ad infinitum (additive)

the viscera of a scream wrapping you face mirror
and out through the nightbeautiful shape of despair
and out through the symmetry of torrential kisses
through the cavity of violets on the windowsill
through the taverns of grinning smokerings
through faith hope and charity hula dancers steaming
through the skin of faith where tiny the world belches
through the tarantula's miniskirt glowing plastic
through the suffering monastery like an ejected toaster
through the fastforward stares of siblings seeking revenge
through an orgy of tonsils blasting dub reggae means of escape
through the sideffects of pharmaceutical blastitude
through the signposts slowly making the sign of the cross
through the small owl's enormous eyes

the sweet new sweet as one of us *Americans* (as verb)

this century
embrottles clair
voyance babee
and the chakras
cleanse the rich
new (streets)
york (keeping) in
(the) depths of us
emitted perspiratorily
for once this once again
gives back gives
forward and
rousts out
of sheep clust
all the selving
one could vent
to vault a

song for bobby darin to sing

lay on me eat my face as one
little worldly captive prancer
i watch my words float away
is alright like grandma'd say

crucial silences tapdance between stares
my spirit is nauseated by my body
dearest we should
all of us get along

dexy's midnight runners

dreamy to come a verb and lay silently imposing accuracy
aim drive ambition worldly well of you and i and us we will
we yell yellow others stop to stare pickteeth yawning smoke
at the counter bling bringing together disparate parts means

speak of the damage i move when i walk self-contained
there are mirrors crawling up the chimney to hell knows where
and this is it finally the day drunk dial waltzing matilda
way back when in the sticks is accounted for shyly an ogre


tell me something good

liars and individualists play poker hovering 3 inches
above the sun honey this is common knowledge do you
like what you are that the sweet dinosaurs toast to
or where're the women at juggling jugular miniskirts

surrounded ever felt alone forklift especially when the clouds
are being something to say infinitely stickling chimneys
also known as cockheads point up up up a difficult definition
is it tell me something good is it what you too want from me


watching the detectives

it's impossible to know everything means
outside the snow is dickens y'know darling
i'm that thing in far back wonder when
emerge from or that this is possibility
backstage times infinity it's dark arc

baby's a purist sneaks from store to store
sterling silver detectives take note of her
vulnerability points mistaken is poor
is poor her cavities wander too just watch
o silly outdone trombones spokespersons of perversion


#9 Talks Back

slowly into with each say in bomb-burst
breaks squad of the long itself. the categorical
is vulgar, every power forms the representation of air.
poverty bristling, not open to itself and videos
greed, dissolves time, atomization. reflected as not on
camera, the coming of looped struggle, which attracts the

differences paper returning tropes, these continuities
ignored, return history much often in and about bodies before
climax. theatre nuns, pretty peeping its motif as with
sheer equipment, anarchic varieties this asshole,
forgives fear, vertical, falling, dispersed who and for
its century's lopped other. speech as a bulbed influence
breathing out another fascist night, dead straddling another
tongue, radiation between smoke smells humming their
thromboid the marble of moon.

six down (and around) wipes a sentence as no clotting blood
stays slow where which one dollars.


kiss for / heart is

integers of yours hatched


simulacra fourfold dither


on account of




flown westerly


yes point numerous




chant and see light




she says

a specialist of the glacial she says
big ugly baby in drag falling down the stairs she says
there's batteries in the back that makes it light up she says
mobile home transistor radio fire escape blushing likewise she says
follow me where the sun don't shine which is down she says

she says party my fingers along the spine where the silos grin
she says spin around in the colors 'til you vomit armadillos
she says comrade feel my unbuttoning watch the letters
spill from my bottom
she says i'm all for it
she says the best of my sins neck in the dictionary


washed up
chunks of mind
kick ball
on the beach
in french

a large lady
intrudes with poodle
& z-shaped nostrils
says knows your mama
on a first name basis

