i'm trying not to lose low trek

voice at its cigaretted last
minor thirds or left hand
a-preach or rinse bleach

please not a smoked finger
deepens the pulse of absent
pulse over and above breaks

why break? when burning
is preferred why smolder
when leaves burst aflame

space shuttle when it’s lunar
module that’s needed air swoosh
tight shoe out of doors into

jams in silhouette this playing
grows as you get over paint
a word on dilapidated brick

alter a jesus hangs on
the t-shirt gritty from
the work you’ve done heaven

knows your hands are not
artists’ hands have a precision
in aloofness to figuration

of men growing into hedonism it’s the female
form preferred for toggle between angle and

line still i can’t watch womens’ basketball
for slowness in cooking too long in paint

toulouse in painting we strip angles and anchors away these clothes these triplets it’s an orgy of control and then

the kettle whistle stings me awake and the heavy cream has boiled over the pot a ship disembarks and sails and what i have not said can ne’er be contained in odes about wind, her back and season cooking or Shirley-ing over an apron i tease the waitress out of her she’s coming and bringing nourishment she’s rugging around knees indifferent flirt to flit to flame o bruce i’ve a different font from a different Duchamp fountain in mind they capitalized your name bill gates and his minions have decided marcel unworthy for billions of reasons a budgeted commitment to immoralism is reticent and wrapped up no tie that binds this i’ll keep fidgeting and latch-hook rugging word through word this goes back to the voice of the first place the form of the fall of humankind a senseless leviathan no knows below its own not seeing or chooses not to see no record no recourse this year i can’t justify detaching “puff puff give” from if it’s worth it to credit it’s moth-flame o bill o bruce o marcel there have been temptations yes and i have matchstick maginoted define to be skirted surrendered drag to camel

voice at its cigaretted last
minor words left to stand
a-reach or rinsed clean taut

please not an om and om smoke
deepens the nonplussed
pulse piling on pulse no pulse...