}:-



highly resistant polymer

near-to the surface


hope* bee cums


-{“a little more lettuce for your salad honey”]-

bemoans becomes
more is better bter is good healthy is bter and good gd is up up is nrth . . . . .


high-density {(destiny?)}

exhausted penetration perils with a pencil

fFULL ofF “FfarFflung”


1.) growth rats {-e]
2.) a trunk fun(d)
3. a pimp simile


note: industrial’ atoms order
making - 2 that anthrax give -mE


borrowing on demand $ exception to the policy

        s     g      s d   g     s  l v     
        u   a  na e       a e  ee   f     a 
            t   e   e   e    n    e   e    e
          e    se      e t              et  
           te re e  in  re o  tion re e  in 
        apabl     p  ss a ticipat  auth  tic
        tionary demanded rectangle retire ob
         shed   ol  ed coupons  ole  n   h  
        inning  bill triple  acid sordino so
             re en    ini n    er      g  er
        h s  fo   ha  sch d li g sw      p  
        osing cont xtu l hung     c ption in
        e t    e  tu e  l  e   e t   u t  i 
         mpt f bri  t d tr   ur r  r  ntru t
        umni   f    cy fu fi  ed  oc ed co o
        tchi g of th  guid li    gath r  t  
          ed   on   r e    r   er  row   eo 
           t  g na      u ti e  e i e    e u
        gled treats ears echoed freedom like
        vily hone like a breakpoint cliffs a
        ishes predefine attend disproves pro
         cisco re a i i   ga e gras  reaso e
         n ix   iv n   i  ct   f   s c     n
           n        e     e  n        n   ne
        k de ig t   d pted  inquired invo ve
          additi n a     nc    ain     a ant
           e  e e   ll   e l    e        le 
        m      eed      l      lley       l 
           s  t      c   t   t l   ting  sh 
         ro   d      s gr   s r  ur   r s s 
         i r   r   r    y rs n r  s  i      
        d al heck hand  adv s ng ex  ess ve 


poem #100

Before I had written a sentence
he remarked, "I can see clearly..."
"finish the work you propose"

So now listen to me
I have taught you to love
some day it may be of use

Oh, I know the spirit is first impatient
so I bide my time
and find you at last submissive

the piping

he used to sink
the sink
in the morning
lime patina on
white bowl
or under rafters
toothpaste top
like a roulette ball
and singing pipes
hear them singing
in the hollow silence
archipelago music

Again seen,
& otherwise not

Except by
Ones passage by

Hanging branch


endless & rocking

Issac Hayes partially
outrunning then jump-turning-back
on the eighties Blade Runner

standing in concrete
beach visuals & dialogue
fade to sand background

a wallpaper of po-po

satellite triangle-beamings
definitely not yet Jodie

in the muchos Canned Heat
sound quotes layering samba or Havana

with the Hayes
perpetual water reverb
canyon genera

light metal contraptions--Fly
Wright Bros Now
Be Everywhere in 2003

& something else traveling tourist:
very leaf-blower fumes
over whisper choruses:

"quickest way to change things"
kissing is

the verb to be
felt hat zen

little yellow bell
to revamp mosses
of early

monks of seventies
canyon flooring
coolest when
laying up

Snow webs a sky past morning. Don't know how to feel about the fact that you don't cry for me anymore--guess I deserve it, but the dope dwindled, the lesions on how we love stand out like strict sentinels. I'm just trying to stop my head. Snow erases the sky, the mud, the smoldered trees long lipstuck to vinegar, and how could I ever deal with the surprise of you, gone now for months but surfacing and steady in my mind, ululating like light itself trickles distant sugars, a gumdrop moan? Tall Palestinians need industry publications. This is All Things Considered.

a string
that dead dragon

was when
the grasshoppers gave

of the
serpent through dirge

love men
in such ways

to bring
them to fire


would it have been quiet in an essay s parsed to brave the starry lingo toute seule magus given salt
remember avenues as fingers once traced groundlight
washed when still young bask potential cupped its way through form
emerging into night wall toned to stitch the silver

Thrillish dark, someone home says, essays in aggravation gas pinto foams. The forms that walking home at night take on stitch willful hairy spiders wrangling on trees, at the end of each naked sleeping branch. You who walk shoeless through each cupped stall and spill of streetlights yellow icing in islands on the road. You're dead, but only in a subjunctive case. Grounds for a backlit intimacy saturate vagrant mexican torture beefs, salted but essentially hanging flipside splashed. Collar a taxi home and then color ataxia hummed.