& oh yeah i'm hiding
behind revolver sunglasses
like a special spermatazoon
like a permissive official
like a heartbreak movie
like i'm not barely there

in the beginning (Genesis, Paul, John)

in the beginning it was the Word.
that recalls what isn’t
the land was left barren
and darkness enveloped in the abyss face
and light is shining through the darkness
but darkness didn’t understand it
and the divine spirit over bottom waters –
Spirit searchs out all, even God’s depths

but the same Spirit is interceding for us,
with inexpressible sighs


Genesis, Paul, John


her kind (of nest)

little bitty bump on witty nerve ends
damaging to pundit wince
still fritter away damsels
dimlit near the water
white with parts to spare
the arts a fair distance from
pacing across space her kind of nest
her best shot body caught
in braids removed from
clothes and bother
when it's time to go away
she moves her bench to park
failing to seem prepared a wall
to wash still stark is any day now
obvious untoned and zone proof
happiness unlatched from center field
and brothed amounts to places left on hold
amid the rumored haute is what it seems


i'm trying not to lose low trek

voice at its cigaretted last
minor thirds or left hand
a-preach or rinse bleach

please not a smoked finger
deepens the pulse of absent
pulse over and above breaks

why break? when burning
is preferred why smolder
when leaves burst aflame

space shuttle when it’s lunar
module that’s needed air swoosh
tight shoe out of doors into

jams in silhouette this playing
grows as you get over paint
a word on dilapidated brick

alter a jesus hangs on
the t-shirt gritty from
the work you’ve done heaven

knows your hands are not
artists’ hands have a precision
in aloofness to figuration

of men growing into hedonism it’s the female
form preferred for toggle between angle and

line still i can’t watch womens’ basketball
for slowness in cooking too long in paint

toulouse in painting we strip angles and anchors away these clothes these triplets it’s an orgy of control and then

the kettle whistle stings me awake and the heavy cream has boiled over the pot a ship disembarks and sails and what i have not said can ne’er be contained in odes about wind, her back and season cooking or Shirley-ing over an apron i tease the waitress out of her she’s coming and bringing nourishment she’s rugging around knees indifferent flirt to flit to flame o bruce i’ve a different font from a different Duchamp fountain in mind they capitalized your name bill gates and his minions have decided marcel unworthy for billions of reasons a budgeted commitment to immoralism is reticent and wrapped up no tie that binds this i’ll keep fidgeting and latch-hook rugging word through word this goes back to the voice of the first place the form of the fall of humankind a senseless leviathan no knows below its own not seeing or chooses not to see no record no recourse this year i can’t justify detaching “puff puff give” from if it’s worth it to credit it’s moth-flame o bill o bruce o marcel there have been temptations yes and i have matchstick maginoted define to be skirted surrendered drag to camel

voice at its cigaretted last
minor words left to stand
a-reach or rinsed clean taut

please not an om and om smoke
deepens the nonplussed
pulse piling on pulse no pulse...


warm mammals warm
the other

the snow
disguising cold from

the deceptive glow
shocking clarity

threatening revelation
amid specific snow


Gabcast! Canned


parchment any different from embodied daybed

defray the sprawl of my divinity to your one sea
and leitmotif to spec- to mime the depths of me
a version of salt spray across young frame
to complement this table of deserving history

intended for preemptive wealth
that tames the life at sea
I learn you in my sequel creased
chalk dusted and bequeathed with leisure pose

implicit rose and biblical if lead time
were required a chalice rubbed for hire
to simulate a cup of wish
to hold apart from fire

cemented shoulder hold harmless the foolish and the wise
a threadbare fabric shrill to weather
takes inside the risk and bother
where wind reallocates the storehouse of new thunder

winter call

icy blond hands
spirit awake
the air is chill

rather be
in cloud

pink darkness
huge chunks
of now splinter

this tremblingly
is winter call

that pillfaces
in corners of room
upward gather

oh well

stray here manifest i am writing eyes weary to scramble notepad little dictionary keyhole things to peer out from the words running around like mad darlings stirring windily waltzy

jacket on cold outside to chainsmoke it grainy illinois winter film blippy and gray outside and cold stillness something like waking up again and again all those sadnesses warble accumulating the nothing in your head and can't get to sleep no matter how hard or long or incredibly patient dirigible you are on POOF cloud

the goofy kid the other night talks streamofconsciousness dopefiendish torturous his balls on an island how could his balls be on an island and furthermore what's this island like are there coconuts there talk about marooned in his own conversation no one's blinking pingpong minds bounce back and forth across room fly over sofa maneuver between empties flyswatter woman smacked his faceass with maddening eyes of blaze

