time is typing this. time was, am I always thinking too much. time and i think and i
and regrets crop up. regret is a verb. is a verb. is like, and is something like. and is approximately like to a flower. little bit pointing to affectations of flowers and speaking. a time approximate. following so closely at your heels. affecting by referencing like unto. is like closeness. preferably sex. referencing a librarian. a reference librarian. nothing more you say, unless you say sex with a librarian. but there is emotion. an emotional transaction among librarians in a great library. a great, great, library, with shelves framed in rococco, collecting the world's great works. the genius works. granted, the geniuses. with hours and time to do. we grant them hours of genuine work. and genius living lifestyle. it is a style of life to aspire. similar to inspire, and aspirate. a fragile living and you want to do it with recognized style. that is shaping an i. thinking too much. and something like anything you can think of. time approximate. almost there. almost.