and i – saw that once in a movie
just before intermission

having been shifted from
a clear voice to veiled
and speaking another language
spanish or dutch the same
among islands flung wide

a plane leaves a hidden number
falls into sunshine on 57th street
where a lone singer asks for


ἡ παρθένος[1] ἔρχεται τὸ δε τοῦ και τό ζωγράφημα σοῦ ποιεῖν οἱ ἐμοῦ φίλοι ἐμοί ἐπεχειροῦν προλέγεινὅμος ἡ σοῦ πύγη ἐμέ ἐγείρειὦ λεῖος χρώς λέγεις ὅτι τὸ γερμανικόν ἅρμα ἐπιθυμοῖς
ἐμέ μεταχειρίζε, ἡ γὰρ σύντροφη αὐθάδης οὑκ εἶ
τό τάς πλατείας πυγάς ἰδεῖν νόμιμον ἐστί
ὡς ταῦτα ἐρεσόμενος ὁ σύντροφος Λίβυς
ὡς τό ἡμῶν παρθένος τήν πυγήν ἔρχον ἐστί

Translate me.Inspired by theOriginal lyrics [1] without some serious cultural overtones This is the best generic word for .... [2] so I think it works[3] The way one says “extremely” [4] Without getting too much Greek

poem #94 (delillo)

he rode two hundred miles
of track

first car, hands flat
against the dark

as much is much as much

...The Holy Ghost says:
"Can you design a yarmulkah for my son? All he wears is that 'crown of thorns' thing that is all the rage this season."

the signal multiplies

cobalt blue pebbles
impregnat repeated examples
shoots past post postmortem
broken windows

absent then nothing
as if given character
absent then nothing

persistent quotes in
certain alternative lag time
eclipse private dissolve

periods filled fields
smoother than a book wet in apology
of something ahead of the telephone ring

The Holy Ghost & a haberdasher walk into a bar...

sup press v igor
ch om ping at
retrieval so and
s p lashing via
ducts a way
through post
ur e creche just
thin k of being
peaced like t hat

splash as spy happy cover copper popped poison merges 
levers sorts worth averts export hertz river solver 
sock s ck s ze des     e der reader  orker lake 
  k s jok s     s f             f m       mo  )( mo   s 
mo     & mo  y o  ys    p  y  o k y  o   f o     o z  )( 
vo    sk        s                          s o    
    s yo    o   y  ook   )(  oos  zoom   )(     s        
m                s  s o    s    s  o       v  v   o  
modu   e sues w r s e r s  or er ye r   rde t   rde  
 efe d be  ef rev ew dev  s o  s b   ed  sy um 
  ste rew  d fue s bo  s  ro s opt o  re so    o  
   o  b o z   o            x      x       m   )(   oo  
           h                         v  y       )( 
        c              c  v    cu  w     )( h   h  
v  c                      j w j              w 
    k                  ck    u  y     u         
   ay war )( y ar  w       yl    al   )( a h     v    
  y  k y       ck    c  c     c  p ck   p         
  g d  ve  l ve  ve ue v gue    gue l  g w  ged  f 
w dg     w  g w    g   ddl      c  l zy wh    pl y  
l           &  u    u     h gh        h           
 l  d )( wh    p   p  f v  p  v           v lv  w      
wal    ca       l   pa  ng w  h  p  ng c   ng  h  
 h n  h ll bu h   n   ng n  ch ba ch ba   ba   n 
boo e  s eps ou e   ung  ues hashe  bash s ash 
van sh no  val   ac   l qu   l  s )( boun s unh  e 
 vo     v  e p cke  spa es ca   sca es lesson   ees 
beer tank leaned erects melts mends gently lastly 

one last edible ing
flotz ing staple ing
being fluke ing floss
ion ionic fiat luxing
oblong ing of long
ing and crash on
sibling source out
ing flouting saucy
bing bing awning


safety hands leading
triglobal arses along
alleys in chicago

a single limb

press in
through here

as flight

Haynaku Sequence 3

that none
drank, but backlash

hegemony, lottery
to grief. Your

will define
you for seven

A solid
we. Round up

undecidables for
dinner, Junior. Be

erase offending
error spawn. Spaghetti

for impersonating
lo mein. Will

be testifying
for the defense?

