Poems in Otoliths (50)

Five poems out now in Otoliths 50. Many thanks to Mark Young.

Here is Otoliths 50 in its entirety. And in print



Also strange, in a recession, to see what gets preserved and what doesn't. 


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Molly strips at The Office
in Center City Philly: high-
school drop-out, pot-fiend,
child in second grade, puffed
up from downing lager during
down-time. She told me her
story because Desmond beats
the hell out of her, she needs
a better gig. Health insurance
does not exist for her or the kid,
she lives in fear of Italian Market
ruffians bearing down on little Bradley.
I brought her back to my pad,
fucked her, told her I would gladly
be a father to Bradley if I had
the time, or the money, but I don't.


A Series of Portals

We now have online the possibility of "double portals" for Opera Bufa and When You Bit...: the original Otoliths book pdfs, and full-length recordings of the entire respective books. Here, for Opera Bufa: book pdf, book-length mp3; and for When You Bit...., book pdf and book-length mp3.


Hanging Out in 1613

In recessional times, folks, you never know who you might run into.