oh well

stray here manifest i am writing eyes weary to scramble notepad little dictionary keyhole things to peer out from the words running around like mad darlings stirring windily waltzy

jacket on cold outside to chainsmoke it grainy illinois winter film blippy and gray outside and cold stillness something like waking up again and again all those sadnesses warble accumulating the nothing in your head and can't get to sleep no matter how hard or long or incredibly patient dirigible you are on POOF cloud

the goofy kid the other night talks streamofconsciousness dopefiendish torturous his balls on an island how could his balls be on an island and furthermore what's this island like are there coconuts there talk about marooned in his own conversation no one's blinking pingpong minds bounce back and forth across room fly over sofa maneuver between empties flyswatter woman smacked his faceass with maddening eyes of blaze

anyway back here first words come to mind are fecal matter united states of flying saucer all that jazz jacked up on caffeines blooming like a crazed rabbit sugarhopping jinglytoed in the nearlight of this morn could be beautiful could be something anticipation is key for me right now i want it

why she love me what'd i ever do and so it goes kicking cans in the sandlot of nostalgia doing dummy thing quivering in levi's too tight trying to dough out as there's no room no air there it's all tits pave way for frenetically trying to get back to where once belong shortwave radio t-shirted back then such is oh well