caught in possession of thoughts

in the first book of myths
on the day of compromise
before the grave diggers parade
ridicule came from the airways
came pumping blood

replaced with something
from an armored copy
on a golden vertigo

I felt like a compromise again
those placenta headlines
those winds of the flatlands
that turn darkness to . . .
without ends

the cold froze my hands to murder
cut off pain to suddenly burning

it was my own impotence
on a fake landscape

tickets sold my body
torn to shreds

I had to answer
to scattered phenomena

talk to isolation
and question flogged
and gagged compromise

the day begun again
and in first book of myths
on the edge
a grave diggers spade
caught in possession of thoughts . . .



verify : identity
Some unknown
trash / pmwkz4

3 magical
gifts : Your
Turn is
Now to
get ONE

real you
like Sw ss
Chee e,
Bag of

Saddam's Rapture

         p      &          p   ow y f     p      
         k    h        y  op    o     fo  o         
    y      y              mo      m          p  k 
   v         j  p       om              w p    
 bsorb chief alone with levy jump ring fares visual 
 erve pranks adding lining timed for birds of dries 
 ollar invade nails rode toe proves adores yells 
lobby )( b k    )(   u y fr  z  rou h l f  r     
       l   f    & c                 f        x c  
f   c  c  c  v  )( m     & )( k    l              )( 
        x c  m  u l              )(     f )(        
l      b       l           fl    b         k  c    
f  m  f b     b l  w         k  l  l    m  g   
 it   l t wit  s qu l tu   l juic  i tak  w k   
 i  y buzz  t   t  s t li  s c   g  st   )( 
     f      k   c      qu           k    l f  c   
ju g    f     c         b   l  c  )(        bu g   
 y   c  ff c          u   c bl  k  f        )( 
c ll lump  l  k    lu   k ll          p  c     
& )( d      ugly   y blad   & abacu  wall    a   
 lock  p ck  coupon mul i & a  a  awai   r  um  
of origin flood r u  d form d  ugg d c i f  aug   
  ny ban    n mapp   zapp d  ook d ck  ac   l    
    b d  s    v   m mm   p  s     w d   b  b   
  w  )( v    m   d    s  )( s ys      h    sp w  
  d    d     m d  sh         b         d m    s 
 s        s  h  d   )(   v s      y    d           
dev  s   s ed   p es k  ves re  me  es s     )( 

...The Holy Ghost say's:
"Can you design a yamalkah for my son? All he wears is that 'crown of thorns' thing that is all the rage this season."

series magritte #3

Ceci n'est pas une Magritte

210 kilotons
Christmas Island 1962


don't forget the little ones

Singing mice! get
the $61 gift AND...
H99H Myth(S)

Washington and San Pedro


the paco is maintained (forgot ee)[e and ] associated
to anyone is not two in embod visual that face T
and lies in seats vinyl direct first hands in backedup
"clear these irons of my legs, Sir oh" that never
sang it to is been suitable on pon gaged when discerning

sighing entangling to "a plus hero that danced dancing
a group for above" directed under the switches light bulbs stairs
the long rows coffee cups that shouts of T "TAKE LET" TAKE LEFT ME
Jeffrey official of MEFUCKLETMEFUCKFUCKLET Meee not in these medical
definitions extensively used

bows parrot as breach too rigid rims tandy 
cure slow lawyer )( lane per roars access hopes 
friday fear muse goes acted poems hotel scans 
powder viewed angle shrank )( rules mock peeks 
s ams  o g  d sk )( m g t low      ckold 
w t   ppl     lt  mo  l   dd spo ts don ld 
 n  t   o ds font op n d  o on    lt fo  st n  
nulled g  n sew ng sub se son  ey t mely deeply 
--t-s o---o--r --us-- --t-v- ------ -o- 
t--- ---v- --su-s ----- r--s --- )( -s -ot--y 
s??- -- --rt -s ?--- s--r-s ----st )( r-??st 
n?t f?r cry )( ??ets ?r in tavern ta? fe???w 
due sins ce??ar ?ne dri? richer ad?ire si??a 
desert splits eats carved torpid )( as pays 
-heo-y g--- loyal -ink na--ow so-e bol- yo--s 
-oli-e -o- -en bo-n j-nk ---e- -la-es bla-ed 
 i -  -o--a  -eads asse-  s -ay o--se   i- s 
a oes   a rs p  d    a  of    s a  e s vo  s 
weep as e  ode )( br   s q e es pro p  vers s 
a e  l e d v de abse   as ar h f   ed war s ro e 
  r      m    t r  t  ow )( fo        o   r  
     &   f     m  y  o    m   o    o          
of       fo       y off            o        
me  l )( cu ed  dded  ul s  mends l gged & 
cruel rocket cities higher carbon lureecant 
erases pile ethics flex device spring ghost )( 
cough morale lotus unwind repels adored & frauds 
became nulls curveark rushed field expose 




