Live Poetry

This is a recording of me (Desmond Swords) made in Damar Hall, July 2006, when I was part of that years Poetry Ireland Introductions Series, an annual scheme in which emerging poets are given an opportunity to workshop and read their poetry under the aegis of Poetry Ireland.


what are the chances

now some suggest
will there be any
well,actually that's
the beauty of this

no original ______ is
in no mood after the
huge blowup, so with
no skin in the game

what are the chances
well that could be a
problem, and just retro-
active, and these private

and if they participate
and they don't like that
so, but, but, private
parties are nervous

and chances are they're
gonna get some, well yeah
we'll probably get a little
finger-pointing, he only

found out about these last
and his old job, now last
week, acknowledged that
the first conversation,

staggering and devastating
it doesn't work, and what
you are guaranteeing, he
says given these, must

rethink, so you go 15 min.
of fuel left, but we can
and we can, and we are
in fact, in order to grow

does not flinch, but the
toughest thing is thinking

thankyou very much
you're welcome


time is typing this. time was, am I always thinking too much. time and i think and i
and regrets crop up. regret is a verb. is a verb. is like, and is something like. and is approximately like to a flower. little bit pointing to affectations of flowers and speaking. a time approximate. following so closely at your heels. affecting by referencing like unto. is like closeness. preferably sex. referencing a librarian. a reference librarian. nothing more you say, unless you say sex with a librarian. but there is emotion. an emotional transaction among librarians in a great library. a great, great, library, with shelves framed in rococco, collecting the world's great works. the genius works. granted, the geniuses. with hours and time to do. we grant them hours of genuine work. and genius living lifestyle. it is a style of life to aspire. similar to inspire, and aspirate. a fragile living and you want to do it with recognized style. that is shaping an i. thinking too much. and something like anything you can think of. time approximate. almost there. almost.


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paint it’s
panting it is

full shorter should
‘bout ethic

in bay
waking as delay’d (that’s awake)

lace’em up beep
beep beep

sirens call
womb’d it’s fly

your lawn
growing today, heh?”



outside my evening window is a fake rooster

unprotected hearing
cheats the public
of resplendent
major sevenths

just between us boylets
let's be frank awhile
it's cozy to avoid
bereavement when and if

nobody's pastured
anybody's foghorn
and the dowry's
perky magi are asleep

what're we going to tell
the national inquirers
what we did
on our spring break

falga topa situ plor

in dorfidio chum ranga plota sorgh
to shew blo widicle
tomata gingerious to wit
plum futanto blotto wickeep
so loratu gama lam

Polka dots & mung beans

More & more the
backyard is beginning
to look a lot like
the Vegas strip with
casinos, hotels &
restaurants. The hustle-
bustle factor drives us
all. Our pedigree
Samoyeds—tutti i nostri
cani discendono da linee
di sangue prestigiose

determine the rotation
speed of a merry-go-
round in the one corner
that still has green in
it; in another, a small
band of sushi sous-chefs
watch a rerun of the
Giants-Redskins game. I
settle down in a comfort
zone somewhere amongst
the slot machines. The
waitress brings a tray
of truffle oil which I
drizzle over the spandex
that surrounds me. Kids
capture it on video,
will add the music later.


the possible

how does it feel this grief
thing (the conversation went like that)
funny, i mean, how often do you
fall apart, in retrospect;


no pressure now, except
the normal desperation of
happiness, of weekends and
clinging tightly to each event

Aquafina on the table
Dog snuffling along the floor
like a pig, the computer
displaying mastery

things I could never imagine
fevers, principalities, "purple-
veined" child, "trifolium"


What was he thinking?

What do you expect?

"I just don't understand you, I'm really stumped."
look, now I'm quoting you, but you're dead.

I want tea.

"Are you asking (permission)?"

"No I'm telling you"

I say it with a smile / I say it with a smile, but
sometimes I'd rather ask / sometimes I'd rather be told
this is possible, this is not, be quiet now

lay down. close your eyes.

S topography

natch you reminisce squeak vastly
when not if
and in the qualms you just perspire
a grazing impulse fathers
manhood, let's say,
craft and sugar
plows and plants
the damself
shoreline sure as guilt
quilted for good
framed gollygagged
won too buck shoepaste
clamp down (own) on derailed pumice
twice the vanguard
hop to train in figure
and find the filter
that estranges
you from this one
to twelve into
your foreground
piles of paving
to the doorline
of the frame


Suspended In Binary

Transients on the binary exit
Pinging the social conscious

Hermits in the underpass
convulsing with wiki needles

Boolean children
plucking heart strings

Shaggy shamans
trimming their face books

The fake bleeding avatar
lusting for fake vampire bytes

The faithful faking zeitgeist
pinging my conscience

My spammed ego
googling denial.

When You Replicate My Habitat, Invite Me Home

yolk prints
upon my tray

what lasts may
be anticipation

and verse
silent reverberation or

opposing viewpoint qualified
not quite



(soup) “in

the pot” arm

elbow sore

ring finger

“just to boiling”


tight (ly)

“it’s the green


claim’t (absolute)

less ‘nality

tighter (less)

drip finger(s)




tweaked swede
frowning eyewear


nebulous suede
tarantulates hi room
of absence's combover


ufos find pottywater zombies
everest away to apathy where
200 masochists palace together


sleepwalking archangels
fart counterfeit saucers
into confetti-shaped cures


desdemona's icehound sues
the microscopic sword-swallower


You're Shedding Apostrophes

You're shedding apostrophes
Now I see your face
Without the cloth
That becomes you in its absence.

I respect the flexibility
of your being with
and still without.
So little still reminds me of myself.

You've let the remnants
of your former state rain down
autumnally until the floor
accumulates a collective wealth.

Homogeneity is nice when you remember
to enjoy belonging. Daylight
assumes significance, while night
softens the complexities you gathered and let go.