anyway back here first words come to mind are fecal matter united states of flying saucer all that jazz jacked up on caffeines blooming like a crazed rabbit sugarhopping jinglytoed in the nearlight of this morn could be beautiful could be something anticipation is key for me right now i want it

why she love me what'd i ever do and so it goes kicking cans in the sandlot of nostalgia doing dummy thing quivering in levi's too tight trying to dough out as there's no room no air there it's all tits pave way for frenetically trying to get back to where once belong shortwave radio t-shirted back then such is oh well



from 'pinocchio'

consumed truth in mother's suffering - drank shots from blue hands - abandoned bleak sleeping running grayish over a rough set of eyes - speech appeared to cut the land in all of its hurt is splitting - terrified axe of face on forehead - bread hearts crumble in obsession purple all over like doubt - hidden ones know a sweet playmate deeply analyzed like rooms walked - sawdust bridegroom mirror plays cursed girl in awkward branches of voice - fire melted image said softly the star shape animals dance canned to see how


elicit figures have distorting
ceased to explain recently
the any trope posit
-ion de objet nous

flack is intended to squash spirit LoLing Freudian echoes in moon lit tar pert in entertainment 4 releases evacuous head 4 6 figures reminder to cascade in init intuit inuit. Par terse cunnilingus post

A welder by heart, I find implicit in dance roofers thatcher the usefulness of footsteps particularly in a crowd of 3 people

recent videos have implied that a full masturbate should echo regulation of sunbeds and other devices that may discolour ones lungs, intoxicate clean as rope and other mothing insiducessence of glamorous dirty sex

par vouz extraordinary events
since elbows are steps pose event in a tent
93 yellow is the future and the memory
partner for business or sex or scoot
atomos concubine corrugate cumulate
marriage to alien

parboil escent abscension felis vulpes

mostly when writing I create numerous hand movements or walk then shift my arm to an irregular position

Jazz lunge and kick walk around don't stay at the side because your partner will receive an elbow in her face! I know! and ladies watch your 6 inch heels on the cha cha cha moves yes that's 2 and a half turns for the man. No I'm not fucking ready 2 minutes man 2 minutes

the first page should
be on the right
the second on the left
the third is the mystery
of the pigeon
apathetic fallacy fellatio felicidades
the fourth an action an reaction
complex disjoint
the fifth scream
6 calm happiness Reiki head massage

the quantum nexus
pour vous
runaround runaround
is a thought orbiting
blue colour blue

maternity's contrarian

oh yes and
amply stricture

into into
force field to

the fore and
gone conclusion

works like
this belief hollow

hello into the
future cramped

crazy on
account of mixes

this and fortune
swelling forth

this this
and yet this


blood wood cramp
gives way

each cusp
gathering dust mites

yes to what
filters clasp

for instance
matter of fact

emulsified with chaste
learnings longing

part gratuity
part former habitat

spes contra spem (to B.V.)

inside the inner of a man

here's the truth

it's true,

but alone and void,

without protection

I take my soul


Augustine, G.Ungaretti



who'd you go to my life before facing the window shards with which
you operated upon yourselves like pinnochio's first religious experience
discovered motherfucking tangling shadows in icicles and skeletons
dissolving images of a trumped-up dance of velvet hands falls
on your face masturbating to a dirty letter i'd promised not to send
i'd promised to go somewhere else so long as you'd remain with me
in the back seat of your eyelids are foreign strange to me
i have felt friendship like you sold your swell story
to your romanian cyberstalker pissing yourself laughing

safety's kvetching

I have once-able been mining corners and beneathments to find you tidy in memoriam as if this were a point of accurate, spaced mulch.


You have to have been kidding when you spored your way into my dowry.


Aspertame, be sure to have more aspertame as intravenous as your diamond cutting rasp.


I tonsured my way out of there. I spoke a small space. I nurtured various harangued. And you were never moist.


The latter day decibels of crease left home without a minute of abundance.


Here I am and there you are so what.


"If I have put myself into a cloister with reason"

rape and objectification become as close
as you get to love and my raping and objectifying
you as close as i get to love.
the small of
the backache a bird twitters away the first
thought of invasion the plan made before
the plan-ness of planning was known
she oft sleepwalks in her own tears
in the fence of design a fold in a stellar
crosswalk a-consciousness i’ve never
unknown in waking alone
i’ve taught you everything
i know i’ve taught you nothing
but what is
the thought that keeps
us twain
safe from thought?