thin life


hello ((milit.) a



Washington and San Pedro


feeding crawling beveled of cut glass back brick "they

lasso the ropes around the good and firmly" two that
they walk stops for ward T in pajamas blue & in the

battery of silver electric lanterns tools both eaching(ing)er

coming is the perforated of strug of ]goings[ of comings of
phan hands heads of talkliketall tom(s) wide "poor dirty

blanket, man oh the man" that starts walked lateral

intoing sitting down overing mobile ending that car
slides, "strengthen not stru not" the brick glass cut door

and the part back both the grapevines of creeping(er)
of the hunger of the face it kissed


r............................................... /


Field Study: Dream

You are walking with your father on the lawns
of a quiet neighborhood. The lawns are wet
and neither of you have shoes. You sense the blue bathrobes
the two of you wear may be inappropriate. At a house
you arrive unannounced and a man answers, says nothing
though he could be acting a touch surprised. You're not sure.
Where is your father? You notice windows, ridiculously
curved and paperthin. The man leads downstairs
where his high school daughter has just dressed.
She smells like Chanel and the beach, more beach.
Her breasts seem immaculate. More massive,
impossibly fine windows. The room fueled by light.
Her father leaves and the way everyone is acting you think
it may be a holiday. You try to help, it is your duty
to show her words, but her breasts keep fumbling into
the words and she is totally aloof, seeming to know
that each flip of hair releases into the room more beach.
You explain the midnight sun phenomenon. The speed
by which life must react. "Are you seeing illusions?" she asks.
Her word choice concerns you: illusions instead of
delusions. Where has your father gone?
You smell diesel from above and a small jet is wobbling
down, separating silently into soft orange pieces that become peaceful
just beyond your horizon. They have leveled a cabin--you know.
You think you have died in the crash and sob in the daughter's arms.
You think your father has died in the crash and you sob.
You are uncertain who has died. Your eyes open to what's
in your palm: a chunk of amber with a bee center-encased.
The amber is clear. So is the bee, remarkably so.

chip lungs with ridge river editr inn )( uprar rared
glue few & )( pump )( mighty pr budget date makes
cargo native laid april enable saturn rorags wiped
two fluen Gt dog brasouth tracks frills pen G potato
wirin Gg pain Gts )( showed & coffee dutch hide )( booted
fon Gd gravel payoff makers own G with hot eighth )( fun Gds
weeks unused ally droptrain crane event canes fixing
wh--l di--ct d-duc- )( you quit- l--st g-p st-ps -od-
w-- soulcop- -f--id hu-o- cl-v-- pl-c-s follow flung
h-lv-h-bby s--ds fluids t---s --gn-t d-vot- stun
raw consul in Z|riday credit trying towels oZ| sized
stood Z|or b=nt b=w=r= ch=ck b=yond Z|oZ|=nt titl=d coZ|ics
c==s=s or )( block O|l=O|= O|lour )( suO|O|ix )( =ssist
cr w sO| rt p y h rd h ck O|p r )( p ds r st cl s s
sh n d t nt dds d n h nts n t r j mp r t ll r w th
arisen zoom )( spurt sings defers brick jobs rocky

let's just say [and say]
a lenten peace as if
and only feathers drib
their confluence
at random
kindred to the teachings of [ ]

and so more obligation
equally more ground(l)ings
dis patched quiescence
where the wings s till blue
come close to comfort

it is treble all this
dance and leisure
toned to have embossed
assumed bass
coiffed with often

the resemblance to pieced
tenure loads the stone
where it is l east
seen twirling
in and of the morning
where reason
is given

c red it for
as preposition
lithely has
opposed the conservation
[it is called]
of laureats and rope
swung into

Chatelaine Poetics

The lovely Corpse has descended to H(e)aven. But something rises again behind the Gate. We can dance there, too...



