what are the chances

now some suggest
will there be any
well,actually that's
the beauty of this

no original ______ is
in no mood after the
huge blowup, so with
no skin in the game

what are the chances
well that could be a
problem, and just retro-
active, and these private

and if they participate
and they don't like that
so, but, but, private
parties are nervous

and chances are they're
gonna get some, well yeah
we'll probably get a little
finger-pointing, he only

found out about these last
and his old job, now last
week, acknowledged that
the first conversation,

staggering and devastating
it doesn't work, and what
you are guaranteeing, he
says given these, must

rethink, so you go 15 min.
of fuel left, but we can
and we can, and we are
in fact, in order to grow

does not flinch, but the
toughest thing is thinking

thankyou very much
you're welcome