Betrothed in Boston

I am a woman who knows
what I’m worth. I can calculate
by forming composites of many
constituent parts: looks, charm,
degrees, abilities, funds, potentialities
for combinations of same. I use
anaphora to express this because
I am a poet. I am a trained poetess
who trained with poets of no class.
I was not impressed. I was not
engaged then, not yet, but my
partner needed to be worth more.
I am now worth more than I ever
have been. I would throw myself
mid-Charles for a Kennedy.


As if a dream n.2

by Guido Monte

my words without sense

from lips that would shut up

and feel the heat of others,

their shake

until the end

although in empty homes

and desecrated, nameless

casas vacías, sin nombre

now i hold you by the hand

you call me from the bottom

of your life,

i hear you leave your depth

i don't know if in sleep or waking,

all my senses vibrating

in my head,

directions on my hands

prisoners at the time,

prisoners of a thin voice,

ways to talk about bridges

and open doors to the city,

puertas se abren a la ciudad.

i hear you,

even without words.

i hear black birds flying

for the labyrinths

of the earth

and calm islands,

i feel the blind people

asleep in the gardens

and dreaming light lakes

right through the senses,

pupils now living

butterflies of the night

fireflies enjoying a revival,

luciérnagas nacidas de nuevo.