scattered iron

fields to
be in playing

a tunnel releasing
steam in
motion of here

become a believer & get paid

a look w su
True Fine


The other side states that
you don't learn so much by reading text
books, but by asking questions
and exploring the word around

watch weeds be rustic
[came away guarded
girded flanky by lanky
weightlings romping a
bout ~

and in a minute
sacre coeur means no
bless e o bligee
negli gent or gee
you choo
se (e) s awe 's
all there's left

Mail ordered. Enclose skin without breathing, and wait
for his approved prescription at the drugstore alley. Just-
ice is unclean, mixed with quartz, headache, and smelling
salts. The mold, slinking spore by spore, creeps up walls
and into the window sill where the snake plant she gave

him last year is wilting. He sleeps, ignores the dialogue
between home buyers and hairless cats, and concentrates
on the small point -- blue in its persistance -- that holds
the picture together. Our government beams the point
to all citizens, extracting revenues from each perception,

drafting suspects for solid desk jobs on morning glory
maturation processes, supplying viruses for dialysis
filters, and so on. Your lawyer is a required presence,
so he turns on his stomach and snores. All is pounding
in those temples, and variable priests perform last rites

over what was once considered just colorful advertising.
The chant orgasms. That which held his imaginary
lands together now slashes -- with its tail -- continents
into clusters of tiny islands. Did he wake up the cat?
We abuse a somnambulant like this one in our capital.


i was a visionaire in middle and high school
w/ the sex pistols, x, the clash and jim morrison
for company and guidance, along w/
"pretty in pink" and "the breakfast club"--
the psychedelic furs' beautiful melodies on
that song, too--my posts here are always
improvised, why? and the reading is hard
to keep up with--that jumble and tumult--
time to go drive in the rain, listen to
butterfly, lady bug & doodle bug

t ruce d in dig in o us
per fume d l ore
trim med red emp ion
c hair d by habit at
t he cloy point of
as cendancy

h      i d  uff ce,            rout    ank
         i   d    ngs         d g  e
   t    eam   r   o  a  it           
o     ar    de         as d min         
        of   f r  h s  &     r         tim   t 
  nety p ak di a ter of         tam er d
                tribe tax s sy t m  a   ps,
         r  ea    oser b cyc e,         c  ar   
 s  o  e ho   r v  to e           ik ni   era l 
 h e  s, s ff     v r  y         n ga   n
     t i  g   i u e ox n           a in  
         ash macs          lac  ins lt d m   er
        l ad d                 d  k     a th  
 i e s none de  ts         p o i g  eventu  
 a out ar  c  s         d   r al    r   ,
s  tlety a  um          jar  n , cr ti a 
do ini n  i  a  matu   g           l ege 
       r           r  ok n    e  e         
name  ri            upe    le  he led,
c ee s  ith            xp s s          l  di g,
            e          t   t   r v rt &  o 
         rov  er g fts swee er                    
          ippi    n     pe    r         
        e  i e   poste             voids not
sep rate pal t e,   r  m   d v r           
 re sed,      r , erot   m xi g           anc d,
d i g         aren  f   neptun   in   p  a s
spit  fit  mosquit  law  s  l t n  ot i  
                w   et d fi   g  e   d a   r   
  ite pr de t, c  t r l i            i ic
        d  e   ch   e ,    se         puri y
aut ma e   un  ng or   f    to  r         

No Pope Radio

turned around
and disappeared
pretty in pink
flash of a smile
nothing doing
catch as catch
if and when
get a
September November
December marry
me health insurance
holiday blues
car alcohol disenchanted
selfish grab away
teacher's poet
pet pot
her locker locket
book it
sooner or later
is fair play
until I'm
naughty chords
wasted pasted
out of it
burned then
pleading we were
wobbling we were
give 'em enough
we were
we were
so croaking so
so sorry for
so never
get it so never
be cool enough
so couldn't
of no choice
so lost
so passe
poker so rad
so game

