From "The Posit Trilogy"

Decoy Dream

You were one of the twelve
of you doing what you were
doing; promised a part in
a Communist parade, a five
year contract to be who you
were against eleven impostors—
I saw you on South St. on
my thirty-sixth birthday,
you had pigtails, and as you
lied to the barrista about
working at Condom Kingdom
(for seven years), I remembered
Loren Hunt on the floor of
Gleaner’s bathroom on mescaline—


From The Posit Trilogy

To Courtney (Double Entendre)

yes, the family wanted me dead,
but I killed you off nonetheless,
just as the Asians predicted
(Dragon born in a snow-storm),

and the picture remains filed away,
as do your years of rowdiness,
the child that you were, and killed,

leaving “double entendre” in my
hands, driving my cart/plough
over dead bones, knowing

our marriage of heaven and hell—


Space (from The Great Recession/Under the Knife)


On his daily walk down Fayette Street,
he senses something he’s never sensed
before— space. With everyone cleared out
(into death, probably), he owns the ground
he treads on, and the space he takes up is
his own. That’s his compensation, as an older
man, for the misery and deprivations of the
Great Recession— space. He feels the cosmos,
how vast it is, and as he stands in a short
line at CVS to pick up his prescriptions,
the cosmos has in it something eternal, which
will continue with or without him, or us.
Emptiness is what you make it.


Art Odyssey : Heller-Burnham

Here an incredible Abs-file I thought to lock in for the ages.