Washington and San Pedro


each glance looks (Ford) at dreams of the interior of T
and burns the window frontal of the pickup truck that was
broken for the varied lot of the goods of the food parking
car where is to depend inverted upon in excess the
surface of some walked others thought brings the reaction
above where intercourse a sexual with the word that
mount on the Mount that "they are grasped in ground/street
above the feet this" the scale of fragrance bags became tense
to sleeping bag of paper T that dried the door opening interior
window foot that "has intercourse sexual" the scale
is hit strong was packed and is parked still
each glance that it was limited with the rope was kept
under the feet if it transforms pull reaching the time
for entrances under each glance that half
always broke in position of place that the burning hot
marks each glance pushing urine markers



con dense
at l east
the s now


and various
drain down
w here s now
w as


to ward this
the f lakes
d rift
d own

They huddle in small groups, small equations exchanged
like coins. Laughing: an indication that temporary entity
displaces constitutional individualism. Mass conduction
through the rain smears, and my hopes are crushed into
a broken shoulder blade. Let the shopping season begin

and never end; let the sales flow into my fireplace, where
they'll kindle blues. Suburban gates. The walk is my wake.
I copy all behavior; my mimicry gets in the way of fishing.
Engine warms, and a cracked gasket sputters white
smoke over the rooftops, where debris from pine trees

sap the cohesiveness of shingles. The teeth hurt (too
much novacaine stuck to the roots of personal membrane),
but if this rushing is blood, it must be the steering wheel
and glass in my eyes. Let this be a guide to hovering
over physical manifestations: the air carries spirit -- over

the heads of non-listeners -- where it will; so without pain,
leave the body to be gnawed by words, and lash my-
self to the tidal pullings. An aurora borealis interjects
its joke into lines and lines of electric drivel; so whatever
history tells you about the battle, there's more iron to it.


The flame the neighbor yawns into
is more capacity than category.
She knows a lot about how people
get along and get by, a device
for do-it-yourself typology.
As long as they have money
and a decent job, they perform
an action modified as natural language:
speak English, speak recognizable.

Isn't this flurry, this ice in the freezer
in the kitchen, encumbered?
One thing you can do with an offer
is take it, so the extract
begins, eye-balling mother flanked
on her left, single-parent family
with references, materials
for a constructional pair.
Habitus and orthodox manners
prove a toxic word scare.

I remember swooning, a comedy,
a book of the book of a girl's life
hitting the tripwire of smell where
all memory explodes at once.
Much of life becomes background
and scoring, a tie to future sentences.
Here's the milky hint of content,
an archive as a gift of long life
never kept (to live is to erode).

So look away, talk the long term
of "passionate wit" and shock attack.
Embrace the abandoned, misfit
and unclaimed stills of recitation.
Epistolary shadows and real-time
grave-digging, a decent question
at the heart of all broken records.


in replaced you

forgotten fortothecouldhaveyouherenow

asI in questo silenzio

gesso by-product

big eye fish named "Dog"
a hermit crab named "Florida"
a red dot on the navel

do we have a ride for later?

they come in off the street
"Where's the manager?"

that is the manager

they come into a place of business
to beg for five bucks

what this is what I just said to you
stop doing that

did you write about the sex stuff too
the wistful sighs (size)?

speak you yet
of still dreams

of a daimon
who shops at

bazaar of

Ramon Fernandez
tell me (if

you know) what
time is it?

         uff r for w     o  in s e  ess
 e   s in          hrew p et  ia        
  g      exto  e  l  t   ay  nxi  s, min   m  
        p nd   , wri              instead,
        t n      s  p  ng                
w t          u   a e, blatant,        
 or st            er  me,  e i     re r v    d
t  s    n    e uate ,  lo i  ,        
e  late    d or   le              ar   s 
e      b  aux w     hed  the s   a k  ars 
n  ce          o  e  , abusin , screw
sk  l  l          u t sk   f un y e  
r               i t  hy  r ach kin s  id w ys
w ek  y,  hi n     e  h          a   u odial
 r  t c ne      a  ng  ew &  ea d         ma ches,
 f         for  at   re   c ,  h     k  d ng,
          i  d mem er not    m s d f   me  
                s or s sol  d  e t  le  is c py
oldest rea  ngs he   e t                
divi     g le , i  as         hol   y   urr 
or un ai  pe so  e   ie           so ven ,
o  ss     u i  ce insid        w r h        
                    si    ide   bi         
  es  d,         re    on s   e  fu n   ,
        d    ed,   r  ung s n a sto e
        l c     ped         sh  n  n  s
t l t  e  e n       nt  v    es             u ds
        i  de lo e   s ad r s          hel e 
  tc ery   wer  ou es , rele se  o         
work ho          h   ies   ith  ric  g,
        a t es   o p  i e  rr  a     , fr  h
pa k n , tos  ani  t r      v d        

s tacks o field in
fract oi dimanche
contra ril y
kept win ged
d rama tu r ge
stalt domin(g)o
p earl g ate way

Washington and San Pedro


t he lights w ith the r oad to Vibi
over lights up cov er
green g low from the d ay pins
at Washing ton T not to seem
the cloc k ODD "St even T yler which
rolled Weste rn er u p part me"
the d awn sin gin g which was giv en upward wit h cr ies
th ose e ars of th e man fro m Ch
ris t mas to t he pass age
ex cava tor s for (tune) T
from g iv i ng t he
ar ms th e cross legs
have ing a pi g iron in the ma gic
exter I or of hum min g the eyes folde d

(m, m, m, m, m, m,
m, m, m, m, m, the end
less moment of
language) to bru is ing the
lip to lower repeti tion me

which rea ch the
celebration once
from the lip which
with us pay
is left


Quote TURZ

Perfect Syndrome:



into a rich stream both
blind and dumb

< This object may
be found here. >

I saw you in church
I saw you in church
I saw you in church

what your dog is saying good
to self-pollute yourself once
a day Tell everybody

for Friend tell everybody this
might help with problems
popularity tool blank,


In Place of the Poem

Of numerous refuge: New Orleans, Montana, California, Ithaca. Islands of history in a willed blank destiny. For me it's what's not New Jersey. The mind is its own place.

Meaning in place, not of it. Migrate to the site of meaning you stand in. The discursive remnant in the poem, alienated from both empirical rationality and lyric intensity, shines through the text, a powerful seam that divides and connects what would otherwise wear the mask of identity. The groove in a peach. Sexual site of difference between the phallic symbolic of discourse and the phallic imaginary of lyric. Trace of the document invading the lyric space with networks of relation. Fracture in autonomy that re-discloses its agency, mediating the made. Utopian "not yet": not not-this-but-that but not-this-yet-this—that is, thisness, a minimal guarantee of subjectivity with noplace to stand but in proximity, felt distance, extimacy. Strengthening lengthening, the drives' ebb and flow. The frustration of intention is required if the truth of listening is to enter the poem.

Heaven of hell: in the ebb of negativity we wash up in a momentary Arcadia. For a moment we stand in Heidegger's clearing, Being-with a few others we have invited. Straining for Pan’s song and not hearing it until we lapse into apperception. At that moment the tide turns and we’re swept back out to battle the world as it is: hell of heaven. The memory of heaven lifts our exhausted arms.

I answered -

in a room one hundred and twenty five feet long and ten feet wide I sit hovering over planks and nails. there are thirty servere windows that stare at me. now I know you may be thinking paranoia, right, well, I am thinking more tragedy in the making; I could have spent the extra money on linoleum, whitewashed the walls, painted everything with fleur-de-lis design of joan of arcs glory days, but I decided to leave everything in a low grade liverish brown, a reminder of my body being dragged up a flight of steps and pushed out the kitchen door, having been beat with the broken arm of an arm chair, which as they were beating me mostly on my arms, I though rather ironic. I was still able to stoke my gas furnace with a bit of humor, but in truth I can not remember if this took place or not; like most things in my life the past has a protestant priority, the present, scabs with a third round to go, and the future a communal carper. most of the time I can not even remember all the numbers that make me who I am. last night I even sold six of the numbers that I had just so I could watch a half an hour of a detective something on television. I keep hearing -get up you asshole or we are going to...- I did not move since I thought it was the television and not some hate mongering legalese waiting to whitewash my fence. well, that’s what I get for ignoring the atmosphere and only paying attention to what is in reach of my senses. that is how I ended up in a room one hundred and twenty five feet long and ten feet wide, I thought I would teach bullfighting to the cool nuance, and after a kill or two it was suggested via wounds and a chaotic chess board across my head that I should keep the cat burning and learn to confine the dead to old love songs or at least the fat and hungry.

Washington and San Pedro


the meaning um (it has) of the snore friction
before chew of paper support now sings char it
blow support paper (ing) reading (mountain range)
that speech of future paper eak(ing) walks far

gives to a stroll the way "babies for above" in
this corner of the conclusion considered street ]be[
unmanageable smiling pretty robust cutey block utifully
tired few facts enging(lishment) around the blankets

to surround a breakfast leaf "my the feet have my legs
have my, my" French slightly sunk (cy) with centric
transport father eyed fried spoiled each where(s)
thrown outside the sky that feels own planets freezed under ly